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1 Misty and Brock leave

Before I knew Pokemon was all one big series, I was always busy watching Pokemon X and Y. One day my brothers came in my from and saw me watching and then became really mad. They turned the T.V. off and told me to watch the old series. So. I looked up the old series on and immediately fell in love with the characters. To see them go on such amazing adventures growing closer every time made me happy. Brock, Misty, and Ash were like a team, they stuck together. It always made me excited to watch the next episode. The next day while looking up what episode was next, I found that they put "Gotta Catch Ya Later". I watched the episode and found out it was a goodbye episode. I was so sad watching it that I couldn't help but cry. And barely cry. The thought of seeing the characters you soon grew so close to go away. Ash crying, Misty's tearful song, it all made your emotions overwhelm. And even though Brock stayed the series didn't feel the same. May was to whiny, Max ...more

Most saddest moments in Pokemon.i cried a lot when I watch this episode especially when misty was remembering her memories with ash and brock in her goodbye song because I was watching Pokemon from FIRST episode when ash become a Pokemon trainer and met misty and brock. it was just the end of our childhood other Pokemon characters ARE just a dump. Not feel to like watch Pokemon now. ASH MISTY AND BROCK TOGETHER WERE BEST!

Well I was okay with misty because the first Pokemon episodes I watched were from sinnoh when Brock was still there. But I'm 12 so I was maybe 7 at the type and my sister loved Pokemon. But anyways since that was the first one I watched, I didn't really know misty but I watched old episodes with my sister too. Anyways Brock was always in the episodes I watched and he's been there forever. Plus he has no eyes which makes him cooler. Well, he does, but they're always closed.

I miss Misty, she was Ash's very first traveling companion. She was so funny and brave.

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2 Going through a cave and battling Rattatas, Zubats, and Geodudes every 2 seconds

A wild zubat has appeared.
A wild zubat has appeared.
A wild zu-*shoots D.S. *
"The wild zubat has fainted. "

When you are in a cave, Repel is your best friend.

Stuck in a cave? No repels? Well, someone's SCREWED.

Going through mt moon with a ivysaur which is bad against zubats I just ZUBAT @^@

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3 The RageCandyBar guy

I didn't know you were supposed to go to the radio tower and stop team rocket... I went to the olivine light house and I went everywhere else he said. Nothing

This have beaten Snorlax being a BLOCKAGE!

Excuse me? You can't get past him until you do a certain event (not saying it, spoilers). Please do not post inaccurate info.

Sir, mind you own buisness. I'm 10 and I can do what I want, unless you want to get rekt by my Furret.

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4 Fainting a Pokemon that you want to catch

I wanted a Heracross but I fainted it and I was raging for 30 minutes until I caught another Heracross

I wasted 5 hours trying to get a stupid Ralts because I kept killing them off. And I got my starter to level 40 by that time and it refused to obey me till I got the next badge.

I had a double battle and the other person killed the Pokemon I wanted to catch :( dumb ass person

Shiny claydol used selfdestruct. Thanks gamefreak

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5 Squirtle leaves

I love ash's squirtle's cool personality. When he left I was actually gonna cry!

Yay man he. Like. A Pokemon bad boy

Serena didn't give him a chespin in exchange for squirtle. This was sad though ಢ_ಥ

This makes me sad and mad - l9me

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6 Your main pokemon faints

This is how you play Pokemon. Train one Pokemon (starter) then beat everyone. But when he dies your screwed

You're fighting this really hard Pokemon or trainer with your number one Pokemon and all seems well, then suddenly BOOM! He uses sheer cold on your main star and he's out cold with only your much much weaker other team of Pokemon available.

Your reaction: I'M GONNA DIEEE!

I found this Pokemon game and all the Pokemon were 20 levels apart and the best Pokemon fainted. OH CRUD!

First time I heard my delphox faint I was DEVASTATED. Hearing delphox's faint cry, I was so upset.

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7 Trainer battles everywhere

Well I do agree its pretty annoying! But at least it makes your Pokemon Very strong!


Way too many!

Me: I need a Pokemon center quick! Stupid trainer: battle me! Me:NO MY VULPIX,DELCATTY,MINUN,LATIOS, MINNCCINO, AND SWAMPERT ARE ALMOST FAINTED AND I AM NOT BATTLING YOU BYE stupid trainer: let the battle began! ME: no

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8 Charmander evolves

I love charizard and charmander but I hate charmeleon. I DON'T LIKE HIS GRUMPY FACE. Well charizard has a grumpy face too but still I love charizard. CHARIZARD ROCKS!

To make things worse, charizard is too overrated to be ignored and ruined the other charizards/charmeleon's reputation and and will inevitably over-shadow Charmander forever, poor little thing :(. They ruined a Pokemon with potential to a dragon with anger problems.

It is not even funny the sweet charmander evolved to a pissed off rednick called charmeleon

A) Torterra has a x4 weakness to Charizard. Flying/Fire VS Grass/Ground.

