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101 Fire Blast

No, fire blast is a powerful fire attack that can KO most Pokemon

102 Detect

It protects you, but your opponent can go first next turn

Since your opponent moves first what if they use a healing move at 1 HP and you were careless and did a not very efective move thinking they would use ba attack move and he is not dead and it kills you.

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103 Electro Ball

This move is awesome if Pikachu or Raichu use it because the faster you are, the more damage it does! - Goatworlds

The one move that I want my rotom to keep, that is actually electric! Perfect, I want to learn a move that can cut out half my hp.

104 Sheer Cold

If you use Mind Reader, this attack is the absolute most overpowered. Same goes with Fissure and other OHKO moves.

You have a one hit kill move that misses every time

105 Giga Impact

Great. You did damage. Now watch as the opponent Dragonite gets a dragon dance up it's belt. YUP! Your dead.

106 Dragon Dance

Why's this here? You pull of a dragon dance or two and you're the strongest thing on the field!

107 Pound

How is this here it is just like tackle

This move is very weak and useless - Goatworlds

It's a good physical attack. I don't think it's really bad, usually I replace it as soon as possible, but it's good for raising Pokemon like Jigglypuff untill they learn something else.

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108 Play Nice

A stupid form of fake tears, which also sucks

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109 Baton Pass

Here's the thing about this move: effects on the Pokemon that uses this move are passed on to the one that comes out. Did you use Swords Dance before switching? Your next Pokemon gets the +2 Attack stages. Used Aqua Ring? It heals your next Pokemon. High Evasion due to spamming Double Team? Sure, why not keep that, too? Substitutes? No problem! If anything, this move is so good it's broken.

I love it. But I can't remember if Furret can learn it or not! - Goatworlds

This move is pretty bad considering U-Turn is a move to consider and guess what? U-TURN CAN DEAL DAMAGE! I MEAN, THIS SHOULD BE WAY HIGHER

This move is Awesome!

On Pokemon Showdown, I have an awesome strat that centers around this move.

Eevee uses Extreme Evoboost, doubles all its stats, I baton pass to Komala, play rough everything to death.

This move is not the same as switching out. If you have been setting up, say, Swords Dance, and you have an unfavorable matchup, you don't have to lose all of that! Baton Pass over to another physical attacker and proceed to sweep. - Absolite

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110 Worry Seed
111 Triple Kick

Amazing failed way to fake a move.

It has 10 base power and just 10 PP! And it's a signature move! Double Kick is much better! Some triple kicks are not even triple! The more it is used, the better it is, but up to 60 power per turn?

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112 Hydro Pump

Hydro pump, the one move my Pokemon can never learn. The only time I could use it in super effect as if volcanion uses it, which is water/fire type. That is the worst time to use my level 10 skitty to use copycat

113 Judgement

This move is awesome. It changes depending on the plate Arceus holds. - Goatworlds

Judgement should be in the top of the list. Why? BECAUSE I WANT!

Haha nice joke. Well guess who's judging flamethrower.YOU


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114 Heart Swap

Sorry, accidentally posted this hydro pump thing on the wrong move

115 Roar

You can switch your opponent's boosted pokemon so it loses the boosts
Or you can just juggle the foe's team with some entry hazards such as spikes or stealth rock

116 Quick Guard

Quick Guard and Wide Guard should be number 1 because at least Splash and Teleport exist for comic relief girlfriend actually thought Quick Guard and Wide Guard would have some use yet they are only useful if you somehow have a sixth sense and know exactly what your opponent is gonna do,truly the worst of the worst

Do you even play competitively? Or do you just spam Hyper Beam? In Doubles, Wide Guard has it's uses, and Quick Guard's good against Extreme Killer Arceus or ES Dragonite. - noo7na7

Quick guard pulls saves against Es dragonite

117 Solar Beam V 2 Comments
118 Defog

Defog can be hepful in some situations. Like if you're competitive.

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119 Ancient Power V 1 Comment
120 Mud Slap V 1 Comment
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