Top Ten Worst Pokemon Shippings

Shipping is paring two people in a media together. Got a favorite shipping why not a least favorite? What ships can't you stand? What shipping should not happen? Come here to put what shipping in Pokemon should not happen, don't think it would work out, or just don't like.

Here are some I just don't like or see happening.

The Top Ten

1 MommyShipping (Ash & Delia Ash's mom)

This is messed up! First of all : She is the person who gave birth to Ash! It's disgusting and horrible that people would ship this! If this was real then would someone support it? Hopefully NOT! It is completely GROSS that someone would ship this...

What the hell!? I can't believe this even exists. DUMBEST THING EVER! Totally messed up.

This... Oh my god. This is so messed up. This is DISGUSTING.

Ok first of all who would ship these people together? I'd even ship Delia with professor oak if it means destroying this ship

2 Amourshipping (Ash & Serena)

I don't understand why people find Ash and Serena having a healthy relationship. There isn't much healthiness about it.

Ash has no concept of romance. 10 year old boys do not understand romantic attraction as well as not ever feeling it. And guess what Ash is? Forever 10 years old. And he only views Serena as a friend. Literally like every other of his companions.

Serena has a crush on Ash, and from what we've seen, it's one sided. She is the one crushing and putting "effort" into getting with Ash, not Ash himself. She hardly ever speaks to the boy and bonds with him for crying out loud. You can't build a relationship with little to no interaction, Serena. I mean even minor characters that we rarely see interacted with Ash more than her, AND SHE'S THE COMPANION.

Just because Serena has a crush on Ash DOES NOT MEAN she loves the guy. She is 10, she doesn't grasp the concept of romantic relationships either. I've had crushes on guys when I was her age, but ...more

The people who like this ship have a messed up take on attraction. There's no denying that Serena was infatuated with ash but it takes two people to call them a couple. Ash showed no signs of liking Serena back Here are a few of many:

1. In the party dancecapades episode (which was quite late in the anime) he was totally fine with Serena going with Clemont instead of him, he even encouraged it. 2. the final episode when Serena kissed ash, note that SERENA kissed ASH. He couldn't do anything about it and if he really like her in that way then maybe he should have done something like chased her, rather than go 'bye Serena! See ya! ' and never speak to her again. 3. Ash also ditches serena when they made her pokevision video to train his Pokemon

People say that the "childhood friend" thing meant that they were meant to be. Amourshippers need to get it in their heads that Ash. Did. Not. Remember. Serena. At. All. Not to mention, they were probably together for 5 ...more

First she is not a childhood friend. A childhood friend is some one you know, and stayed in contact with since you were young. Second I don't like how arrogant the fans of this ship are.

If this ship was an actual boat, it would list so far to one side it would be on the verge of capsizing.

3 Pikashipping (Ash & His Pikachu)

Of course it's bestiality! It wouldn't be anything but! This is seriously sick! Of all the relationships in the anime, Ash and Pikachu's relationship is the purest and sweetest. Like Old Yeller and other stories like that, they saved each others lives and would gladly sacrifice again for each other. Their relationship is a platonic one, based on trust and shared experiences. It sickens me to see that people pervert this special friendship.

I have nothing against homosexuality, but god, bestality, I have no words to describe just how wrong this is. I think Ash and Pikachu are platonic, and I don't know anyone who ships them romantically.

WHY is this lower than Amourshipping? At least that one has two people shipped together!

Please, a bestiality ship should be above a normal hetero relationship like Amourshipping.

4 Ikarishipping (Paul & Dawn)

It has potential. At least is not puppy love like others. The concept is not bad if you all realized that Paul had a change of heart at the end.

Well, fanfics of these two had not been the best but they are getting better.

