Top Ten Worst Pokemon Shippings

Shipping is paring two people in a media together. Got a favorite shipping why not a least favorite? What ships can't you stand? What shipping should not happen? Come here to put what shipping in Pokemon should not happen, don't think it would work out, or just don't like.

Here are some I just don't like or see happening.

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1 Amourshipping (Ash & Serena)

I don't understand why people find Ash and Serena having a healthy relationship. There isn't much healthiness about it.

Ash has no concept of romance. 10 year old boys do not understand romantic attraction as well as not ever feeling it. And guess what Ash is? Forever 10 years old. And he only views Serena as a friend. Literally like every other of his companions.

Serena has a crush on Ash, and from what we've seen, it's one sided. She is the one crushing and putting "effort" into getting with Ash, not Ash himself. She hardly ever speaks to the boy and bonds with him for crying out loud. You can't build a relationship with little to no interaction, Serena. I mean even minor characters that we rarely see interacted with Ash more than her, AND SHE'S THE COMPANION.

Just because Serena has a crush on Ash DOES NOT MEAN she loves the guy. She is 10, she doesn't grasp the concept of romantic relationships either. I've had crushes on guys when I was her age, but ...more

First she is not a childhood friend. A childhood friend is some one you know, and stayed in contact with since you were young. Second I don't like how arrogant the fans of this ship are.

Overrated cliche ash and Serena have no chemistry whatsoever if this was can in this would be one of the worst anime couples ever there bland boring don't have the same interests and don't go well together

This is the main reason why I hate Ash and because I am a NONSHIPPER. THIS SHIPPING! This shipping (I guess you could say) revolutionized shippings where people would NEVER want to ship Ash ever AGAIN! - ClassicGaminer

It's not Ash's fault that he got dragged into the hell hole that is Amourshipping. - Rue

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2 MommyShipping (Ash & Delia Ash's mom) MommyShipping (Ash & Delia Ash's mom)

This is messed up! First of all : She is the person who gave birth to Ash! It's disgusting and horrible that people would ship this! If this was real then would someone support it? Hopefully NOT! It is completely GROSS that someone would ship this...

This... Oh my god. This is so messed up. This is DISGUSTING.

What the hell!? I can't believe this even exists. DUMBEST THING EVER! Totally messed up.

First things first, PEOPLE ACTUALLY SHIP THIS...
like why?!?! She is his Mom, and they love each other well because SHES IS HIS MAMA! But people ship this. It is disgusting and horrible. Like I mentioned many times, they are Mother and Son. It is so wrong in so many ways. It socked me to see this

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3 Pikashipping (Ash & His Pikachu) Pikashipping (Ash & His Pikachu)

Of course it's bestiality! It wouldn't be anything but! This is seriously sick! Of all the relationships in the anime, Ash and Pikachu's relationship is the purest and sweetest. Like Old Yeller and other stories like that, they saved each others lives and would gladly sacrifice again for each other. Their relationship is a platonic one, based on trust and shared experiences. It sickens me to see that people pervert this special friendship.

This is messed up. I didn't even know this was a thing...

Like others like it Pokemon is like animals why would you want that?

The only shipping canon(?

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4 Pokeshipping (Ash & Misty) Pokeshipping (Ash & Misty)

First off, at most I could see Ash and Misty at best, as having a brother and sister relationship. Why? They fight almost just as much as a Zangoose and a Seviper, and they show the WORST in each other. Maybe it's cause Misty developed and matured when Ash left, but Misty wasn't as temperamental when Ash was out of the picture. And for having feelings for him (I admit, it's a good possibility), she put him down as bad, if not worse as GARY. Then there's the fact that she can't cheer him up, and only made things worse, as shown after the lost of Ritchie at the Pokemon league. Yeah... great relationship right there, when you have to have someone else pull you away when you're raging at a depressed person. Ash also seemed to have more maturity when he left Misty, as he was more patient with May and tolerated her more, despite how she was with him at the beginning. Now I'm aware of tsunderes and the possibility that Misty was most likely one, but that doesn't mean I like those type of ...more - Mariosprincessesfan

I don't think Misty and Ash are a good pair romantically at all. They basically just shout at each other all the time. Yes, they do value each other but as friends. If they were lovers, they'd scream at each other all day. It's just that Misty's temper is not a good match to Ash's. Misty seems more like a big sister to Ash honestly. She can be caring, but of course she gets angry easily.

Misty is so annoying.. She treats Ash like crap.. That shipping is from the dub only! I hate pokeshipping with a passion!

At last episode of jhoto arc it was proved also that ash has no feeling for misty like which guy says to a girl who has traveled with him so long and then just says hey you got your bike back now you can go back to your life for godsake pokeshipper ash doesn't like misty how much you all try to pretend or go around in other shipping area and proving it that ash and misty are meant for eachother they are not, misty deserve someone better than ash and this shipping is so much forced like sub never gave a damn to this pair just the dub did, so better once go and watch the sub then it will show its true color sorry to say but these 2 can never make a great couple like she as no goal and hates bug type pokemon do you really think ash will end with a girl like that.

