Amourshipping (Ash & Serena)


! why is everyone saying it's cannon just because she "kissed" him. Like seriously people! As many people have already mentioned, Serena was not the first to kiss Ash! Why does the fact that she apparently kissed him make this cannon? It doesn't! If being kissed makes a ship canon, then that means that all the other people who kissed Ash should also have a "canon" ship. Are people saying this kiss makes it canon just because she's a traveling companion? Because that is not very good evidence. (besides, aren't they like 10? they shouldn't be kissing each other anyway! )

I see your point, but remember the writers only care about baiting more viewers so they promoted amourshipping because they knew people would fall for that - Engel

She probably did that on the lips, but either way, Amour is not canon - yungstirjoey666

It seems like the only reason that Serena even exists as a human being is to blush & crush over Ash. That's the worst character-building that I've ever seen, even in Pokemon.
It's very forced and annoying and it obviously cannot form into a healthy relationship in any scenario

Amourshipping creeps me out. Serena's character is defined by this ship and every time she does something (by rare occasions) Ash HAVE to be included (like when she she does showcases he appear in flashbacks, she left her home to find Ash etc) I didn't like showcases mainly because it plays on gender roles and its about outer beauty only. Serena even said girls should always be pretty. I don't understand why people love this shallow airhead while amazing, ambitious and headstrong female leads who can stand up for themself get so much hate (Misty and Iris mainly). Sure Iris and Misty have flaws, but that is what makes them relatable. Serena on the other hand gets everything served on a silver plate and cries when things doesn't go her way. Grace should do a better job raising this brat

The most boring Ash x Main girl shipping there is. It's not even healthy, all Serena does is blush and suck up to Ash in every way without even bothering to bond with him. Oh wait... that's all the XY gang does! Everyone simply loves the special snow flake (cough, ASH, cough) and Serena's crush is the sweet icing of the cake. I don't see whats so appealing with amourshipping? It's obviously a baiting which people keep falling for.

Overrated cliche ash and Serena have no chemistry whatsoever if this was can in this would be one of the worst anime couples ever there bland boring don't have the same interests and don't go well together

Serena saw someone who looks like a boy she met YEARS ago, so she decides to travel the region just to find him and expects that he would remember her. If I was Ash, I'd be a little creeped out. Most of their moments were just Serena blushing, they did not have many special interactions with each other. Ash didn't treat her any better than any of the other female companions. Who cares if Serena kissed him, it doesn't mean that he likes her back so it is still considered one-sided canon. Plus, the Amourshipping community is very rude.

It's a one-sided love that will never take off. So what if you knew a guy, especially only for 5 minutes! It's so stupid to say everything in the show is cannon, when Ash is only being his kind self. Amourshippers are just "finding excuses" for reasons Ash likes her. Serena is just too clingy and over sensitive, she basically walked back in already claiming Ash as hers and hers alone.

Whatever feelings she has for him, it just isn't love. It's simply an unhealthy obsession.

*Spoiler: if you haven't seen XYZ 27/28, don't read*

Amourshipping might as well be named Worshipshipping, Appeasementshipping or Baitshipping. Because that's all Serena has done throughout this entire journey: worshipped the ground that Ash has walked on, appeased everything he wanted and cheap, baiting "hints."

She's the perfect, agreeable traveling companion. Never does or says anything to rock the boat between her traveling companions, and that's boring. So, naturally, you can see this in her approach to Ash as well. What happened to telling Ash to stop being an ego inflated ass? What happened to calling him out? This is just one giant coddle ship and arguably, worse than the ship itself, are the fans of it. It's taken all of XY and most of XYZ for Ash and Serena to have any conflict. People have lauded this as great character growth (more like overdue, so I'm not impressed in the least), but really what I mostly see is a girl who lacks boundaries. She ...more

Funny thing about amourshipping is that I never see kids ship it as much as grown ass adults...wait that isn't funny, that's disturbing. Grown ass adults are desperate for a shipping between children to be cannon.

Serena does not love Ash. She is OBSESSED with him.

Kalosshipping is 999999999999999999999999999 million times better than amourshipping everyone knows that. But what did Nintendo do? They had amourshipping cannon and what about Kalosshipping? Not cannon

Amourshipping isn't even canon; it's just a mostly one-sided kiss - yungstirjoey666

I personally at first didn't mind this ship. Now I didn't ship it seeming as how I lean more toward kaloshipping (Calem and Serena) because of the games, so when I started to watch the anime I knew to expect people shipping Serena and ash together. Now I had no problem with it because everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But it fells SO FORCED its like they have to have Serena crushing on ash at every moment and it really takes away from her character, and honestly it's NOT gonna happen (the past seasons have showed that) Serena will leave and Someone else will take her place. But what makes me hate the ship is that when I post kalosshipping people will jump on me and tell me that amourshipping is canon and insult me. This really made my respect for the pairing go far down and is what made me start to dislike it. Now I know that game and anime Serena are basically different people but 1st some amour shipping fans act like their the same person and get upset over that and 2nd ...more

