Worst Pokemon Moves Ever

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81 Slam

Any move with an accuracy of 75 and power this embarrassing, with no bonus effects, has no reason to exist.

It's basically the poor man's version of Body Slam.

This attack has low accuracy and is even weaker than Body Slam!

82 Calm Mind

It isn't neccessarily that bad. At least I don't think so. It might be difficult to use with Pokemon that aren't bulky enough, such as Alakazam, but it's a good move overall for warming up.

This move is tra...
Wait what?

83 Ally Switch

This move is so useless people don't even realize it exists. It serves no purpose except in triple battle, and even then, it's nothing more than a waste of a move slot that could hold some type coverage.

Thought it would switch party Pokemon.

THIS is useless, more than constrict

84 Hypnosis
85 Roar

You can switch your opponent's boosted pokemon so it loses the boosts
Or you can just juggle the foe's team with some entry hazards such as spikes or stealth rock

86 Land's Wrath

I mean, it doesn't hit your doubles partner, which is kinda useful, but this is still pretty bad.

Seriously? A signature move, that's weaker than a common attack that the only Pokmon who can use it can learn? What?

87 Super Hyper Beam

That's fake dumpster

Wait what is this

Doesn't exist. - Villainnumberone

If it did exist,it would always do 900 damage. - Villainnumberone

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88 Miracle Eye

I bet you don't know what it does

If you don't like this move.Then use Aura Sphere or Close Combat

I see why it is on this list... It only lets dark typings go away...
Few uses.

89 Water Sport

USELESS! Who uses a fire Pokemon against a water one anyway? Never used in the Meta Game.

Why isn't superpower on 100? seriously, you lose attack and defense though it's really op move. - Zume

Only reduces power of fire type attacks

Hello budew

90 Wide Guard

The most situational move ever the other bad moves at least exist for comic relief but girlfriend actually thought this would be a good move yet unless you know exactly what your opponent will do it is terrible.

91 Water Pulse

What? Why? This is a very good Water-type move! It has a base power of 60, plus, it has a change of confusing the target. What's even better is how you can get it early in FRLG!

92 Water Gun

Water gun is 104th and water pulse is 1033th really? - Razi

A great starting move for water types

Water Gun is way better than Bubble

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93 Sky Attack

What this is the best flying attack what

You charge and then attack you do have a high crit but you will most likely die unless you wast a move slot using a power herb.

94 Soak

This move is suiciding if a fire rock or ground type Pokemon is using it because then the foe gains the type advantage.

It is great if you have a ludicolo, but not a single grass type

Soak is alright, In doubles when you have a shedninja, you can use soak at him and he will only have 2 weakness instead of 5

95 Pain Split

Pain split rotom is literally the most trolly and annoying thing ever.

It hurts the opponent and heals you!

Nah it deals damage to both of you

It averages health points. - Villainnumberone

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96 Fling

It makes you lose the item. Case Closed.

97 Techno Blast
98 Flamethrower

Wait flamethrower might as well put ice beam here

Noobs. This is one of the stronger moves in the games with a base power of 90 (formerly 95) similar to Ice Beam and Thunderbolt (which also formerly did 95 damage. Also, they all started doing 90 in Kalos) - Goatworlds

99 Shell Smash

Why is this on here? Shell Smash is the best boosting move in the game other than probably Geomancy with Power Herb. Shell Smash = gg

Ss with white herb is just as good as 2 dragon dances/nplot+ agility

100 Me First

I actually love me first. It's kinda super OP

Use it with a Lucario that used Agility against Giratina and guess what?

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