Because you know, a girl and a boy who hate each other so much makes a healthy relationship. /sarcasm

The whole "good girl & bad boy" thing is overrated. They had very little interactions and even less positive ones. - Mariosprincessesfan

This is like the worst ship ever. Paul is someone that gets on Dawn nerves and somebody would ship her with him? Definitely YUCK

5 Pokeshipping (Ash & Misty)

First off, at most I could see Ash and Misty at best, as having a brother and sister relationship. Why? They fight almost just as much as a Zangoose and a Seviper, and they show the WORST in each other. Maybe it's cause Misty developed and matured when Ash left, but Misty wasn't as temperamental when Ash was out of the picture. And for having feelings for him (I admit, it's a good possibility), she put him down as bad, if not worse as GARY. Then there's the fact that she can't cheer him up, and only made things worse, as shown after the lost of Ritchie at the Pokemon league. Yeah... great relationship right there, when you have to have someone else pull you away when you're raging at a depressed person. Ash also seemed to have more maturity when he left Misty, as he was more patient with May and tolerated her more, despite how she was with him at the beginning. Now I'm aware of tsunderes and the possibility that Misty was most likely one, but that doesn't mean I like those type of ...more - Mariosprincessesfan

This should be the shipping that actually happens it is full of ways the writers could evolve this I mean they were almost noted to be crushing by several people I don't think ash deserves a girly type he hates those kinds of things misty is perfect
1when she isn't arguing with ash she is really sweet person

2the fighting with ash part is perfect because the fact that they like each other but don't admit it although is really obvious is an incredible story line

3misty does have her girly side but she doesn't force it on ash or even uses it as part of her image

4i would totally love the looked in Serena's face when she sees that they have a thing

5mosty is experienced in what she does she will not be depending on ash like Serena it might be the other way around

6brock will give them an I told you (also many other which will be interesting how they find out) 6it will be good to add some romance to develop the character if they do it right they could ...more - yosusi38728

Apparently Ash and Misty are horrible with each other much as people support Pokeshipping. It's not the kind of shipping like, "Hey, maybe Misty is Ash's ex? " No way. Yes, we know that Misty wasn't desperate for Ash's love - pooh! - like Serena was, and she was a tomboy, unlike Serena, and like Serena, was sometimes jealous of girls who liked Ash and tried flirting with him. But Serena didn't abuse Ash constantly and physically like stupid old Misty did! Misty is not actually a true villain like Jessie and James, but she acts villainous. She's a bright thinker, but with Ash she's terribly stupid. Not my idea of a Pokemon ship.

They're never getting together. The only time they didn't try to verbally abuse each other was when Misty came back in camio episodes. If Misty really liked Ash, she would've taken the chance, but now she'll never get him.

6 Daddyshipping (Ash & Sammy)

With others like it why would you want a middle aged man with a child?

Ash doesn't even know his father to begin with and why would anyone want to ship Ash with a middle aged man he doesn't even know whatsoever? - UltraLunalaX

The name daddyshipping makes it even worse... Is people are shipping that, that's just pure pedophilia.

Yeah for what and why? because this is totally stupid! GIMME A BREAK... It's midnight and I'm staying up looking at Daddyshipping a man with a child when Ash doesn't even know his own father. Ohh whatever

7 Harmoniashipping (N & Ghetsis)

N was constantly abused by Ghetsis even though N is his adopted son and people ship him with Ghetsis? NO! Give N a break!

An absolutley disgusting father and son relationship with constant abuse, neglect and its just plain offensive overall! Besides N has been constantly abused by Ghetsis, so no! Just... no! - UltraLunalaX

Disgusting father/son relationship with added abuse/neglect. Perfect awful ship.

Who would ship such pair? is disgusting and offensive and there's no substance in any media to put them together - uoi

8 Gymshipping (Brock & Misty)

Brock is not supposed to be with Misty. Yes they have lots in common but Misty is much better with other boys than Ash and Brock is cuter with Nurse Joy, or Melanie, Officer Jenny but just to let you know, Brock does NOT have a crush on girls such as Misty May and Dawn, but it's weird someone would ship Misty with Brock and not May or Dawn. So this is NOT a good ship.

Don't get me wrong. Misty and Brock did have a lot in common: being gym leaders and knowing what that entailed, as well as being the more rational and knowledgable trainers on Ash's journey. Hell, they were even in the background together countless times, because Ash was the main focus. But there was absolutely no romance or romantic undertones between them at all.

I don't see why we should ship them...

"Heartbreak of Brock" made me dislike this ship. Wishfulshipping may be similar, but there's no conversation that made me want Cilan to cut off all friendship with Iris completely like I WANTED Brock to do with Misty during this episode.

