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21 Frustration

Ughh. This move is horrible. The more your Pokemon HATES YOU, the more the power. Like, guess what makes your Pokemon more friendly? Walking. Guess what makes it LESS friendly? LETTING IT FAINT. Do you really want to be the trainer that faints it's Pokemon on purpose? You monster...

You could always trade your Pokemon to your other game and trade it back then its happiness resets to default. - Goatworlds

Who want their Pokemon to hate them? This move is useless...

I'm pretty sure you would use it if in pokemon amie your pokemon hates you for a year

Just use Return.

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22 Razor Wind

Why is this move not yet on here? It takes a turn to charge, then instead of doing some sort of monolithic damage, it has a power of 80, which is weaker than Return (or Frustration if your Pokemon hate you), which do not require a turn to use. And it's a -normal- type move, meaning that there is nothing it's super effective against and things that still resist it and are immune to it. There are just so many better choices than Razor Wind.

I initially thought this was a flying type move. IF YOUR GONNA PUT WIND IN THE NAME WOULDN'T YOU EXPECT A FLYING TYPE MOVE?!?!?

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23 Follow Me

It's all right for competitive use

What? Pachirisu and Mega Gyarados literally destroyed an OU team with this move and Dragon Dance! Why isn't Hyper Beam high on this list? - noo7na7

24 Transform

Let's look at the only two Pokémon that can learn this move: Ditto and Mew. Ditto gets the Imposter ability, which turns you into a copy of the foe AUTOMATICALLY, making this move useless unless you're facing a Zoroark or your foe's hiding behind a Substitute. As for Mew, it has much better things to do than a Transform set. Defog, Stallbreaking, Baton Pass; the list goes on and on. What a load.

Why waste a turn and use trasnfrom when you can just use imposter ability

This move is really awesome,i mean,you can transforem in to YOUR OPPONENT MOST powerful Pokemon AND USE HIS MOVES AGAINT HIM

Beast move why is it on the list

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25 String Shot

I don't see what is rubbish with this move it lowers their speed it is good for when you have a slow Pokemon just like ROCK POLISH duh

This should be in the top ten! all it does it lower your opponent's speed by ONE stage!

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26 Amnesia

All it does is increase special defense. - Goatworlds

Same deal as Foresight, but probably worse.

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27 Grasswhistle

Basically, a terrible low-accuracy version of spore

Teach nuzleaf this move, it is said that if you hear its grass flute (whistle) you feel uneasy. Kinda like being hit with a musical tranquilizer dart.

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28 Struggle Bug

Actually this is pretty helpful 'specially if you wanna lower sp. atk or whatever it was

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29 Scary Face
30 Thunder Wave

Thunder wave is actually a pretty decent move. There aren't many moves that cause paralysis but still have 100% accuracy. Paralysis is also in general an annoying status to inflict. It lowers you're opponent's speed and can stall them, too.

Why is this on the list? Thunder Wave is a very reliable and very effective move, so much so that it's become a competitive staple. Not only does this move cut your foe's Speed, it also stops them from doing anything most of the time. It's annoying, sure.

For some reason its kinda bad when you use it but when your opponent does its just HORRIBLE

I'm voting to say that this shouldn't be on hear.

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31 Mud Sport

Mud Sport is a move I've never even considered using. I've used Gravity, Helping Hand, Memento, Heal Pulse, hell even Growl. But Mud Sport is just so redundant and useless. It can't even be used to show off what a great move it is (looking at you Splash, Celebrate, Hold Hands). They do nothing, but at least it's cool to use them if you're weird. In doubles, maybe you might consider it, but then realise that since you're a ground type, you can just take out the offending electric type(s) with Earthquake or Stone edge.

It is a ground move that weakens electricity, yet Ground types are already immune to electric! USELESS CRAP! - Goatworlds

It's useful when you're in doubles/triples/battle royale if your allies are weak to electric

Ground type move- ground already immune -. -

32 Focus Energy

This move is good if you are playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue/Red Rescue team (Not as popular as X/Y, Sun/Moon). You can link this move with a strong move like Flamethrower or Ember (What I did with my Blaziken).

This move sucks. First, you could just use a Lansat berry, scope lens or a razor claw.

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33 Quick Attack

It is like tackle and scratch and pound but always hits first unless a faster Pokemon uses it and is more powerful than scratch and pound SERIOUSLY PEOPLE VOTE FOR THE CORRECT STUFF

Not that strong, but also not that weak. A move like flamethrower, not too weak, but not too strong

It like early game extreme speed. It's actually pretty good

Aqua jet is better

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34 Hyper Beam

If a Pokemon survives a Hyper Beam/Giga Impact, the user of Hyper Beam/Giga Impact is screwed. There are moves that have a WAY better value, like Hydro Pump. - noo7na7

Wait what? Hyper beam has 150 power. Who cares about the recharge? Why the hell is it here? If its here, might as well put giga impact here too.

This move is definitely overrated. It was only good in gen 1.

Do the math. Hyper beam has 150 BP, and takes 2 turns. 150/2 is 75. Using an 80 BP move twice in a row will do more damage than this piece of crap. To top it off, a significant majority of the pokemon that learn it are physical attackers.

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35 Thunder

Thunder has 120 base attack and in the rain it has 100 percent accuracy. So... why is it in this place

This move is incredible in rain, but without it and my horrible luck, I miss 90% of the time. I prefer thunderbolt.

Yeah why is this here it's a great move

This move is op - Goatworlds

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36 Tail Whip

You'd think it would be slapping an enemy with your tail, but really it's just wiggling your butt.

That's exactly what I though at first! But no

Yeah why not be an attack move its dumb

Lol you're right

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37 Final Gambit

Ridiculous. Explosion and Self Destruct can be used when you have low health and obviously won't live. This does almost nothing if you are low on health. You have to commit poke-suicide at full health to do big damage.

Explosion and self destruct are better suicide moves

It's actually pretty good if you use it on a Shedinja.

Good if you hack it onto a blissey.

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38 Baton Pass

Here's the thing about this move: effects on the Pokemon that uses this move are passed on to the one that comes out. Did you use Swords Dance before switching? Your next Pokemon gets the +2 Attack stages. Used Aqua Ring? It heals your next Pokemon. High Evasion due to spamming Double Team? Sure, why not keep that, too? Substitutes? No problem! If anything, this move is so good it's broken.

This move is pretty bad considering U-Turn is a move to consider and guess what? U-TURN CAN DEAL DAMAGE! I MEAN, THIS SHOULD BE WAY HIGHER

I love it. But I can't remember if Furret can learn it or not! - Goatworlds

So, you can either have a move space used up, or you can press the Pokemon button. Hmm...

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39 Fake Tears

It lowers the opponent's Special defense by two stages! I don't understand why people don't like this move.

Debuffs in Pokemon are generally pretty bad - in game you're probably going to Ko the Pokemon anyway.
In competitive buffs cause sweeps, not debuffs, cause once you Ko the debuff is now gone and you need to set it up again, wasting a turn.

40 Simple Beam

This may help in Double Battles when used on a Dragon Dance ally, but I'm not sure.

And simple is great for Dragon Dancers. This should be at least number 5!

It changes the opponents ability who cares

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