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21 Mega Mawile

It sucks to the core
See it's design like two mawiles of a mawile in front of a mirror
Plus its typing steel and fairy makes it a lil more resistant but I hate it


22 Mega Charizard X

Thank you so much for not putting Mega Charizard Y on this list. Charizard Y is so much better and it can totally crush Charizard X. X doesn't even look that cool. Y is more nostalgic, still retaining the original typing.

Charizard Y is so much better yet the anime choses to use Charizard X as a marketing tool and give it to a gary stu... wonderful. - Rue

Mega charizard x is the best no one can beat it


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23 Mega Charizard Y

Mega charizard y looks cool

I love Mega Charizard Y!

Why is thism guy on here this guy's drought ability allows you to use solar beam in one turn and charizard has a 2x wekness to water type moves and a 4x weakness to riock type moves so using solar beam in one turn would be is very useful in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

It's nothing on mega Charizard X. X is dragon & looks cool. Y dosen't.

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24 Mega Lucario

I like regular Lucario a lot better designwise. Mega Lucario is pretty overrated as past comments have said. He gets what? Five or six episodes of the anime dedicated to him. In a row. The one thing that made me hate Mega Lucario when I first saw him was his official artwork. They have seemed to fix this by giving him a more dark teal shade of blue and a more colorful expression in the figures, the card, and the anime. But geez! At first he looked so expressionless, drained of color and ugly and I automatically hated Mega Evolution. Man am I glad they fixed Mega Lucario.

Because he is overrated and it just get black stripes and red he is not very good even a normal lucario is better.

Not the worst mega but it's so overrated. I don't even know what's so cool about it.

Mega Lucario is sooo much better 1 shot krookodile scrafty and cacturne with rock climb

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25 Mega Sceptile Mega Sceptile

He's so powerful

Mega Sceptile is hands-down one of my favorite Mega Evolutions of all time! From the moment I saw him I thought he was awesome, right now I think he's awesome. In fact, this Mega alone was enough to make me choose Treecko over Torchic in Pokémon Omega Ruby. Everything from his sly face to his Christmas tree tail is awesome about Mega Sceptile.

I know right! M.sceptile is so cool,just look at it from the razor leaves on the chest to the Christmas tree tail it's just too awesome :D

26 Mega Mewtwo X

How dare they mock my evolution - Mewtwo_

Ruined Mewtwo - Absol

Mega Mewtwo x is strong and cool but mega Mewtwo y is a new with a high stats.

*I meant to say Psystrike was a special attack

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27 Mega Pidgeot

All they did was give it "hair" because giving mega evolutions hair is popular

I totally forgot that this Mega even exists. - cassiabez

Mega Beedrill mega pinsir

While No Guard Hurricane is a force to be reckoned with, there are just simply Pokémon that use the Ability better, like that slew of Fighting Pokémon (Machamp being one of the most popular) that can wreck teams with never-missing Dynamic Punch. In its tier, though, Mega Pidgeot isn't really a Mon to be overlooked. With its speed increase in Gen 6, it can now do better at sweeping with the previously mentioned No Guard Hurricane. While its design is nothing special, as it kinda just got a fancy haircut, I personally don't dislike Mega Pidgeot.

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28 Mega Kangaskhan

It's very a good and creative make the Kangaskhan baby older and out of the pouch but it would have been better if Kangaskhan also had changed. - cassiabez

Although it is cool it really sucks that the actual parent doesn't change whatsoever

*game freak* Hmm what should we do for mega kangaskhan? *other guy* OOOH I KNOW! LETS JUST HAVE THE CHILD OUT OF THE POUCH! *clapping* come on, HAVE SOME CREATIVITY!

Is Kangaskhan on here just because of how annoying it is? Because it isn't really a bad Mega, far from it. Designwise, sure, it sucks. The only thing that changed is the baby can fight now. Ah, but that's where Kangaskhan gets good. Its Parental Bond Ability lets it attack not once, but twice a turn, meaning it can set up rather quickly with Power-Up Punch, heal extra with Drain Punch, potentially sweep with Sucker Punch, and Return is another STAB attack that Kangaskhan can use to its advantage. In my opinion, Mega Kangaskhan is the perfect example of what a Mega Evolution is supposed to do, that being encourage players to use Pokémon that they may have overlooked in the past, discover their newfound strength and then use them to sweep everything to bits! Suddenly underdogs like Kangaskhan, Mawile and Medicham have become some of the most fearsome Pokémon in the metagame!

29 Mega Alakazam

It gets a worse ability then magic guard that lets normal alakazam deal more damage than the mega with life orb. I mean, as garchomp, it's not a bad pokemon just worse than the normal one. It's like deevolving when you supposely evolve

Spoons,spoons,spoon. It looks crazy.

30 Mega Metagross

Both Mega Metagross and Mega Salamence are some of the worst designed Mega Evolutions of all time. Metagross looks so stupid! They didn't combine the two Metagross well at all! Plus his shiny makes no sense. That shade of blue for the X fits about as well as a Latios in a sea of Latias (not their Megas of course). Looks so stupid. Sorry Metagross. Your potential and coolness just went down the toilet.

It looks so stupid. And, why did they make the cross golden? It had so much potential for a badass Pokémon but it just looks stupid. Like, most of the fan art is way better than the crappy design they used. I was really disappointed. It's stats are good I guess, but it's so ugly I don't even want to use it. It's a disgrace.