9 Penguinshipping (Dawn & Kenny)

Compared to other ships with Dawn, this one just doesn't have potential... - DerpyPolarBear

This is possibly one of my least favourite ships of all time! Dawn and Kenny literally has no connection or chemistry whatsoever and they only had a few moments with eachother! Enough said! - UltraLunalaX

This one just sucks, they had a few moments and a few scenes of shipping. So now they're a ship? Please just give me Pearlshipping

Wait, I thought that one was Dawn x Her Piplup (as said by the ship name) - TSLMasterYT

10 Romanticshipping (Serena & Drew)

Like Drew would date a pathetic girl like Serena. - Rue

I am a contestshipper. But I ship both MayxDrew and DrewXSerena, but my favourite is DrewxMayxSerena

Why would Drew ever want to date a useless, pathetic, barbie doll stereotype yandere like Serena? They don't even know eachother, they never met eachother and they never will have a chance to ever go on a date whatsoever! Also I am already a MayXDrew shipper, so therefor I hate Romanticshipping! Enough said! - UltraLunalaX

DrewXMay instead. Serena doesn't deserve any boyfriend at all(Except for Flash Sentry. They are both mary sues)

The Contenders

11 Wishfulshipping (Iris and Cilan)

These two just don't have any love hints between them.I only see them just great companion friends just like the same as Brock and Misty being friends both have great interactions as friends but not love.

Eh, Iris and Cilan did speak a lot, one on one. When Ash was off doing his thing battling, Iris and Cilan mostly were on the sidelines together and they did interact a lot. I can pretty much go both ways, shipping this and not. - waterpkmnmaster

Another bad keep away ship. They barely communicated with each other and there was no interest at all between the two.

If this happened it would be like the alain and maron shipping if this ship ever happened cilan would be known as a pedophile.

12 KalosShipping (Calem & Serena)

Hey. I ship calem and serena to death and I don't mind what ship you ship even if you ship ash and serena. and I hate that ship with a passion

Okay, you may not see much of the ship in the game, but just look at the manga!

There is no chemistry whatsoever between these two and, if you took the time to actually read the dialogue, you'd also know how much the rival uses the protagonist for their own selfish gain.
Aside from this, the fan base is overly aggressive and will not hesitate to lash out at anyone who ships something different.

People ship these two just to escape Amourshipping. We all know that Calem belongs with Shauna. And even if this ship were to be a thing, it wouldn't really affect Amour, since this only applies to the game.

13 Oakshipping (Gary and Professor Oak)

Gary and his grandpa! Disgusting!

Oh my gosh! Gary Oak being shipped with his own grandpa? That is disgusting! Both are related to eachother, both are males and Professor Oak is way older than Gary Oak! So this is equally as bad as MommyShipping in my opinion! - UltraLunalaX

What is this messed up world we live in!?

60 year difference, both same sex and related - boltslegend

14 Sinnohshipping ( ProffesorRowan and Dawn)

Literally what the heck is this? Why would Dawn ever be dating an old man? Its just weird in my opinion! - UltraLunalaX

What - boltslegend

She will be literally dating an old man... Dawn deserves better like Barry/Pearl, Brendan/Ruby or Drew. Barry X Dawn because they have ‘bumped in to each other’ quite a lot and I can see affection... Brendan X Dawn because they at least have fashion sense and they are Pokèmon co-ordinators and Drew X Dawn because they show an exquisite entrance when they start their show as Pokèmon co-ordinators, their personalities are kind of the same and they both have something that they are afraid of. My opinion. I am just saying

15 SommelierShipping (Cilan & Burgundy)

Well duh! They hate eachother and even though I don't like Cilan, I don't think he deserves to be shipped with someone who really hates him! Sorry! - UltraLunalaX

Ok, let's put a girl who harasses a guy's friends and exploit his fears on purpose just cause she didn't like what she said about her Pokemon. Sorry, as much as I don't like Cilan I don't think he deserves that. - Mariosprincessesfan

If I were to choose, Wishful shipping is much better.

This is stupid!

16 Cookieshipping (Harley & May)

I am a shameless person. Who can't stand characters if they are threat to my shipping. Now that I have switched to amourshipping from advanceshipping. I think I will make this my new May shipping. Because I am still angry with Drew interfering my advanceshippeing.

Harley was so mean to May over a stupid cookie (Which is a pretty stupid reason to get mad at someone), so I don't see the point of shipping these two to be honest! - UltraLunalaX


Oh my god please no at least ikari shipping doesn't have paul being a jerk to dawn in the series he cheated and tried to embarass her as much as he could what a HEE HAA - Toptenanimallovers

17 Rocketshipping (James & Jessie)

Jessie practically abuses James and is power hungry and bossy. James deserves better in my opinion. He cares so much about his pokemon wheras Jessie would never put thought into caring about anyone other than herself. This is probably the worst ship on this list.

