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1 Pokemon Sun and Moon

Come on... ash looks like a seven year old kid

He acts and looks like a 8 year old

Worst pokemon series ever

XYZ was a serious and gripping show I never really saw the whole show but when I did it was good

Now after ash loses against the smug little pr*ck Alain they replace the animation with this down right abomination of a season

Let’s hope season 3 of this show is good or I’ve lost hope in the show or mebey gen 8 being good

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2 Pokemon Best Wishes

In my opinion, this is where the anime started to go horribly wrong. First off, in the first episode "In the Shadow of Zekrom", like every other region, Pikachu is IMMEDIATELY drained of all the exp he gained in Sinnoh. I mean he lost to a Snivy of all things! Oh and speaking of that the Snivy belonged to Trip, who I hate! He's supposed to be a representation of those people who bash on the first generations just because they're classics. Say what you want about Gary or Paul, but at least they have original characters. Trip on the other hand is just Paul only slightly more annoying! I should also mention that Zekrom(who I like to call in this episode as Trollkom) drains Pikachu of all his power just to be a dick. But then again he might of stole Ash's competence as well because in this series he's a moron! For some reason, the writers decided to dumb down Ash to
the point that he makes his Indigo League counterpart look like a genius. I could go on and on about the many problems ...more


3 Pokemon XY

Ash is to positive in this season.

I've had many problems with this season.
1: it has a very poor story line. reason: well a single Chespin can create a huge killing machine... what the hell were they thinking, I mean a Celebi would make sense but a Chespin...
2: focus too much on Serena and Ash. reason: Serena is the worst Character on the Pokemon series and yes more worse than Bonnie.
3: they made Ash took away two of his strongest Pokemon, Goodra (who I think is Ash's first dragon type and strongest pokemon) and Grennidga (who is a very cool pokemon)
And 4: that stupid kiss by Serena and Ash

Pokemon xy is full of Ash x Serena ship and Ash-Greninja. Also its copy of Advanced Generation


4 Advance Generation

What I give the advance generation season a 8/ out of 10 it doesn't suck

Why is it number 3 swich it with sun and moon

5 Pokemon Diamond Pearl
6 Pokemon Series1
7 Pokémon Black & White

First of all they got rid of Brock! He was one of my favorite characters and they replaced him with an annoying "Connoisseur" named Cilan. I also didn't really like Iris because she was so High strong and much different from the other female co stas I had come to love.

8 Pokemon Orange Islands

This destroyed the 90's classic by a MILE. How? Well, first of all, Brock was replaced, Misty was slightly more annoying than any of the other seasons she featured in, and that kiss! What took Misty so long to kiss Ash?!

9 Pokemon Indigo League

The league in which ash won till 4 rounds only.

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