Worst Pokemon Games

Its on any system hack console and handheld these are the top 10 worst pokemon games of all time

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1 Pokemon Go Pokemon Go

I mean, Pokemon NO!

Pokemon go is the worst pokemon game going! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Overrated crap. - FrozenHatingPokefan

It's better than the original games (even if they were good)
90s = I have to play as a boy.

This game just made Pokemon more heard of again like when it first came out.

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2 Pokemon Channel

This game is actually average, I played this game, it's actually fun, not because I HAVE to watch the anime, there's a lot of entertaining stuff to do else than watching T.V., you actually buy merchandise from T.V., you can go outside and talk Pokemon for cards and other cool stuff and I prefer this game over Hey you, Pikachu! - KawaiiTeddyBear

To be honest this isn't really even a game. It's basically buying some episodes on which you can watch with your GameCube. Otherwise it's actually pretty nice.

Is this a game? No it is not.

Watch bad Pichu T.V. for three hours. Wonder when your life gave up on you. Keep crying into your nachos.

3 Hey You, Pikachu! V 1 Comment
4 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

Nah, this is a good game. Take it off. - PageEmperor

5 Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond

Another game to give Pikachu more spotlight than needed.

6 Pokemon Battle Revolution

Worst game I've ever played. It literally just took the adventure out of Pokemon, and made it so al you can do is press a button and watch an animation.

7 Pokemon Shuffle

Go chy

8 Pokemon Dash

Seriously, I felt ashamed that people does not save up for a Diamond and pearl or Platinum instead buying this crap at past years ago, clunky controls, confusing gameplay, like seriously, I don't recommend this game unless you like racing games. - KawaiiTeddyBear

Completely unplayeable. One of the first pokemon games on the ds, but they clearly didn't know how to manage the controls. The balloons especially are a pain in the ass and absolutely impossible to control in this already incomprehensible mess. Save your money!

9 Pokemon Colosseum

Dull story mode which is a slog to get through. The story sucks and the trainers you have to fight are too common with bland Pokemon. Meaning you'll be battling way too many of the same weak Pokemon. Purifying Pokemon is a chore and it's rarely satisfying when you finally purify them after hours of samey battles.

10 Pokemon - Red Version

Wait until the Genwunners rage when they see this!

Screw you... - spodermanfan1000

Are you a Genwunner, spodermanfan1000? No disrespect to you.

First gen the best because Pokemon is a 90s fad.
Yes it came back, guess what the Teletubbies also returned.

The Contenders

11 Pokemon Conquest
12 PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure
13 Pokemon Stadium 2
14 Pokemon Ranger

My real least favourite game in the series isn’t here so I voted for this instead. I’ve never played the original itself, but I really think this spin off series is both overrated, stupid and dumb. Why the hell is it so different from the main series games we all know and enjoy?

I’ve only played the last 2 (the original I don't have an opinion on because never played) but its just not great. - PageEmperor

15 Pokemon Battle Trozei
16 Pokemon X

Wow! Four comments on the subject and not one dives into the game's problems. Now look, I have nothing against this game. My problems is how I brought myself up playing the main series. I love Red and Blue for the gameplay and how it allows the player to travel openly without the need of backtracking or being unable to progress as the game spoon feeds forced exposition! Now if the game can get my attention in the story, character, or even the climax it's trying to present, it's doing something right. But if you mess up all three, YOU HAVE NO REASON TO EXIST! I love the new Pokemon, but I HATE Generation Six. I hate Kalos! I hate the characters! And I hate how easy the game is! And most of all, I. HATE. THE STORY! I haven't been this mad with a main series Pokemon game in my entire life! - Thifer20

Flat characters, generic storyline. Yeah... No.
Only thing it's got going for it is Graphics and Shiny Hunting really.

Possibly the easiest game ever,bad mascot blah blah blah blah blah

X is for no way am I getting this!

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17 Pokemon Snap
18 Pokemon Emerald

I think I had this and then got bored of it. It wasn't the same as yellow & gold.

19 Pokemon Green
20 Pokemon Glacier Version V 1 Comment
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