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1 Mega Abomasnow

Why gen 4? Abomasnow is dumb. And generation 6 maid it hairier. WOW! So much better. Yeah not really

Mega abomasnow gains practically nothing and is a very vulnerable Pokemon.

7 weaknesses helps it gain an advantage in speed - Doggus

He/ she just gets hairier in appearance, nothing much special.

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2 Mega Garchomp

Mega Garchomp is what happens when you take a fantastic Pokemon and make it mediocre at best, ok, allow me to elaborate:First of all, Mega Garchomp is slower than regular Garchomp, when it Mega evolves, its Speed goes from a great 102 to a slightly above average 92, which leaves it more easily revenge killed by Pokemon that regular Garchomp would outspeed such as Kyurem Black, not to mention the plentiful amount of Pokemon with a base Speed stat higher than 95, including regular Garchomp, and in when Garchomp Mega-evolves, its ability goes from the useful Rough Skin to the incredibly situational Sand Force, which is basically a Life Orb that only works for Ground, Rock and Steel type moves, AND it has to be in the sand, so, in order for Mega Garchomp to be of any use, it needs a sand setter like Tyranitar to help it activate its ability, oh, and by the way, regular Garchomp holding a Life Orb is actually slightly stronger than Mega Garchomp, with more speed and a better ability to ...more

This thing was great. Then Nintendo messed it up with a mega evolution. After the complaints they could have changed it. But no, there's still a messed up mega garchomp

I like the design of Mega Garchomp and thought he was pretty awesome when I first saw him but hey! It's not that good for the pseudo-legendary Garchomp! They could have done something more than make him look so ugly and awkward! Not to mention his strangely positioned Tomy figure!

I see a lot of opinions and votes are based on design which I find riddiculous. Simply put mega garchomp is the worst because its rubbish. Mega evokution is about getting sth better. If you raise one stat to lower another that's NOT better! When he actually needs them both. I didn't actually noticed his rubbish nature because his stupid sacrifice in speed was the worst crime commited by nintendo in this game...

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3 Mega Aerodactyl

What why is this not number 1 this design terrible "oh look why don't we add these black spikey things and make it look like a beard to tell the people that he wise" well guess what Nintendo I'm NOT BUYIN IT (haha get it)

What are those horns, they look stupid and make him look really evil and weak in a way

He has a long beard made of stone! Just look at him!

Don't know why he isn't number 1

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4 Mega Banette

It is like a Rampardos. It doesn't matter how high your attack is without having the speed or bulk to make good use of it and by the way, the fact that you can't use prankster on the turn you mega evolve is just dumb.

It's so bad I forgot that it was a mega

Mega Banette is so dang creepy


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5 Mega Audino

I'll never understand the only gen 5 Pokemon that gets a mega is Audino. I mean yeah, it's cute, but eh. I can name a couple gen 5 Pokemon that can benefit from having a mega. - Rue

Mega Audino was 100% unnecessary. Audino is both bad and unpopular, so giving it a mega that is also bad is just dumb.

I actually really like mega audino *crawls into a corner and prepares for hate*

Looks like a fat, ugly cloud.

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6 Mega Medicham

Medicham is my favorite. Got even better when got mega

Mega Medicham is actually pretty forgettable to me. Personally though I think it's design is very creative and overall a huge improvement on the original Medicham. I just don't get those...what are they? Water drops?

I don't see why mega medicham is a worst mega,

1. mega medicham surly needs to get a mega its stats are alittle low but still good

2. mega medicham is really powerful for battles. I use it in battle and some dude name NJkl88 use a mega garchomp. I use mind read to block the attacks faster. and brake rake dose a lot more damage.


Not a great design, but ok 😺

7 Mega Gyarados

It now looks like a shrimp

When I first battled this thing when battling against Lysandre, I thought it looked like a shrimp. - Rue

It isn't much different, plus, when it's shiny, it looks like a pissed off lobster.

When I faced lysandre and he brought this thing out, I brought out my lucario and hoped for the best. I used aura sphere, and one-shot it. I actually thought the game was broken and I checked a type chart. helped me out, though!

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8 Mega Ampharos

NOO. NOO. NOO. Ampharos is my favourite Pokemon ever! Well second favourite. But favourite that got a mega evolution. Why do people think it's so bad? Really, why? :(

I for one actually really like Mega Ampharos. It has amazing stats and a good ability. Ampharos is my favorite Pokemon, and now I love it even more with its new Mega Evolution. Plus, I think it looks cute.

One of my favorites the added dragon type when it mega evolves really makes it awesome an it has a good move set

I love Mega Ampharos! I like the Dragon Type they added to her even though she gains Fairy, Ice and Dragon weakness while keeping her Ground weakness. I love her design and how they tried to make her more like Mareep and Flaaffy with the wool-like hair. I also think the gems were a nice touch.

