Worst Pokemon Moves Ever

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1 Splash

The only reason it was created is for magikarp which is the worst pokemon in the world and now other water pokemon have it. Sigh :(

I'm actually not sure why this move even exists. At least you can use Heal Pulse to heal your allies in Double and Triple Battles. But Splash? It does nothing.

What is this gonna do? I gonna splash you, see if it works.
I laugh back at times when I kept trying to use this move in hopes it work.

Foghorn sound

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2 Constrict

Really? 10 damage? And has a VERY SMALL chance of lowering Speed by ONE STAGE? You know what will always lower Speed? STICKY WEB. There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to use this.

Worst move in the game. At least the other moves have some use here or there. This move is literally useless. Any move in the game is a better choice than this one.

Ooh! 1 Damage! I'm SO gonna win with this move!

Constrict, unlike splash, is actually MEANT to do damage. And it fails hard. Reminds me of the Splatoon inkbrush that failed miserably at everything. Unlike the brushes, who got better in the second game, when Constrict hit Pokémon Gold and Silver, it got worse.

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3 Memento

Most of the moves in this list are actually great. Ak47 and Hop don't exist. Run is not a move. Recycle is in the PMD Series which lets you reuse a used TM, which can be useful. Explosion ig a great move if your willing to sacrifice the Pokemon using it. Heal pulse can be useful if your in a double/triple/rotation battle and one of you're Pokemon are low in health while your out of *Insert Healing Item Here*. Sand attack lowers the Defending Pokemon's Accuracy, which is good unless the opponent's Pokemon uses it, which is Annoying. Supersonic, whelps, same reason as Sand attack. Moves like Growl, Tail Whip, etc are beginning moves for Pokemon around the level of 2, 4, etc. Bestow is useful against Pokemon with Acrobatics (If you know what I mean! ) if you are willing to give one of you're Pokemon a useless Item, though! Embargo is good against Gym Leaders, Elite Four Members and Champions (because they use Healing Items too much! ) Simple Beam is useful for Pokemon with superb ...more

Umm... So lemme get this straight... You KILL yourself, just to lower the opponents stats? Thanks, but no thanks. If I want to suicide, I'll use Explosion.

You do realize there are Pokemon that can learn this but not Explosion? You do realize there are Pokemon that have so little attack Explosion isn't doing anything? You do realize Explosion doesn't affect ghosts? Seems like you don't. - KilMii

It was designed to be used when you are low on health. For example, if you are one hit away from death and you have a higher speed, you can kill your own Pokemon that would die anyways to make it easier for the next guy. I do agree it is not a great move, but the people here don't seem to understand it.

Such a waste of Latios

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4 Bestow

In this move, you give the opponent your item. This is only useful if you're giving them an item such as a lagging tail or a toxic orb. But the large downside is that you never get the item back.

Useless in competitive battles as EVERYONE has an item... Trick and Switcheroo are better...

1. Hold toxic orb. 2. Use bestow and wala! You can poison someone with a Pokemon who normally can't poison

Bestow is actually really good when you're trying to catch a Pokémon. Everybody know the time where you're trying to catch a Legendary and then inflicted a status condition on them? So you have to catch them before they die from for example poison. If you're holding a Pecha Berry, you use Bestow and erase the poison. That saved you a Master Ball, man

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5 Teleport

I absolute HATE teleport. Mostly because you finally found that Abra you celebrate that you finally found a shiny abra. Abra outspeeds. Screws everybody up

Honestly, this move should be at number 2 because it's only useful for getting to a Pokemon center. It's also really stupid that you can't use teleport in caves. I understand not being able to use it in houses, but caves, seriously? Hopefully future installments will let us use teleport in caves.

It is very useful move! It can be used to instantly go to nearest Pokemon center when your Pokemon is poisoned.

Makes it hard to catch Pokemon that know it. See a shiny Abra? Used your masterball already? Good luck catching it. Besides, the move itself is basically a run button that takes up space for other moves.

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6 Heal Pulse

I'm not saying this move isn't horrible, but you can use it on your allies in triple, double and multi battles. just saying

Why is this at the 2nd place? Have you guys not heard about Doubles and Triples? YOU CAN HEAL YOUR ALLIES WITH THIS ARE YOU ALL RETARDED!

This move is useful if you like healing wild Pokemon

Heal pulse isn't horrible you guys are tards.

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7 Helping Hand

Pikachu with a plus on its head used helping hand! Pikachu with a minus on his head used helping hand, but it failed!

Like several other moves, a joke when used by ingame trainers with no AI, but of all those moves this one is probably the least useful on your own team.

I've never seen this move because it usually fails - beatles5

If both of your Pokemon use this in a double battle, it's like a high five. If you want your Pokemon to high five, do it outside of the battle.

