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61 Swallow

It sucks I left Pokemon at daycare and it had stockpile and swallow and stored energy all having to do with stockpile and they took my epic moves

It's actually a very good combination with Spit and Stockpile. I guess it works better with bulky Pokemon (high HP, Defense, Special Defense, etc..)

It only works if you have stockpile on.
Even worse. If your Pokémon hasn't learned stockpile. Nothing happens. USELESS. - aarond90

62 Swagger

It can be good and bad it's Topy-Turvy But Prankster Swagger Foul play or without Prankster

63 Mean Look

To the person asking a two questions below:
I think it only works if you don't switch out. After a Pokemon uses Mean Look, don't switch out to another Pokemon to make catching easier- because the fleeing-prevention thing is turned off after you switch to another Pokemon.

I tried to use it on Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres in Pokemon Platinum. They all fled. Is there any way I can use this move to catch the legendary birds? Splurt it out if you have one, please.

I love this move, because my Mismagius just used it to lock you in while I use Perish Song and wait for your death with a Magikarp.

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64 Swords Dance

What no this move is my jam. That and moves like Dragon Dance on a brick Pokemon while my opponent struggles to bring my 'mon's HP down in the mean time has always been a good way to beat a physically stronger opponent. Takes a bit of patience, but that's what Defense 'mons are all about

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65 Magikarp's Revenge

I can't believe all these stupid trolls... not only did they put lots of viable moves on the list, but now one of them decides to put A FAKE MOVE on here?

I have it. It is a dragon type move that raises all of the user's stats on the first turn. On the second turn, it one hit KOs the target - Goatworlds

If this move was real, then what if ditto uses it? Makes perfectly zero sense.

Sure you will

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66 Quash

Useless in single battle, it makes the target go last if it hasn't move.

One of the most ludicrously specific, difficult to utilize conditions in the game

67 Stealth Rock

I dare you to try competitive battling without this move. Seriously what troll put this here?

H-h-how? This is a good move! Why is this on here?

68 Flamethrower

Wait flamethrower might as well put ice beam here

Noobs. This is one of the stronger moves in the games with a base power of 90 (formerly 95) similar to Ice Beam and Thunderbolt (which also formerly did 95 damage. Also, they all started doing 90 in Kalos) - Goatworlds

69 Tickle V 1 Comment
70 Hop

This is literally splash but in other languages

Don't say it doesn't exist it does.
In some languages splash is known as hop, that's why hoppip knows spalsh he is really doing hop.

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71 Recycle

Pretty bad, cause all it does is to reuse a new item. I don't like this because usually, when you are using an item, like hyper potion, your health is like almost full.

No no no
recycling leppa berries are what got wobbuffet banned
recycle was too op they banned a poke because of it

No what the heck
This and Leppa berry cause endless battles
It is totally not useless

72 Dragon Pulse
73 Agility

Wow, you go faster! Wait, you wasted a turn to go slightly faster...

You mean 2 times as fast? Use it with something with at least 200 speed and woop-de-doo it's the fastest Pokemon in existance. literally.

74 Fissure

Ah, this move always kills in one hit. I kid you not, this move is MEANT to do that. When it hits the game says "It's a one hit KO! " - Goatworlds

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75 Encore

Say your opponent sends out a garchomp or whatever, and you send in your pokemon with encore. They use swords dance. You use encore, they are now forced to switch, since they will be stuck using a non-damaging move. This move does have its uses, especially on prankster pokemon.

Snorlax used hyper beam. minun used encore. Snorlax used hyper beam again! Minun fainted! See this move is useless if you use a badass attack like hyper beam or Giga impact.

This move is only really a pain if you used a status move like Thunder Wave and now you're trying to paralyse an already-paralysed 'mon. Chances are on an NPC enemy or wild 'mon who's actually dumb enough to use Encore you're just gonna spam them with Attack/Sp. At moves anyway, so this move is useless

Competitve vs twave
send in motor drive electivire
now you're up 1 speed tier and get a turn to setup swords dance or whatever

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76 Slam

Any move with an accuracy of 75 and power this embarrassing, with no bonus effects, has no reason to exist.

It's basically the poor man's version of Body Slam.

This attack has low accuracy and is even weaker than Body Slam!

77 Calm Mind

It isn't neccessarily that bad. At least I don't think so. It might be difficult to use with Pokemon that aren't bulky enough, such as Alakazam, but it's a good move overall for warming up.

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78 Ally Switch

This move is so useless people don't even realize it exists. It serves no purpose except in triple battle, and even then, it's nothing more than a waste of a move slot that could hold some type coverage.

Thought it would switch party Pokemon.

THIS is useless, more than constrict

79 Hypnosis
80 Super Hyper Beam V 3 Comments
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