What? No chemistry? What show have you been watching? Jessie and James has more chemistry than any other Pokemon pairings. And there's nothing sibling-like about them. Seems to me you don't understand characters like these, perhaps you will when you grow up. Kids don't understand adult themes as well you know, all the kids I know has ended up liking Rocketshipping after they grew up.

It is very much a sibling-like relationship. But of course, any affection shown between two characters is always taken as romantic, even when it's clearly platonic.

I love both characters so much, but they have no chemistry whatsoever. It's such a brotherly/(domineering) sisterly relationship. I just love how James and Meowth only want Jessie to do well in life because they fear for their own existance.

I support this as a sibling relationship rather than a lover one.

Nice to see at least ONE person who sees this. I literally can't find any anti-rocketshipping people anywhere.

18 AnnemaeShipping (Dawn & Iris)

WHY AND WHAT!?! I'm not against gay, it's fine but how did people come up with this ship?

I like both characters, but I don't like shipping them together! I don't know why, I just don't! I honestly think that Dawn should have never gotten along so well with Iris, because in Pokemon B/W anime, they are really bad together! - UltraLunalaX

I like them both as characters but disliked them together. Honestly Dawn shouldn't have gotten along so well with Iris in my opinion. - Mariosprincessesfan

That would never happen

19 Geekchic Shipping (Clemont x Serena)

The one true shipping with clemont is clemont x science

Geekchic may not be a reality, but they have more interaction together and more in common than Serena and Ash do/the moments where Serena has forced herself to go with Ash. It's cute, but needs more fire. Still better than Amour. - waterpkmnmaster

Bonnie hasn't asked Serena, so she doesn't approve, and she approves of RANDOM STRANGERS. Besides, Serena obviously likes Ash. Face it, this ship will never be canon no matter how much some people want it.

I hate this ship. And any ship that ships Clemont with another character. - RiverClanRocks

20 BlueShipping (James & Team Rocket's Meowth)

This is werid - SushigirlO6

End my suffering. - cassiabez

Great now people are species sexual - boltslegend

What. The. Heck.

21 Comashipping (Ash & Paul)

I don't ship, but I tolerate it. So please, stop with the ', GAY' comments. Thank you.

Wow a lot of homophobes here;;; anyway, I don't ship ash with any of his rivals. He's not the kind of character that have crush on his enemies or mean people. - uoi

Agree with the the part that you say being gay is not a bad thing,because gee there people too,but THIS just a big no and I don't know why people ships those two._.

I agree with uoo

22 Belleshipping (Drew and Dawn)

Please end my suffering. - Souleon

23 Palletshipping (Ash & Gary)

First ash does not have any chemistry with any of his female companions, so ash is totally gay. Second this is one of the best ships out there I really think this was a horrible choice for this list and it is not as weird had daddy or mommy shipping

Ewww ash ain't gay - SushigirlO6

This one is popular too

Yes please. Number one OTP right here. Their relationship with each other gets better, so fudge off to anyone who says 'Oh, they hate each other's guts.' Yea, and the two halves of a Pokeball each have prove they 'hate' each other. Holy Arceus, people need to pay attention.

24 Vorpalshipping (Trip & Paul)

Two opposites that are somehow quite similar. Not perfect but interesting

Why ship if thy haven't even met

Geez... This is the best ship ever...

It's my favorite ships! >w< they might be never seen each other in anime but... Let's use our creativity! I will ship them forever... =w=

25 FerrisWheelShipping (Hilda/Touko X N)

The fanbase for this ship is insane, and N is like, 19-20. Hilda is about 13. N doesn't seem like the kind of person to seduce someone years younger than him. I thought the fans of May X Steven were insane. I will never understand this ship.

I heard about this ship in manga version. Wasn't n really abusive & controlling with her?

The manga is different from the games dude

I agree.

26 Steelfedorashipping (Riley & Steven)

Didn't even know this ship existed. Do Steven and Riley know each other existence? it most be a fetish of people who like to see two hot guys together. - uoi

What. Random ass ship

Makes no sense

27 ContestShipping (Drew & May)

No it should be
AshXDrew not DrewxMay.
Please end Drew's suffering by stop shipping him with Max's sister (vomit).