Minun used helping hand! plusle used helping hand! but it failed!

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8 Leer

To be honest, the game devs added it so that in the VERY beginning battles, the AI was made to use this move, instead of killing you.

Well when do you use this? First, at least splash can make a strategy like when you are in a battle and you use splash. Let the Pokemon attack you, and then you can use flail on all of the Pokemon. All the Pokemon faint, then you win with a Pokemon that knows flail and splash. ( in that case, magikarp does the trick. )

Leer can be helpful it can fail Bide

this sucks

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9 Razor Wind

Why is this move not yet on here? It takes a turn to charge, then instead of doing some sort of monolithic damage, it has a power of 80, which is weaker than Return (or Frustration if your Pokemon hate you), which do not require a turn to use. And it's a -normal- type move, meaning that there is nothing it's super effective against and things that still resist it and are immune to it. There are just so many better choices than Razor Wind.

I initially thought this was a flying type move. IF YOUR GONNA PUT WIND IN THE NAME WOULDN'T YOU EXPECT A FLYING TYPE MOVE?!?!?

Yeah let's not copy of Frost Breath there, buddy.

They sould have made it a 100% crit chance

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10 Kinesis

It is a move that lowers accuracy. But it has low accuracy. It is literally worse than sand attack. I don't know why this exists.

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11 Frustration

Ughh. This move is horrible. The more your Pokemon HATES YOU, the more the power. Like, guess what makes your Pokemon more friendly? Walking. Guess what makes it LESS friendly? LETTING IT FAINT. Do you really want to be the trainer that faints it's Pokemon on purpose? You monster...

You could always trade your Pokemon to your other game and trade it back then its happiness resets to default. - Goatworlds

This move is just absurd. Just about anything from winning down to walking makes your pokemon friendly. I don't see the point in this move when Return is much better.

Who want their Pokemon to hate them? This move is useless...

I love pokemon I don't hate them

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12 Explosion

Raise your hand if you lost a shiny to this move.

Well, think about it again. Explosion is a good move, if your Pokemon is at low health, and you use it. By doing that, if your opponent is not an Steel, Rock or Ghost type, you usually will knock it out!

How is this move one of the worst 250 attack damage and if your Pokemon about to die, why not use it?

Damn explosion! What sheath is this!

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13 Barrage
14 Leech Life

Leech Seed is useful, Leech Life is not.

Better in gen 7 - Villainnumberone

Leech life is the depressed version of giga drain. - Darktail_of_FireClan

Leech Life got buffed to 80 Power in gen 7... - PrinceBlu

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15 Growl

Growl, Tail Whip, stat lowering moves like that just get on my nerves - I always get rid of them first. My Pokemon are almost always on the offense, unless I'm feeling a little cunning. - Shiverfeather

We have the intimidate ability

Shouldn't even be a move it doesn't really do anything how is that suppose to lower attack. It just makes you want to growl back. Also whoever put bidoof as the worst pokemon you don't know how to use it.

Does nothing weak

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16 Tackle

It's good if you are just starting out but as you get better it becomes useless

I don't get it when on the best Pokemon moves this was higher than a move that had 200 attack damage seriously people on that were so silly but thanks for people on voting this because worst normal move ever and sometimes also misses the target

Remember that one time when ash illegally hacked tackle onto his charizard's move set? CHARIZARD CAN'T LEARN TACKLE. Heck charmander can't either! - Darktail_of_FireClan

Without this move, most stargazers would be rendered worthless

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17 Present

This move is by far the worst. Using Present is like those stupid carnival games where you throw the ring over the bottle. It's impossible to win. It most likely will not harm the enemy as the enemy will obliterate your Delibird first- unless you're some kind of idiot who likes to waste valuable moves on a Mew or something.

This move sucks! Using it is a gamble! It will either damage the opponent with 40, 80 or 120 base power or it will HEAL THE OPPONENT!

Stupidly crazy or crazily stupid you decide

Present is like playing Roulette, except 99.999999999999999% of the time you don't win anything

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18 Cut

Cut is very useful move to remove small trees in your path

This is'nt the worst move it can cut small trees

What is bad about this move it is better than Scratch and Pound

It's scratch but updated. It is a pretty good move. - Darktail_of_FireClan

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19 Foresight

This move can be good. It doesn't do nothing, it lets normal and fighting type moves hit Ghost Types, and the other way around

Yeah, just get a Pokemon with Scrappy.

It only helps for wild Pokemon... in my opinion

So I made my Ralts learn this move, and what does it do? Identifies the opponent. Just...identifies them. EXCELLENT MOVE 11.9635OVER9000/10! one! (Seriously though, it is a horrible move in my opinion. IDENTIFIES THEM! )

20 Poison Gas
21 Celebrate

Identical to splash but at least it congratulates you

It's the exact same as Splash... except it congratulates you when you use it

There was only one use for this and that was to stall out time due to it's long animation. Some guy did it and oh boy it is as dumb as it sounds.