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9 Mega Swampert

Mega Blaziken? He's okay. Mega Sceptile? YEAH! Easily my favorite ORAS starter Mega! Mega Swampert? No! Since Megas Sceptile and Swampert were released at the same time, I had the opportunity to compare them side by side. Let's take a look at them competitively. With Manectric, Mega Sceptile can kick butt! Sure, his Dragon type makes him incredibly frail to Ice, but there aren't that many good Ice types to choose from, with the exception of someone like Kyogre, a Water type with Ice Beam, and a few others. If Manectric uses Discharge, he can deal damage and paralyze his opponents while powering up his partner's Special Attack due to Sceptile's new Lightning Rod ability. Then Sceptile can go to town with Dragon Pulse and maybe Energy Ball or some other strong special attack. Mega Swampert, on the other hand, while good with someone like Politoed due to his Swift Swim ability, is stopped dead in his tracks by Mega Charizard Y or any other Droughter. I play Pokemon Showdown on Doubles OU ...more

I cried when I saw this thing

It looks like Swampert took too many steriods...

It's sooo ugly! Just look at all those bumps and those oversized arms!

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10 Mega Manetic

Ugh! Ugh ugh ugh! Usually I find arguable points that a Pokemon is better than you think but NO! Not with this hideous dumbed down excuse for the amazing electric wolf Manectric! It looks cowardly, clumsy and most of all SLOW! Mega Manectric isn't supposed to look slow especially when it has an AMAZING speed stat! Regular Manectric is great to use with Mega Sceptile by using Discharge, giving you no reason to ever Mega Evolve it! Bad design, useless Mega Evolution, I'm sorry for being such a hater on Manectric but I absolutely love his original design, looking all dignified, vicious and battle-ready! He deserves better than this coward!

They could have made something better than a lighting bolt.

He looks like he has diabetes

Worst mega design ever - Rue

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11 Mega Sableye

I actually think Mega Sableye is rather cute. But seriously, this thing is a MONSTER. Magic Bounce allows all entry hazards and status moves to damage the opponent rather than themselves. And with access to great utility options in Calm Mind and Will-o-wisp, it will take a while to take one of these little guys down. - Absolite

All he does is puts a diamond in front of him and gets gold teeth. You want more? Let's see... he gets good defense and horrible speed.

Sableye is so rich that he has very big ruby diamond

This Pokémon is BROKEN.

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12 Mega Aggron

How does a Mega Evolution's type alone decide that it is worst? His double weakness to Fighting and Ground is now gone, and he is one of the best tanks in OU. His design is also okay...but I prefer regular Aggron.

Its worst because it turns into a steel type

13 Mega Latios

Mega Latios is actually pretty good in OU with Dragon Dance, or maybe Calm Mind if you want to go more special. It is true that he is outclassed by Soul Dew Latios, but Soul Dew is banned in OU anyway so...
Designwise, however, I completely agree. When Megas Latias and Latios were unofficially released, I was almost praying they weren't real. I really wasn't a big fan of their designs. For one, the only way to tell the Megas apart is by looking at their eyes; they each retain their original eye colors, with Latios' being red and Latias' being yellow. Their general personalities seem to fade, at least to me. What I mean by this is they kinda have the same personality now, whereas before Latios was the brave, protective older brother of his fun-loving, smiley sister. Mega Latias' official artwork doesn't even picture her smiling; instead they give her a rather serious expression not far off from a regular Latios'. But back to focusing on Mega Latios. I don't like how they put the ...more

Mega latios is worse than the original and is outclassed by souldew.

14 Mega Blastoise

It basically looks the same with an extra water gun, people!

You really no nothing about mega evolution. Mega Blastoise has a huge cannon up it's back and the other cannons are on his arms! His stats also add up to 630! - Victini

This is the worst mega, bad design, bad stats, bad everything

This thing is ugly and crap

What the hell it looks awesome

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15 Mega Heracross

Looks a lot worse than regular Heracross.

Face looks weird

I think regular heracross is adorable, but this thing looks like a crappy spaceshuttle toy fused with a vent cover

is bad

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16 Mega Latias V 1 Comment
17 Mega Houndoom

I LOVE MEGA HOUNDOOM! He looks so beastly! You can just naturally picture him at the side of Hades, howling into the fire and standing on the skulls of the fallen!

This thing is badass.

Learned about this yesterday

Mega Houndoom? The weakest Mega ever! Even Marikarp can beat this dude!

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18 Mega Glalie

Really, Game Freak? Of all the Pokemon that need a Mega Evolution, Glalie? It doesn't even look that much different, aside the fact that it's now pretty ugly, too.

Mega evolutions are supposed to make the Pokemon cooler. Getting a massive jaw that Glalie can't close just makes it look dumb.

Mega Glalie is actually pretty terrifying. O_o

What the hell this thing is amazing

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19 Mega Camerupt

He looks like a crazy person. Look at that grimace! Or is it a smile of some sort? I also am not a fan of all that fur covers his legs. Mega Camerupt looks derpy.

I don't get why people focus on the design, it's the stats that matter. Mega camerupt is one mega at that.

The only reason I like him is because of his design

Is he wearing a dress

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20 Mega Slowbro

He just change he wears the shell what was on it's tail.

Please and I mean it

Looks ugly and not cool dude not. and please don't tell me where to find a slowbronite

You have to write mega slowking

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