Ash can actually give more pleasure to Drew than May.
Ash is sexy, May is wimpy and ditzy, she can't even survive without Ash rescuing her. Ugh!

Angry advanceshipper? This one is one of the most two-sided shipping in Pokemon. Drew gives may red roses, talks about her a lot, tries to protect her from Harley, & blushed when she teased him, while in spontaneous combustion, may blushed at drew. It's a very cute & healthy looking relationship.

This the only ship that is actually good 2 sides that care not one but 2 in love - Toptenanimallovers

Worst shipping ever, their children would be so ugly (just think about it)

28 Hardenshipping (Archie and Maxie)

Imagine that Maxie is just a skinny 45 years old man and Archie is a buff beard man...

They're like far left and far right that will never love eachother

They used 2 h8 each other but I'm sure after 1 stopped them from destroying the world & having the other get a new goal 4 him I at least think that is enough proof they don't hate each other.

Also I don't know about the original but in ORAS some NPC said they used to work with each other.

Looks & manor of speaking r different but they have a lot of similarities as well. Both pretty ambiguous & wanted to help the world more (I don't get Archie though he said he wanted to help pkmn but he'd only help WATER pkmn :/) and both seem highly respected & have good speaking skills.

It's everywhere those crazy fangirls need to stop!

29 Stirrunashipping (Bonnie & Ash)

Ok what the hell, ash is 10, and Bonnie is like 5. YOU can't DO THIS PEOPLE, IT doesn't WORK LIKE THIS!

Seriously why would Ash, a 10-year old boy, go out with a little kid named Bonnie who is only half his age? It makes literally no sense whatsoever! - UltraLunalaX

Great. Ash, 10 years old eternity, will be expected to date Bonnie, a little kid half his age. Ash's life is fabulous.

I think Bonnie is actually around 7-8 years old, not 5... so if they become adults i(18 yrs old) it wouldn’t be so bad (of course it won’t happen though as ash is eternally 10 yrs old).

However... it makes no sense. They rarely interacted at all throughout the kalos region.

30 Marissonshipping (Alain & Mairin)

I could've agree more with you guys this is ship inappropriate this no hate what so ever I do like Mairin but to be honest she is way younger than Alain she is like the same age as Ash and Alain in the other hand is like sixteen he should be putting up with annoying little girl like Mairin besides I ship Alain with a Goddess because who would love to see Alain in a relationship with a Goddess it will be the most beautiful thing will ever happen to him it will make him more man then boy who hangs with a little girl if I offended anyone I am sorry but this my opinion and everyone has an opinion

I HATE this one! It's just so wrong! Alain is twice her age. Why can't people understand that a close, platonic friendship can be just as special, if not more special, than a romantic one?

Agreed girl Alain really is older than maron if they made that into a thing Alain will end up being known as a pedophile.

Alain is too old for her. Why can't they have a older brother/younger sister relationship instead? - Rue

31 Ripoffshipping (Pikachu & Togedemaru)

It's all right I guess



32 Heattagshipping (Conway & Dawn)

Conway was a creep - Rue

This shipping is actually kinda cute lol but! BUT! It's also heavily one sided on Conway's side.
There is evidence that Conway likes Dawn, but I don't think Dawn likes him back, at least not romantically.

33 FourthWheelShipping (Max & Bonnie)

Please don't ship 7 year olds. - Rue

They are way too young to get married and both Max and Bonnie are about 7-years old, so yeah! I don't ship underaged kids! Sorry! - UltraLunalaX

Married?! That escalated quickly

I'll ship this... when they are both 18+ - Souleon

34 Originalshipping (Red & Blue)

Yess. Like, have you even WATCHED Pokemon Origins. Pokemon Tower scene people!

This is my favorite ship, I LOVE IT TmT

Red x Leaf is better. - Souleon

2 boys - boltslegend

35 Oronionshipping (Ash & Togedemaru)

WHAT! This is like shipping a hedgehog and it’s owner this is without a doubt the one of the worst ships EVER


i need it!


36 Aureliashipping (Ash & Lillie)

This is the best shipping ever! I agree 100%. Just watch the first episode of Sun and Moon when Ash gets run over, and Lillie hides behind him. This is just one example. Also, they both know a lot about Pokemon.

