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81 Running Out of Important Stuff
82 Your computer shuts down when you catch a good pokemon

It's terrible that the computer won't even give us a chance to save before it runs out of battery when the battery is critical, shuts down by itself for stupid updates while focusing on saving, or something like that.

83 Too many annoying or hard trainer battles

You DON'T KNOW! On Alpha Sapphire, I couldn't get to Lavaridge Town because of the DUMB TRAINERS!

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84 Fainting Snorlax in Pokémon X & Y

It attacked in a grumpy rage (fart noise) farting snorlax is awesome

Comes back every time you beat the Elite four and champ

Thought it said 'farting snorlax in Pokemon X & Y' lol

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85 You're tired of training your pokemon

Y can't I have a 3/2DS so I can have that one item to just raise your Pokemon all evenly...

86 Misty leaves Ash

This is indeed the saddest of the sad why did you remove Misty. Misty is better than all her replacements, like in indigo league got to protect Ash's Pikachu from Team Rocket.

Saddest moment I've seen. Sadder than Pokemon Movie 1. This beats all sad moments.

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87 Haunted House

There is a spooky scary skeleton in there. And I have to pay the man in there like about 1k pokedollars >-<

88 Zygarde In Pokemon X and Y games

I went adventuring for this damn thing and used power up punch with my lucario on it, not much damage taken okay. But then, Oh no! It uses camouflage! It's now a rock type! I use power up punch again as its faster than me and BAM! Critical hit! Your dead! I couldn't start the game again because I didn't save before I battled the thing.

Be patient! He's obviously going to get something to make him more powerful! Look at Kyurem! He used to be the Zygarde!

Just 600 total base stats? I gave mine away for a Lugia.

I have a Zygarde. - RiverClanRocks

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89 GameFreak creates Unova

No. Just no. As I said with Ash going there, Unova is one of the best regions! - RiverClanRocks

This isn't bad at all I liked Gen V you don't hate any gens

Games good. anime not so much - flash101

Change it to GamesFreak creates KALOS. Unova was actually the best region with the best characters.

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