This is dumb

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22 Magnetic Flux

This move is only for allies with certain abilities. The pokemon with these abilities are Klink/Klang/Klinklang, Plusle and Minun. Or, with a hidden ability, are Electrike/Manectric, Mareep/Flaffy/Apmharos, and Dedenne. So yeah, literally useless unless you have a level 76 klinklang and another level 76 klinklang. Which I really hope nobody has.


23 Embargo

Actually I like it, since it's a pain in the ass for the Elite 4 to use full restores right when you're about to win.

Every smart player uses items, however its still smart

Item blocking? You're at a terrible situation.

Kinda sucks since most trainers don't use items

24 Supersonic

I bet the first thing that comes to mind when people read this is Zubat. It not only confuses Pokemon, it drives YOU crazy. - Pikachulover1

It isn't that bad, it can annoying your opponent


You hurt yourself in confusion!

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25 Mud Sport

Mud Sport is a move I've never even considered using. I've used Gravity, Helping Hand, Memento, Heal Pulse, hell even Growl. But Mud Sport is just so redundant and useless. It can't even be used to show off what a great move it is (looking at you Splash, Celebrate, Hold Hands). They do nothing, but at least it's cool to use them if you're weird. In doubles, maybe you might consider it, but then realise that since you're a ground type, you can just take out the offending electric type(s) with Earthquake or Stone edge.

It is a ground move that weakens electricity, yet Ground types are already immune to electric! USELESS CRAP! - Goatworlds

It's useful when you're in doubles/triples/battle royale if your allies are weak to electric

Ground type move- ground already immune -. -

26 Sand Attack

It never works as good for me as it does when the AI uses it. You can use sand attack 2-5 times and the opponent will only miss once, they use sand attack ONCE and you miss EVERY ATTACK.

Sandslash chucked sand in your face! You started to cry! The thing is that it doesn't even do that much for you! THIS MOVE ACTUALLY DOES NOTHING FOR YOU WHATSOEVER! IT IS COMPLETELY POINTLESS!

Actually, a wild Sandslash made me miss with this move...

It's Can be broken if you have a fast Pokemon use it X6

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27 Synchronoise

Imagine if there was a type that worked against one or two other types but was utterly useless against all the rest. You'd never want to attack with it, right? Well, Synchronoise is basically that, only hitting Pokemon of the same type as the user.

Even with the boost to its power, it's so useless. The only Pokemon who really want to use it are Fighting types who have bad Sp. Attack, or Poison types. There are no poison types who learn it, and only Gallade gets it for fighting types - and if you are even considering special surprise Gallade, Psychic is better for the general STAB on non-fighting types. The only other use I could possibly think of is Conversion(2) or Camouflage, and those moves are unusable as it is.

The most hilarious thing about this move is that Umbreon, a pure dark type who is thus immune to psychic move, can learn it.

This move is so useless and terrible even with the buff

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28 Harden

Such a terrible move, and why Kakuna and Metapod are annoying.

Why isn't this at number 10 AT LEAST!
Wild Metapod used Harden. Wild Metapod's defense rose!
SERIOUSLY? This is EXACTLY why Bugsy is too easy to beat.

Call it the worst, then see what happens when a Pokemon with Harden uses it so many times that they're almost invincible :P

This only increases your defense stats. A LITTLE!

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29 Bind

Was good in gen 1. After that, its kinda worthless - PrinceBlu

30 Follow Me

It's all right for competitive use

What? Pachirisu and Mega Gyarados literally destroyed an OU team with this move and Dragon Dance! Why isn't Hyper Beam high on this list? - noo7na7

31 Wrap
32 Scary Face
33 Fling

It makes you lose the item. Case Closed.

34 Amnesia

All it does is increase special defense. - Goatworlds

What? This is a thing?

What does it do

Same deal as Foresight, but probably worse.

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35 String Shot

This move is so annoying

Actually, this was changed to two stages at some point, I forget when. Still useless unless you really want to slow all pokemon in multi-battles

I don't see what is rubbish with this move it lowers their speed it is good for when you have a slow Pokemon just like ROCK POLISH duh

This should be in the top ten! all it does it lower your opponent's speed by ONE stage!

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36 Transform

Let's look at the only two Pokémon that can learn this move: Ditto and Mew. Ditto gets the Imposter ability, which turns you into a copy of the foe AUTOMATICALLY, making this move useless unless you're facing a Zoroark or your foe's hiding behind a Substitute. As for Mew, it has much better things to do than a Transform set. Defog, Stallbreaking, Baton Pass; the list goes on and on. What a load.