An OK ship. - Souleon

I honestly hate this shipping because how much fans will say “The Truest love” “The best ship” and yada yada. There is no reason to ship them because this ain’t something the writers even consider because of this one scene in episode 1 of sun & moon when Lillie hides behind him. Well guess what that wasn’t anything if anything think it like this. Lillie was scared of Pokémon, so she hides behind Ash but that’s a natural thing we all do just to save ourselves if anything it’s basically she hid from a murder and have him die.

37 ThirdWheelShipping (Brock and Tracey)

Brock and Tracey don't show any romantic connection and one traveled with each other about one or two seasons and they didn't show any romantic connections

I'm not a homophobe, but this ship makes no sense. AT ALL.

Okie I agree with the ew part and stuff but is there a problem with being gay? I mean there are people too you know

2 males - boltslegend

38 Cuteshipping (Pikachu & Sylveon)

They wont go well together

I don't think they go well together to be honest! - UltraLunalaX

I like it

i love it!

39 BrightTomorrowShipping (Shauna & Calem)

Oh this only has the 'fireworks scene' that is not romantic? And tell me lila, how was kalosshipping romantic at all? Oh wait, you can't, cause there never was a time it was ether. YOU only like kalosshipping & like Nate/rosa & hilbert/Hilda because they are all the same: protagonist shippings. And the only one that makes a lick of sense from protagonist shippings IS HOENNSHIPPING. So, burningleafshipping makes no sense, same with mangaquest, chessshipping, visorshipping, and kalosshipping is in the same boat as brighttomorrow! So go and cry a river about that. I hope they make it so the protagonist are twins so I can laugh at morons like you who just ship the protagonist because they are the protagonist & watch you whine about that!

There is not a single letter's worth of difference in Shauna's dialogue that differs based on the player's gender (except a couple pronouns in the choose-your-nickname dialogue). This is just as bad as Shauna x Serena, and they have NOTHING in common!

Oh damn that Shipping gives me cancer Its sucks Its makes no sense Calem Should end with serena (that's if he needs a Girlfriend its Surely Should be serena) Anyway Also its not popular at all KalosShipping is Million times Better than this Shipping And kalosShipping is quite Popular and its Cute and make more senses Shipping Calem with shauna is just like Shipping Bianca and hilbert Or High With Mei/Rosa Not cute at all They say Its canon just Because of a firework scene? Its not romantic at all Also its depends of the Character Calem/Serena its make no senses Shauna Should end with trevor If she will end with Someone Also The Mother How the heck Said the mother in the alola region is shauna? Are you Kidding me? Just Because she looks like her? Also its Impossible for shauna to Become like that its all - lilia

To the person who commented about the protagonist x protagonist ships: preach it!

40 Totalcontrolshipping (Cyrus & Giovanni)

Two people who each want every other human dead. If it weren't for Episode RR, I'd say they'd be at each others' throats as soon as they met.

41 Ironwillshipping (Dawn & Riley)

Why is this ship even is this list? they are awesome together, with a lot of potential and interesting dinamics in the games.. - uoi

42 IconShipping (Alain & Serena)

Serena finds out her true love, is actually, Alain, seeing as how he protected her during, the tournament. He is also more alpha, than Ash, which is a plus.

This is all in my head, okay? Just a fan fiction idea I had.

What... Alain doesn't really KNOW Serena, he never really talked to her, spend time with her and has NO relationship with her! How can they fall in love if they pass each other as stranger's.. In my Pokemon AU(Alternate Universe)Alain meets this girl name Avalyn, they gotten to know each other, spended time with each other and care for both, they both fall in love, but Avalyn's big sis, Asley(Az - lee)doesn 't agree, she thinks Alain is "un suited"for her lil sis... The point is that they bonded as friends, now have feelings.. They introduced each other, talked with each other and bonded with each other

This item reminds me of an image on knowyourmeme where Serena was making out with Alain in bed and Ash walked in on them...Yuuuck

Also it's the same with Mairin. Alain is too old for Serena. - Rue

43 KunoeShipping (Ash & Valerie)

While there wasn't much to it, Valerie became the alpha in Ash's eyes. Nevertheless, Ash keeps getting violated by the one, and only Fairy-Type Gym Leader, as excruciating as it is, Ash still pushes through, however, Valerie's Mawile, has an evolution that may surpass even Mega Evolution. Will Ash fall for Serena? Or will Valerie, make her love known to Ash?

