Worst Pokemon Rip-Offs

This is a list of horrible Pokemon rip offs and which one is the worst?

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1 Digimon: Digital Monsters

How have they not been copyrighted because it is a completely different entity.

"The digits are horrifying." He was right.


Boy I hated digimon when I was younger I remember being really into Pokémon and then seeing digimon on nickelodeon one day and being so angry that they shamelessly ripped off Pokémon

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2 Yu-Gi-Oh!
3 Bakugan Battle Brawlers V 1 Comment
4 Beyblade
5 BeyWheelz
6 BeyWarriors
7 Duel Masters
8 Tinymon (From Johnny Test)

Blast Ketchup is a terrible name... Ash ketchum is an epic name - Goatworlds

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9 Yo-Kai Watch

The different thing is that the Yo-Kai actually want to be friends with you. In pokemon YOU force them to join your team.

I was surprised this wasn't in this list. - funnyuser

This doesn't even rip-off Pokemon, and I like it. - Powerfulgirl10

this sucks

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10 Monster Rancher

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? Vanguard
? Future Card Buddyfight

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11 Robopon V 1 Comment
12 Spectrobes

Would have liked it better if it wasn't Disney. It seems that Disney tries to get their hands on every genre, now.

This wasn't the first time Disney tried to cash-in to the "Mon-exploitation" craze though. Does anyone remember Lilo & Stitch: the Series? - PerfectImpulseX

13 Dogmons
14 Dokapon
15 Fossil League: Dino Tourament Championship
16 Medabots
17 Magi-nation
18 Fighting Foodons
19 Little Masters
20 Monsuno
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