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9 You're Stuck Trying to Catch a Legendary Pokemon for Hours

Only one master ball.

I Never Give Up Battling legendary Pokemon So I'm Always Battling For Hours!

Rayquaza! Why don't you come out and FACE ME like a MAN!

Deoxys! Come on,wittle baby! You can't handle a full team of six, wight?

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10 Getting an awesome TM then NONE of your Pokemon can learn it

WHY can't Dedenne learn Dazzling Gleam?! I really needed a fairy-type move which was good for her, but she couldn't learn Dazzling Gleam! Come on, she is Electric/Fairy type, so Dedenne should be able to flash! It's so annoying when your Pokemon can't learn the move you want them to learn! Are they doing this on purpose?!

Ok, frost breath
Wha? You simipour! Why can't you learn it?
Oh never mind, minun can- wait, what?
None of you can learn it!

Xreaneas can learn dazzling gleam... But Lucario can't learn gyro ball?! Crazy...

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11 You forget to save

Once I caught a shiny. I was so excited I forgot to save afterwards and my mum comes and tells me to do homework, I shut my 2ds down and when I'm doing homework, I cry.

I've accidentally Forgot To Save My Game On Alpha Sapphire, Don't Worry It Wasn't Much But It Was Still painful and I did heaps of work

I was on my 6th gym

Sorry man

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12 Brock Leaves

This one made me cry. Why do you not like Brock. I remember in the indigo league episodes he really made me laugh, like in Bridge Bike gang, when he failed to get a biker girl twice, and the league when he was flirting g with a lot of girls.

It was fun how he loved girls and either misty, max or his Pokemon pulled him away.

Brock was a really good character! Until he left... - Unharmless

Misty was cool you weirdo

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13 Teaching your Pokemon HM moves

Just needing HM moves in general sucks we should just be able to fly with flying Pokemon, surf with Pokemon who can go on water, have a flashlight, rock climbing gear, etc...

I give my second vaporetto to my sis. It knows surf and it can't be traded. Same thing happens with onyx WHY! WHY!

Surf, Fly, Waterfall, and Strength are exceptions. Cut, Rock Smash, FLASH, and Defog are just NOOO! I'd rather staple my balls to the ceiling than teach my Gardevoir FLASH!

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14 Cilan crying because he is excited

In "An Epic Defense Force! ", Cilan starts getting excited over movies, then the next thing you know he's sitting on a bench with Ash, Iris, and Luke crying as he wipes away his tears with a handkerchief. I'm thinking "Wow, and I thought girls cried more easier"

I cry when I laugh sometimes, but when your EXCITED?! Really?!?!

I can't believe they replaced awesome Brock with the unnaturally green haired monster he is.

I know this guy! He's better than Brock Mc Jerkoff.

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15 Trying to get the shiny charm

Completing the national dex is just WAYYY to hard for me, I have a life man!

16 Cilan Cilan Cilan is one of the three Gym Leaders of Striaton City's Gym, known officially as the Striaton Gym, in Pokemon Black and White. In the anime, he is classified as an A-class Pokemon Connoisseur and traveled with Ash Ketchum in the Unova region. He first debuted in Triple Leaders, Team Threats!.

I really dislike Cilan. I wish they still had Brock instead of him... T_T

Seriously? You chose the annoying one over chili? I will get you, producers

No No NO NO he doesn't have to be the worst guy

Cilan is really annoying.He talks tooo much.

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17 Trying to catch a legendary Pokemon but you run out of Pokeballs

? I have no idea what the guy is saying below but master balls is 100% catch rate hello?

That's why you save next to them always...

No! I runned out of pokeballs and I was like Go master ball and failed. Okay one more try with the ultraball. For the win I caught it (rayquaza) BUT HOW IF MASTER BALLS ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN ULTRABALLS

I've Done That Once, So Sad

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18 Team Rocket's new motto(s)

Stop acting like Season 1 and Misty/Brock are the only good things.

"Listen, is that a voice I hear? " What Jessie you have a hearing problem or something?

My babies... What have they done to you? Your voices.. Are terrible!

CRI my life just ended there. GO BACK! GO BACK! Remember when you guys were trying to think of a new motto in one of the really old eps? PLEASE GUYS REMEMBER HOW MUCH YOU GREW WITH THAT MOTTO? ;;

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19 Don't have Pokeballs left

I found a shiny Mawile once and I was out of Pokeballs. I was upset for hours. - RiverClanRocks

While roaming jhoto in crystal, and when I saw a raikou, I decided to use my ultra ball, but when I looked into my bag, I HAVE NO BALLS!

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20 Dawn leaves

Dawn was one of the best characters on the show. Then, Iris came. Well, at least Pokemon was good, once... :(

DON'T REMIND ME! I LOVED HER! I even wear my hair like hers!

Dawn was the best

I actully cared about this character. I hated Misty, was indifferent about May, then came the precursor to good girl protagonists.

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