Why did this appear twice? - UselessName

Thumbs up for ash x valerie - Souleon

It's gross I know... but... I ship. - Souleon

44 ImaginaionShipping (Bianca & Ash)

I doubt that will ever happen. Especially when Bianca seems to be annoying for those who don't like her. Ash and Bianca don't seem to be a match.

45 Hatthiefshipping (Ash & Aipom)
46 Kiss shipping (Melody & Ash)

Why do people even this this like what all melody done is kissed him gosh

Literally, Melody's only purpose of being was her part in the prophecy and to get under Misty's skin about her feelings for Ash (the same way Miette does to Serena). It's nothing to be taken seriously. - waterpkmnmaster

Lol melody is so annoying... and random. - uoi

Yea I don't think melody truely liked ash, but liked picking on Misty. In the end (of the movie), she may of even liked the idea of Misty being with ash after she let Misty rescue him. Not saying I like pokeshipping (hate it mostly, movie! pokeshipping is alright though), but melody most likely is a secret pokeshipper.

47 Negaishipping (Ash and Iris)

I'm not into this shipping at all but I find it more tolerable than Pokeshipping and Amourshipping in my opinion. Iris wasn't abusive, she just spoke her mind and criticized him, which pissed a lot of people off. (everyone in real life makes fun of Ash, but once Iris does it, it makes people mad and is annoying to them) Misty however, was very abusive to Ash. She would literally physically abuse him. Serena hardly speaks and interacts with Ash, she just crushes and fantasizes about him like a 5 year old would. And people want that canon? yuck

Nooo this one is the best

Huh? I don't see how this is bad. Yea a lot of people hate it, but I'm sure it's just because most hate the bw series in general. There was some pretty cute moments with them

This is a rival/friend relationship - boltslegend

48 Advanceshipping (Ash & May)

Here me out people, even if Drew/contestshipping never existed. This ship would still not work out. They look like lost twins. Act like immature siblings. Hardly showed any interest in each other. And their goodbye was not even touching like Misty Serena and Dawn's. They were happy to ditch each other. Ash is actually passionate about Drew rather than being jealous of him.

Umm contest shipping is way more better then advanced (no offense ) and its way more canon and umm yeah I don't want to say anything by the way

In my opinion, this is the dumbest of the main ships (that is, Ash shipped with the main girl companion). There is zero evidence of any romantic attraction between these two.

Ash and May acted more like siblings than anything else. I can see based on some tender moments in between, why this ship came to be. But after Drew came on the scene, there's no doubt that Contestshipping was meant to be. May followed him to Johto. - waterpkmnmaster

49 Handymanshipping (Daisy & Tracey)

I don't see how they could be interested in each other. Misty's sisters like to make people do things so they don't have to do it, like they do with misty. And Tracey likes to help people out. Even if Tracey did it 'because he likes Daisy,' there's more than likely no proof she's even the slightest interested in her.

They barely know each other so I don't think It would be a very good ship.

Umm I don't see any romantic connection

I feel like abuseshippers (pokeshippers) try & make it seem like they like each other (even though there's nothing to prove that they do), just so they can dump Tracey away from Misty. Abuseshippers really like to do that their favorite keep-away ships;
-handymanshipping (0% connection & communication)
- contestshipping (only keep away that makes sense)
- ikarishipping (very stupid ship so many better people to dump dawn to, like Kenny would b better even though I don't ship them)
- wishfulshipping (very gross Cilan acts like Iris & ash's dad as he cooks for them, & mostly just talk to them to explain something or give advice)
- geekchicshipping (sucks they don't even talk & Serena is mostly a b***h to clemont).

Nope this ship sucks & even if orangeislandshipping is also a keepaway there's a lot more hints for it than this c**p.
-Misty is a lot more even tempered around Tracey than she ever was around ash
- Misty was really impressed with Tracey's knowledge ...more

50 Blondeleadershipping (Clemont & Korrina)

It IS called laserbladeshipping on the official list, I don't know where people got the other name

For no reason, I think this ship is pretty cute

What why did they change the name? laserbladeshipping Is a way better name than this stupid ship name!

Uhhh... "Blondeleadershipping" WHAT THE FRICK? Clemont And Korrina are cute together, but LaserBladeShipping was a MUCH bettername!

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