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81 Water Gun

Water gun is 104th and water pulse is 1033th really? - Razi

A great starting move for water types

Water Gun is way better than Bubble

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82 Sky Attack

What this is the best flying attack what

You charge and then attack you do have a high crit but you will most likely die unless you wast a move slot using a power herb.

83 Pain Split

Pain split rotom is literally the most trolly and annoying thing ever.

It hurts the opponent and heals you!

Nah it deals damage to both of you

It hurts you and heals your opponent!

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85 Shell Smash

Why is this on here? Shell Smash is the best boosting move in the game other than probably Geomancy with Power Herb. Shell Smash = gg

Ss with white herb is just as good as 2 dragon dances/nplot+ agility

86 Me First

I actually love me first. It's kinda super OP

Use it with a Lucario that used Agility against Giratina and guess what?

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87 Fake Out

It's true that you could only use it once, and in the beginning, but you could use it to knock out a Pokemon with sturdy. First, use fake out (it inflicts some damage, flinches the Pokemon) then, use a strong move.

It can flinch but only once. Too do it you have too do it if your pokemon is switch into battle GAHH! It is really annoying and its really bad fake out stinks.

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88 Thrash

Can't you use Safeguard to make some use of this? I usually don't mind confusion (self-inflicted, at least), so I use this move often with my Nidoking. I think it's a very cool move.

Thrash is trash. Get it? What I'm trying to say is that I hate this move its like outrage and petal dance but not so powerful. It can't defeat ghost, rock, and steel types and always confuses you. This move is watseful.

89 Fire Blast

No, fire blast is a powerful fire attack that can KO most Pokemon

90 Detect

It protects you, but your opponent can go first next turn

Since your opponent moves first what if they use a healing move at 1 HP and you were careless and did a not very efective move thinking they would use ba attack move and he is not dead and it kills you.

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91 Astonish

Finally something I agree on. I don't really like this move either. On most Ghost-types I replace the move automatically upon learning something new.

It's weakest than tackle. There's a small chance the enemy's Pokemon will flinch, but it's do small damage

92 Electro Ball

This move is awesome if Pikachu or Raichu use it because the faster you are, the more damage it does! - Goatworlds

The one move that I want my rotom to keep, that is actually electric! Perfect, I want to learn a move that can cut out half my hp.

93 Sheer Cold

If you use Mind Reader, this attack is the absolute most overpowered. Same goes with Fissure and other OHKO moves.

You have a one hit kill move that misses every time

94 Fissure

Ah, this move always kills in one hit. I kid you not, this move is MEANT to do that. When it hits the game says "It's a one hit KO! " - Goatworlds

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95 Giga Impact

Great. You did damage. Now watch as the opponent Dragonite gets a dragon dance up it's belt. YUP! Your dead.

96 Dragon Dance

Why's this here? You pull of a dragon dance or two and you're the strongest thing on the field!

97 Pound

How is this here it is just like tackle

This move is very weak and useless - Goatworlds

It's a good physical attack. I don't think it's really bad, usually I replace it as soon as possible, but it's good for raising Pokemon like Jigglypuff untill they learn something else.

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98 Play Nice

A stupid form of fake tears, which also sucks

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99 Worry Seed
100 Triple Kick

Amazing failed way to fake a move.

It has 10 base power and just 10 PP! And it's a signature move! Double Kick is much better! Some triple kicks are not even triple! The more it is used, the better it is, but up to 60 power per turn?

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