I voted for this to say: TRANSFORM IS AWESOME

Ways to break the game:
1. Have a Ditto battle another Ditto...

The problem with transform is, any real person could see the ditto and know that it was about to transform into their Pokémon. They could then switch into a counter, or use a move that their Pokémon is weak against, which would be super effective on your transformed ditto. It's really predictable if ditto has it, and to be honest, putting it on a mew is a waste of a good move slot.

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37 Grasswhistle

Basically, a terrible low-accuracy version of spore

I don't even know what this does

It's an inaccurate move. It will miss half the time and it's to put opponent to sleep. We have better moves like sleep powder or spore.

Teach nuzleaf this move, it is said that if you hear its grass flute (whistle) you feel uneasy. Kinda like being hit with a musical tranquilizer dart.

It's sing witch is an inaccurate move so in other words it's $h! +

38 Submission
39 Curse

Why is curse on this list its kinda good because it raise your attack and defense but lowers your speed

and for ghost types it cuts your hp in half but damage enemy for 25% each turn

40 Struggle Bug

A bug type struggle

This should not be on the list. My Pokemon have been devastated by this move more than once.

Actually this is pretty helpful 'specially if you wanna lower sp. atk or whatever it was

41 Hyper Beam

Wait what? Hyper beam has 150 power. Who cares about the recharge? Why the hell is it here? If its here, might as well put giga impact here too.

If a Pokemon survives a Hyper Beam/Giga Impact, the user of Hyper Beam/Giga Impact is screwed. There are moves that have a WAY better value, like Hydro Pump. - noo7na7

This move is definitely overrated. It was only good in gen 1.

Hyper beam looks like a kahmehameha (BAD GRAMMAR ) from dbz

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42 Thunder Wave

Thunder wave is actually a pretty decent move. There aren't many moves that cause paralysis but still have 100% accuracy. Paralysis is also in general an annoying status to inflict. It lowers you're opponent's speed and can stall them, too.

Why is this on the list? Thunder Wave is a very reliable and very effective move, so much so that it's become a competitive staple. Not only does this move cut your foe's Speed, it also stops them from doing anything most of the time. It's annoying, sure.

For some reason its kinda bad when you use it but when your opponent does its just HORRIBLE

Its really not that bad. At least it does something useful to do like stuff. - BigBashful

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43 Bubble

Yep, because blowing bubbles at the opponent is definitely going hurt them -_-

This move in real-life would only hurt if you decided to eat soap, and aimed for the eyes So every time a 6 year old swears, he can use bubble on his bully brother

Bubbles can go in their eyes so that hurts them

This move is useless. Its base power is 20?! This move sucks. - Goatworlds

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44 Quick Attack

It is like tackle and scratch and pound but always hits first unless a faster Pokemon uses it and is more powerful than scratch and pound SERIOUSLY PEOPLE VOTE FOR THE CORRECT STUFF

Not that strong, but also not that weak. A move like flamethrower, not too weak, but not too strong

It like early game extreme speed. It's actually pretty good

I voted just to say its part of a really easy way to knock out any pokemon thet can one hit k.o. you. Opponent attacks, O.H.K.O you have a focus sash. You use endeavor after your opponent, and finish them with quick attack. Although endeavor pokemon are hard to find.

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45 Thunder

Thunder has 120 base attack and in the rain it has 100 percent accuracy. So... why is it in this place

This move is incredible in rain, but without it and my horrible luck, I miss 90% of the time. I prefer thunderbolt.

Thunderbolt is nearly as strong as thunder and is more accurate.

Yeah why is this here it's a great move

This move is op - Goatworlds

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46 Poison Sting

It's better than Toxic and Poison Powder combined! (Okay, maybe not combined, but half bined. I just made up a word.) My Dustox knows it, and I use it quite the lot!

15 power...

47 Flatter
48 Tail Whip

You'd think it would be slapping an enemy with your tail, but really it's just wiggling your butt.

That's exactly what I though at first! But no

Yeah why not be an attack move its dumb

The only damage it'll be doing is when the pokemon farts in the foes face

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49 Rock Smash

Terrible move there are way better hm moves like surf and waterfall just put rock smash on a hm slave

Who cares it's better than scratch

50 Attract

I only like it when I'm the one using it, but when others use it, well, it's a whole new story. - BigBashful

All you need is Love

Skitty. Just... Skitty, man. Even in Triple Battles this is a pain, because as long as you're in love with an enemy 'mon, you can be immobilised no matter WHICH of the three enemy 'mons you're actually trying to hit. This moves makes me cry every tiem

I hate Audino for that reason only. Otherwise they're EXP chests that are cool - Goatworlds

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