Worst Pokemon Regions

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1 Kalos

I hate all Pokemon from this region

Sylveon is the problem why kalos sucks

This and unova sucks and seriously fairy type Pokemon what and there's only a few I like xerneas (only good fairly type) chespin fennekin froakie chesnaut and a few more out of 68 and I thought unova was bad almost all Pokemon sucked from this region but about 40 of unova I hated out of 155 and my second worst Pokemon ever the full envolsion of spiritzee I forgot its name but It was retarded my worse Pokemon is stunkfish kanto -sinnoh was good but now here comes retarded Pokemon R.I. P Pokemon 1995-2009:'( oh well at least most regions was good.

Except yvetal and xecenas

2 Unova

I get that there are some Pokemon people hate in Unova, but remember, the story makes a huge part of the game. No Pokemon from this region bother me. It has the best story from ANY main series Pokemon game, introduced amazing Pokemon like the oshawott line, snivy line, I would say tepig, but I'm the only one who likes all three starters. And they brought Excadrill, Hydreigon, Scolipede, Emolga, Conkeldurr, and so many more! Just open your eyes and actually look at the GOOD Pokemon these games brought!

I will personally kill you with me Zebstrika! Have you played these games? No? Then do it and stop yapping about terrible Pokemon and Charizards!

3 Johto
4 Kanto

Oh the evil 90s era.

5 Hoenn

Hoenn is an amazing region. It offers brilliant Landscape and has a superb storyboard AWESOME!

6 Sinnoh
7 Orre
8 Ransei
9 Oblivia
10 Almia

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11 Fiore
12 Alola
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