31 Mega Salamence

My gosh! What did they do to Salamence? He kicks butt competitively now with Aerialate and Thrash, but look at his design! This guy must have smoked one too many puke sticks (my aunt's nickname for cigarettes)! His eyes seem to gain sort of a sickly yellow color, his arms and legs are practically GONE (I know he can retract them to fly faster, but hey) and his tail is very weak looking and wavy. In his back sprite the tail is actually pretty fun to watch. And on top of that he has a clunky, awkward disc replacing his wings! The fan art looks way cooler than this monstrosity! I'm sure this is what very few people wanted for such an anticipated Mega Evolution!

32 Mega Gardevoir Mega Gardevoir

I feel bad for the male Gardevoir.
Also it's not really fast enough to sweep, but too slow for trick room.

Mega gardevoir is the best fairy type there is (other than Xerneas)

Come on! It is strong and Beatiful why not like? - cassiabez

Mega Gardevoir, when you look at it competitively, is a pain to deal with in OU, the main reason being it has access to Pixilate, which turns all Normal moves into Fairy moves, while increasing their base power. This means Gardevoir now gets STAB, AND the Pixilate boost, on moves like Hyper Voice. Kiss your dragons goodbye!
When you look at it design wise, however, you can see that really nothing changes with Gardevoir, except for the noticeable dress, of course. It just gets two chest-spikes instead of one, a stylish new haircut, and, mentioned above, the dress. Not a lot of change and not a cool-looking Mega. Now Shiny Mega Gardevoir, THAT'S a different story. That Shiny can speak for itself.

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34 Mega Venusaur

Best grass poison mega... - Doggus

He's absolutely crap looking ivysaur looks way better

Mega Venusaur falls flat on his face when it comes to...well...just about everything. You made Charizard awesome with his two Megas, why couldn't you do the same for Venusaur and Blastoise? And yes, I know Blastoise gets Mega Launcher upon Mega Evolving, which kinda redeems him, but Venusaur? Just no.
While he isn't necessarily weak in any terms competitively, there are better Grass and Poison Pokémon to use.
For Grass:
1. Serperior. His Contrary Ability can let him sweep early-game with Leaf Storm.
2. Mega Sceptile. A better user of the Mega Stone with Lightningrod, amazing speed and special attack, not mention STAB Dragon Pulse. Nifty.
For Poison:
1. Mega Gengar. A fast and powerful sweeper that is a real force to be reckoned with.
2. Pretty much any other bulky Toxic-setter. Venusaur's many weaknesses on his Grass side make him vulnerable to many sweepers, and under some circumstances he could be OHKO'ed by the previously mentioned Mega Sceptile. If you want a ...more

35 Mega Tyranitar

I kinda wish M. Tyranitar had different ability... I mean it is still really good Pokemon... I just wish he got something more than his stats... for example his type...

36 Mega Absol Mega Absol

Mega Absol is awesome

Gains useless ricer wings that belong to a Honda Civic and its horn looks uglier than Snee. - Absol

Mega Absol is the best.It was great idea giving a Mega Evolution to it. - cassiabez

Oh hell no, don't insult my baby!

But seriously, Mega Absol sits at the throne for one of the best mega evolutions in UU for a reason. It is pretty fast, with a base 115 speed, outspeeding threats like Garchomp and tying with Whimsicott. And it's rocking a monstrous base 150 Attack stat, and has insane moves to back it up, like Night Slash, Shadow Claw, Play Rough, and Megahorn. It also has a good base 115 Special Attack to support its wide Special Attack coverage options, like Razor Wind, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, and Thunderbolt.

Overall, Mega Absol is a beast, and if you ever run into it, you better hope that you have coverage. - Absolite

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37 Mega Gengar Mega Gengar

Why is my his here? Just, why?


38 Mega Blaziken

I agree with the other comment. Overrated. Easy to KO with Primal Groudon. Use regular Blaziken with Primal Groudon and you can sweep anything. Just start with Blaziken and build your speed and attack up with Speed Boost and Swords Dance and then use Baton Pass to switch out to Groudon w/ Red Orb. Boom. Good game. Blazikenite is a waste of an item slot and its design isn't even that good. Blaziken can already raise his wing-hair, right? Not to mention the whole story with Blaziken Mask in the anime! What makes Blaziken so great and what does he have that's SO awesome that Sceptile and Swampert don't?

Best pokemon ever. Beastly. Monster. I HATE THESE RUDE COMMENTS. U guys love other trash that isn't even that good. Stick with the gangster/pro/champion crew and be cool to mega blaziken. Blaziken looked awesome, but mega blaziken looks even better.

Looks like an old man

The best of the hoenn megas. Speed Boost one is a beast

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39 Mega Sharpedo

I never understood why Sharpedo was only half a shark, maybe to expand on the torpedo idea, which still makes no sense. Mega Sharpedo could have been made a full shark, because come in! We need an actual shark Pokemon (you don't count, Garchomp! ) here! But no. All we get is some golden stripes and a longer nose. And he is STILL only half a shark. When I first saw him Pinocchio came to mind...maybe because of his long nose...

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40 Mega Lopunny Mega Lopunny
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