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5 Ikarishipping (Paul & Dawn)

Because you know, a girl and a boy who hate each other so much makes a healthy relationship. /sarcasm

The whole "good girl & bad boy" thing is overrated. They had very little interactions and even less positive ones. - Mariosprincessesfan

Paul is better off alone

This is like the worst ship ever. Paul is someone that gets on Dawn nerves and somebody would ship her with him? Definitely YUCK

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6 Daddyshipping (Ash & Sammy) Daddyshipping (Ash & Sammy)

With others like it why would you want a middle aged man with a child?

Whoever added this to the list is actually a pedophile or is really stupid. Why ship an old man with a young kid? - Unharmless

The name daddyshipping makes it even worse... Is people are shipping that, that's just pure pedophilia.

Yeah for what and why? because this is totally stupid! GIMME A BREAK... It's midnight and I'm staying up looking at Daddyshipping a man with a child when Ash doesn't even know his own father. Ohh whatever

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7 Gymshipping (Brock & Misty) Gymshipping (Brock & Misty)

Brock is not supposed to be with Misty. Yes they have lots in common but Misty is much better with other boys than Ash and Brock is cuter with Nurse Joy, or Melanie, Officer Jenny but just to let you know, Brock does NOT have a crush on girls such as Misty May and Dawn, but it's weird someone would ship Misty with Brock and not May or Dawn. So this is NOT a good ship.

Don't get me wrong. Misty and Brock did have a lot in common: being gym leaders and knowing what that entailed, as well as being the more rational and knowledgable trainers on Ash's journey. Hell, they were even in the background together countless times, because Ash was the main focus. But there was absolutely no romance or romantic undertones between them at all.

"Heartbreak of Brock" made me dislike this ship. Wishfulshipping may be similar, but there's no conversation that made me want Cilan to cut off all friendship with Iris completely like I WANTED Brock to do with Misty during this episode.

Misty is way better for ash and brock should find a nice lovely lady because this ship is not going to happen! they're like siblings and showed no feelings for each other, unlike misty and ash. I think brock deserves better than those other girls who rejected him

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8 Wishfulshipping (Iris and Cilan) Wishfulshipping (Iris and Cilan)

Eh, Iris and Cilan did speak a lot, one on one. When Ash was off doing his thing battling, Iris and Cilan mostly were on the sidelines together and they did interact a lot. I can pretty much go both ways, shipping this and not. - waterpkmnmaster

If this happened it would be like the alain and maron shipping if this ship ever happened cilan would be known as a pedophile.

Another bad keep away ship. They barely communicated with each other and there was no interest at all between the two.

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9 KalosShipping (Calem & Serena)

There is no chemistry whatsoever between these two and, if you took the time to actually read the dialogue, you'd also know how much the rival uses the protagonist for their own selfish gain.
Aside from this, the fan base is overly aggressive and will not hesitate to lash out at anyone who ships something different.

Hey. I ship calem and serena to death and I don't mind what ship you ship even if you ship ash and serena. and I hate that ship with a passion

Okay, you may not see much of the ship in the game, but just look at the manga!

People ship these two just to escape Amourshipping. We all know that Calem belongs with Shauna. And even if this ship were to be a thing, it wouldn't really affect Amour, since this only applies to the game.

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10 Harmoniashipping (N & Ghetsis) Harmoniashipping (N & Ghetsis)

N was constantly abused by Ghetsis even though N is his adopted son and people ship him with Ghetsis? NO! Give N a break!

Disgusting father/son relationship with added abuse/neglect. Perfect awful ship.

Who would ship such pair? is disgusting and offensive and there's no substance in any media to put them together - uoi

No words... Really. I have no words.

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The Newcomers

? Belleshipping (Drew and Dawn)
? Oakshipping (Gary and Professor Oak)

Gary and his grandpa! Disgusting!

Worst than daddyshipping as they r actually related unlike 'daddyshipping' & worst than mommyshipping as Sammy is gary's grandfather & so is a LOT older than him 🤢 (But all 3 r gross)

The Contenders

11 BlueShipping (James & Team Rocket's Meowth) V 3 Comments
12 Rocketshipping (James & Jessie)

What? No chemistry? What show have you been watching? Jessie and James has more chemistry than any other Pokemon pairings. And there's nothing sibling-like about them. Seems to me you don't understand characters like these, perhaps you will when you grow up. Kids don't understand adult themes as well you know, all the kids I know has ended up liking Rocketshipping after they grew up.

I love both characters so much, but they have no chemistry whatsoever. It's such a brotherly/(domineering) sisterly relationship. I just love how James and Meowth only want Jessie to do well in life because they fear for their own existance.

I support this as a sibling relationship rather than a lover one.

Maybe it's because I used to love James and dislike Jessie, but I dislike this ship. Jessie treated James HORRIBLY and would be just as bad for him as Jessabelle.

Speaking of Jessabelle, know why he doesn't want to be with her? Because she was controlling and wanted James to get rid of Growlie (his Growlithe). Can anyone tell me what happened to Jame's Victreebel?

