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21 Ash's Lv. 100 Pikachu Lost to Trip's Lv.5 Snivy

I saw that episode. Lemme explain:
Pikachu got zapped by a Zekrom near the airport and water. Pikachu is such a wimp. 20x more electric should make you kill a snivy in one shot. But no. You couldn't use thunderbolt.

Completely idiotic. Even without his Electric-type moves and being weakened by Zekrom, Pikachu should've stomped. One Iron Tail would've ended it if this fight was remotely realistic in terms of Pikachu's strength.

I was so raged by this that I keep complaining about this episode and moment, so I never watched this episode again.

Pikachu baby bad

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22 Double team spam

Ninjask used double team.
Ninjask used double team.
Ninjask used double team.
No wonder why this move is banned.

No Guard. Aerial Ace. Swift!
You guys suck if you can't strategize correctly! - Thifer20

23 Team Rocket's new motto(s)

Stop acting like Season 1 and Misty/Brock are the only good things.

"Listen, is that a voice I hear? " What Jessie you have a hearing problem or something?

My babies... What have they done to you? Your voices.. Are terrible!

CRI my life just ended there. GO BACK! GO BACK! Remember when you guys were trying to think of a new motto in one of the really old eps? PLEASE GUYS REMEMBER HOW MUCH YOU GREW WITH THAT MOTTO? ;;

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24 Cameron vs Ash Battle

Absolute BS moment. Ash loses to someone who's a bigger idiot than him, and gets knocked back to 8th place.

Stupid Cameron. He won against Ash with no strategy. The only good thing about him is he has a Lucario. HIS Lucario can go f itself but I like Lucarios in general. - Pokemongamer

Cameron: Huhh Isshu league in Johto? They said 6 is a full team so I needed to bring five? YAY I win to a person whose went through five regions now with no strategy lol!

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25 Don't have Pokeballs left

I found a shiny Mawile once and I was out of Pokeballs. I was upset for hours. - RiverClanRocks

While roaming jhoto in crystal, and when I saw a raikou, I decided to use my ultra ball, but when I looked into my bag, I HAVE NO BALLS!

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26 Dawn leaves

Dawn was one of the best characters on the show. Then, Iris came. Well, at least Pokemon was good, once... :(

DON'T REMIND ME! I LOVED HER! I even wear my hair like hers!

Dawn was the best

I actully cared about this character. I hated Misty, was indifferent about May, then came the precursor to good girl protagonists.

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27 Porygon getting blamed for what Ash's Pikachu/TRio did

Actually, it's neither Pikachu's fault nor the Porygon's. Even though Pikachu did blow it up with Thunderbolt, if he didn't then the missile would have hit something causing the explosion, and the seizures anyways Therefore electric attack or not, it would have blown up anyways because of contact with something. Pikachu and Porygon deserve an apology. We should be mad at the people who made that episode and scene. It's actually a good thing I watched a video of someone reviewing some banned episodes because one day I came across that episode, but when the characters mentioned Porygon I immediately switched to a different episode.

Wish porygon was still in the anime.

Poor Porygon got blamed because people don't wanna admit Pikachu did it.

Now Porygon and his evos can't be in the anime :(

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28 Registering Youngster Joey's Number

So annoying always asking me to battle his rats that suck balls

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29 Richie vs Ash Battle

Shame on you Team Rocket for making Ash ketchum lose.

I love all of the Pokemon anime series but this natlle was complete bullcrap in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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30 You use a master ball on a Caterpie

Oh a pokeball that is guarenteed to catch a Pokemon. Let's use it on a worthless Caterpie - bigirrationalpiguy

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31 Saying Goodbye to Ash's Butterfree

My little brother cried. He just yelled,"I love you, Butterfree! No! " But I told him that Satoshi would get a Charizard, and that made him pretty happy.

Ash, it was a SHINY butterfree. If you caught the shiny butterfree in a pokeball, it would brain-wash the shiny butterfree and then it would like your normal butterfree! Come on, Ash! You could have just got yourself a shiny Pokemon instead of releasing the first Pokemon you have ever caught on your own and raised!

Watching this as a kid made me cry for a straight thirty minutes. I still think it's one of the saddest moments in Pokemon.

Can I just say how overrated this episode is? - Thifer20

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32 Ash and Serena's hug

They are not a couple! Duh!

I think Ash and Misty should have gotten married by now. Ash Ketchum is NOT forever ten years old. And neither is anyone else. You can tell that Serena is better off with Clemont, anyway.

Ash+Misty. Serena is foolish and should get replaced.

They are a better couple than Ash and dawn. - AnonymousChick

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33 When Dawn's Piplup refused to evolve

Jeez, Dawn's Piplup. Don't you want to be powerful? Can't you just accept food from others when you're hungry? Can you at least stop stealing food from others? Jeex, cuteness is not everything, you dummy.

Worst. reason. ever. Stop Pikachu is way better than you'll ever be you stupid brat

34 Ambipom leaves the group

What why would ash trade aipom to dawn if she was going to give him away. - 201002579

Ambipom was a girl. She wanted to leave because she wanted to start a career in Pokemon ping pong.

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35 Ash losing a Blaziken

What Blaziken? He had a Sceptile. And I think he made the right choice with Treecko. Blaziken is a chicken on fire. Not really that cool. But Mega Swampert is worse...

Blaziken is cool too. BUT GROVYLE IS SO MUCH BETTER.

What, I have a thing for grass dinosaurs.

The post under is wrong, sceptile is awfully pathetic. Swampert has 5% more stats then both. Wrong choice Ash.

Sceptile is faster than Swampert, and his Mega Evolution is also immune to Electric-types. - noo7na7

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36 The Remixed Theme Song

*Looks through some comment section* What's this? The classic Pokemon theme song is back? YEAAAHHH! *Hears it* MY EARS! They're BLEEDING! AHHH!

The Japanese theme is better. Watch the Japanese dub of the anime. It's much better.

I liked it but I thinkbthat they changed it too much in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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37 Safari Zone

I caught chansey,scyther and tauros in the fire red safari zone

Thank Magikarp they took those things out in XY. There was NO rhyme or reason for them and the only way you can get stubborn Pokemon like Syther in there is use the pokeball cheat

38 Kris wasn't in Heartgold/SoulSilver but Lyra is

Ugly design and wasn't needed Lyra they had Kris from Crystal

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39 Charizard Came Back

Ash was acting like a baby when he brought Charizard back. Charizard is lazy and fat.

Seriously Ash? Why did you bring that fat thing back?



40 Shiny faints itself
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