Damn - this shipping is so, unbelievably overrated. I mean, Serena is a boring character. She's just... Generic. And it seems like Serena has no goal but to pursue Ash, when he clearly isn't interested. She's terribly designed, and her appearance isn't distinct, and her personality? Blech! It's awful! She's basically a Dawn-kind-of character: the sweet, kind, cute, shy girl that people like. Except she's much worse than Dawn. Much worse...

I prefer Pokeshipping. I like it more than any other. Because I like the tsundere Misty, the love-hate realationship they share. But it was only cannon for a short period of time. And now they want some romance in Ash's journey. Pokemon is supposed to be a children's, comedy adventure - it still was that with Misty, with all the other female companions, but now it's comedy, adventure, with an unreasonable dose of romance. Serena is the reason I don't watch the XY anime. She ruined Pokemon.

This shipping is so forced, the anime just threw in a random girl that has never been mentioned before in any of Ash's flashbacks. He never even mentioned he went to Proffesor Oak's summer camp before XY! She also seems a bit obsessed with Ash, trying to hold his hand, moving close to him in a picture and leaving home and travelling the region just so she can meet someone she knew for like 5 minutes who she and other people think are childhood friends! Ash didn't even have a clue who she was at first! Just because she has a crush on a boy when she is TEN, doesn't mean they are going to get married. Tons of people have a lot of crushes at that age, and I am one of them! Besides, they haven't even spoken to each other as much as Ash has had with the other female companions, she just blushes and stares at him. by the way, I am a Pearlshipper

I don't understand! How come this illogical pair has so many fans? What do people see in this shipping? It came out of nowhere, Serena and Ash barely talk, and fans overhype Serena and thinks she's better than the rest of the girls because she has a canon crush on Ash. I'm tired of this BS logic where romance is more important than friendship, because this isn't true. Her fans are annoying as heck too. I think the main reason I don't like amourshipping is because of them

I was totally confused in choosing between amour and poke. Like, really, as if Ash loves Serena or Misty, He was really annoyed when misty was around. He was so happy that misty would stop following him that now he had returned her bike. Serena had no particular aim to start travelling, she just saw Ash and decided to travel. She was actually stalikg Ash. Both poke and amour are one sided. Just the difference is that Serena never fought with Ash and Misty always fought. Serena was always blushing,(the thing I hate the most about her, personally) misty always thought she is the best, may was too much dependent on Ash, iris silaid that Ash is a kid. Now we are left with Dawn. She is the best girl for Ash. Yeah I'm a pearlshipper. And a really big supporter of it. I has been a part of my heart since I was young. It will last with me for 5ever. Back to the topic, I hate Serena because of her blushing, I hate misty hlfor her anger, but there isn't anything to hear about May, it's just that ...more

No, just no. It's literally a girl who has no life that goes further than fawning over a kid who saved her from summer camp humiliation. She is dictating her journey around following him, he asked her to come with him because he didn't know Kalos well at the time and it's nice to see a familiar face. I think it's very one sided.

It's so stupid. The stupid fanbase think some friend moments are romantic. Serena falls of a cliff and what does Ash do? Save her. Duh. You don't just let her fall.

This ship is destroying the whole anime, the anime supposed to be filled by Pokemon battle, not a love story

I don't understand why people want a girl who literally just fantasizes and blushes to be Ash's girlfriend. Sure they kissed, but that doesn't change the fact that Ash and Serena's relationship is SO BORING.

It's a cliche one sided ship. Idiots think that they kissed, but Ash didn't kiss her back.

They only written Serena to have a crush on Ash and chase after him because they got lazy when it comes to writing a female companion for the XY series. They figured putting a cannon crush stitch to a bland and poorly written character just so weirdos can fetishize her for a shipping which is basically baiting the viewer to ship even though it will never go anywhere.

I actually like Ash x Serena. If they were a few years older Ash would probably date her.

But I can't stand its ridiculous fanbase. They go and wish DEATH upon characters like Mallow, Lana and Lillie because they are Ash's new female companions. They also rage at Misty, Dawn, May and Iris and any other girl who can be theoretically shipped with Ash.

And what I hate the most is the fact that Amourshippers think they're experts when it comes to love, yet bring up the worst or the most irrelevant arguments in favour of Ash x Serena, for example Ash's Lycanroc being actually Serena because they have the same voice actor. Like what?

Serena is so stereotypical female character.. (only interested in Ash, clothes and cooking)