Besides Jessie's similarities to James's worst nightmare, there's also the fact that Jessie treats James awfully even on a friendship level. Stealing from him, making him do all the work, and blaming him for when things go wrong. Yes, James deserves better. - Mariosprincessesfan

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13 Comashipping (Ash & Paul)

Wow a lot of homophobes here;;; anyway, I don't ship ash with any of his rivals. He's not the kind of character that have crush on his enemies or mean people. - uoi

I don't ship, but I tolerate it. So please, stop with the ', GAY' comments. Thank you.

Agree with the the part that you say being gay is not a bad thing,because gee there people too,but THIS just a big no and I don't know why people ships those two._.

I don't ship it
They don't show ANY love for each other plus I don't think the Pokemon anime producers make gay ships canon

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14 Geekchic Shipping (Clemont x Serena) Geekchic Shipping (Clemont x Serena)

Geekchic may not be a reality, but they have more interaction together and more in common than Serena and Ash do/the moments where Serena has forced herself to go with Ash. It's cute, but needs more fire. Still better than Amour. - waterpkmnmaster

The one true shipping with clemont is clemont x science

Bonnie hasn't asked Serena, so she doesn't approve, and she approves of RANDOM STRANGERS. Besides, Serena obviously likes Ash. Face it, this ship will never be canon no matter how much some people want it.

Worst pair ever seen in Pokemon history. I like both of them as a character but I don't see them as a couple, like these 2 talk so hardly and Serena likes ash and isn't Clemont older, like he showed interest in girl of his age and after the kiss episode this ship won't sail like Clemont knows that she likes ash and in episode 49 they even showed like Clemont only remembers about ash. This ship was just created by anti amourshipper as they were afraid that they ship will sink, but before making one pair at least make sure they have some cooperation. Same goes to calemxserena, go and play they game and try to ship them. If Pokeshipper think calemxserena is great then ashxleaf will happen not ashxmisty cause after all ash is red counterpart

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15 Negaishipping (Ash and Iris) Negaishipping (Ash and Iris)

I'm not into this shipping at all but I find it more tolerable than Pokeshipping and Amourshipping in my opinion. Iris wasn't abusive, she just spoke her mind and criticized him, which pissed a lot of people off. (everyone in real life makes fun of Ash, but once Iris does it, it makes people mad and is annoying to them) Misty however, was very abusive to Ash. She would literally physically abuse him. Serena hardly speaks and interacts with Ash, she just crushes and fantasizes about him like a 5 year old would. And people want that canon? yuck

Huh? I don't see how this is bad. Yea a lot of people hate it, but I'm sure it's just because most hate the bw series in general. There was some pretty cute moments with them

I hate this ship

"At least in amour Serena actually had a crush on him! "

A one sided crush means nothing in romance, my dude. - Rue

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16 Palletshipping (Ash & Gary)

Yes please. Number one OTP right here. Their relationship with each other gets better, so fudge off to anyone who says 'Oh, they hate each other's guts.' Yea, and the two halves of a Pokeball each have prove they 'hate' each other. Holy Arceus, people need to pay attention.

Really Ash doesn't like him(P. s I'm the one who said Ash and Gary hate each other)in the first episode in the first season Gary mocks him of being late, and says "that's right loser and it's right in this pokeball! " Gary called Ash a loser, so that means they ain't getting lovey dovey with each other. Like the 5th commenter said their relationship may get better as friends, but romantic? Holy Arceus no! Ash said"Grrr! I'll show him! ". I have 0% intentions to insult gay and fans of this ship, BUT I NEEDED THAT OFF OF MY CHEST

I think that palletshipping is one of the cutest ships out there but personally, my otp is their game counterparts: red and blue. after I watched the pokemon origins, I absolutely fell in love and decided to ship red and blue. from the start, I shipped pokeshipping and there's more connection between red and blue than their anime counterparts (ash and gary) because gary has a whole bunch of girls following him and he will probably sleep with one of them. another reason is that ash will never (i mean EVER) age. for example, red aged (same for blue). I think originalshipping (red and blue) is more canon than palletshipping.

Ok,don't get me wrong,I respect gay,but Ash and Gary literally HATE.EACH.OTHER'S.GUTS..Ash #1 rival,Gary,#1 enemies,Gary.How-what-why...? If they got married,they'll divorce! It it weird to ship 2 people that HATE each other!

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17 SommelierShipping (Cilan & Burgundy) SommelierShipping (Cilan & Burgundy)

Ok, let's put a girl who harasses a guy's friends and exploit his fears on purpose just cause she didn't like what she said about her Pokemon. Sorry, as much as I don't like Cilan I don't think he deserves that. - Mariosprincessesfan

If I were to choose, Wishful shipping is much better.

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18 Penguinshipping (Dawn & Kenny)

Compared to other ships with Dawn, this one just doesn't have potential... - DerpyPolarBear

19 Vorpalshipping (Trip & Paul)

Two opposites that are somehow quite similar. Not perfect but interesting

20 Steelfedorashipping (Riley & Steven)

Didn't even know this ship existed. Do Steven and Riley know each other existence? it most be a fetish of people who like to see two hot guys together. - uoi

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