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41 Quick Attack

It is like tackle and scratch and pound but always hits first unless a faster Pokemon uses it and is more powerful than scratch and pound SERIOUSLY PEOPLE VOTE FOR THE CORRECT STUFF

Not that strong, but also not that weak. A move like flamethrower, not too weak, but not too strong

It like early game extreme speed. It's actually pretty good

Useful for fear, but most Pokémon get better priority moves as they level up

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42 Thunder

Thunder has 120 base attack and in the rain it has 100 percent accuracy. So... why is it in this place

This move is incredible in rain, but without it and my horrible luck, I miss 90% of the time. I prefer thunderbolt.

Yeah why is this here it's a great move

This move is op - Goatworlds

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43 False Swipe

This is a great move it makes completing your poked ex way easier but at the same time it's terrible in a battle

This is useful for catching Pokemon. Couple with slew powder or stun spore! - GREATEST

At first, I thought it would decrease maybe 10 HP. Nope. Like, 5 hp. The only reason I even need my Nincada(sorry if you like Nincada, but I'm not a huge fan) is so it can evolve into the great Ninjask.

44 Tail Whip

You'd think it would be slapping an enemy with your tail, but really it's just wiggling your butt.

That's exactly what I though at first! But no

Yeah why not be an attack move its dumb

The only damage it'll be doing is when the pokemon farts in the foes face

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45 Rock Smash

Terrible move there are way better hm moves like surf and waterfall just put rock smash on a hm slave

Who cares it's better than scratch

46 Final Gambit

Ridiculous. Explosion and Self Destruct can be used when you have low health and obviously won't live. This does almost nothing if you are low on health. You have to commit poke-suicide at full health to do big damage.

Explosion and self destruct are better suicide moves

It's actually pretty good if you use it on a Shedinja.

Weak. Pokemon. Use. It. With. Them.

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47 Attract

I only like it when I'm the one using it, but when others use it, well, it's a whole new story. - BigBashful

All you need is Love

Skitty. Just... Skitty, man. Even in Triple Battles this is a pain, because as long as you're in love with an enemy 'mon, you can be immobilised no matter WHICH of the three enemy 'mons you're actually trying to hit. This moves makes me cry every tiem

I hate Audino for that reason only. Otherwise they're EXP chests that are cool - Goatworlds

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48 Fake Tears

It lowers the opponent's Special defense by two stages! I don't understand why people don't like this move.

Debuffs in Pokemon are generally pretty bad - in game you're probably going to Ko the Pokemon anyway.
In competitive buffs cause sweeps, not debuffs, cause once you Ko the debuff is now gone and you need to set it up again, wasting a turn.

49 Poison Sting

It's better than Toxic and Poison Powder combined! (Okay, maybe not combined, but half bined. I just made up a word.) My Dustox knows it, and I use it quite the lot!

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50 Simple Beam

This may help in Double Battles when used on a Dragon Dance ally, but I'm not sure.

And simple is great for Dragon Dancers. This should be at least number 5!

It changes the opponents ability who cares

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51 Thief

It is good in ORAS to get items from the wild Pokemon without fainting them

I think it's a very good move. In earlier generations, I think it's just as useful as bite.

If your battling a pokemon that can mega evolve you can take its stone

I mean catching them

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52 Howl

This NEVER works for me :( I always replace it with something else cause it is BAD!
Whoever has howl, get rid of it! It shouldn't even be a move!

Stoutland uses howl! Now stoutland uses last resort! HE KILLS EVERYTHING!

It's not the worst move but it the worst of the moves that raise s your attack power plus not as many Pokemon can learn it if you compare it to how many Pokemon can learn swords dance which is ten times better. When it comes to lowering attack it's at the absolute bottom.P.S. bulk up is the best!

53 Roar of Time

Roar of time is BADASS move why should it be on here!?!

What the fudge it's the most powerful dragon type move

Whoever did this does not know about pokemon

Same thing I said about hyper beam. This move takes 2 turns, so it effectively has 75 BP per turn. @ dragon pulses in a row will do far more damage, and prevents you from being set up on.

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54 Swords Dance

What no this move is my jam. That and moves like Dragon Dance on a brick Pokemon while my opponent struggles to bring my 'mon's HP down in the mean time has always been a good way to beat a physically stronger opponent. Takes a bit of patience, but that's what Defense 'mons are all about

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55 Sweet Scent

Only good for catching shiny Pokemon

56 Flower Shield

Honestly I didn't even know this move existed

57 Bide

Hm...it is not terrible, but it could be much better. Honestly, I don't think it's bad at all!

Worst reward for beating a gym ever. - Zach808

I can just knock you out before bide even activates

Stupid move that isn't even strong

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58 Hold Hands

Come on, guys, this move is far worse than Splash. All it does is play a useless animation. But unlike Splash, it can only be used in DOUBLE battles, and at least you can even use Splash in single battles. It takes up a useless move space. Magikarp's splash is at least a detriment to filter out the lazy from getting the almighty Gyarados, while Hold Hands is just nothing.

59 Mean Look

It is somewhat useful for trapping the opponent's Pokemon and either using perish song then or switching out to something else without out them doing the same - Enderninja327

To the person asking a two questions below:
I think it only works if you don't switch out. After a Pokemon uses Mean Look, don't switch out to another Pokemon to make catching easier- because the fleeing-prevention thing is turned off after you switch to another Pokemon.

Its perfect for catching Raikou, Entei, and latias

I love this move, because my Mismagius just used it to lock you in while I use Perish Song and wait for your death with a Magikarp.

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60 Magnet Rise

Hilarious on sturdy magnezone

This is OP for Metagross. - GREATEST

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