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21 FerrisWheelShipping (Hilda/Touko X N)

I heard about this ship in manga version. Wasn't n really abusive & controlling with her?

The manga is different from the games dude

First of all, the fanbase for this pairing is terrifying, writing Mary Sue self-insert OCs being shipped with terribly out of character N. I have seen only one good FWS fic compared to hundreds of amazing IsshuShipping fanfictions, and that just can't compare.

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22 Marissonshipping (Alain & Mairin)

I could've agree more with you guys this is ship inappropriate this no hate what so ever I do like Mairin but to be honest she is way younger than Alain she is like the same age as Ash and Alain in the other hand is like sixteen he should be putting up with annoying little girl like Mairin besides I ship Alain with a Goddess because who would love to see Alain in a relationship with a Goddess it will be the most beautiful thing will ever happen to him it will make him more man then boy who hangs with a little girl if I offended anyone I am sorry but this my opinion and everyone has an opinion

I HATE this one! It's just so wrong! Alain is twice her age. Why can't people understand that a close, platonic friendship can be just as special, if not more special, than a romantic one? - eventer51314

Agreed girl Alain really is older than maron if they made that into a thing Alain will end up being known as a pedophile.

Alain is too old for her. Why can't they have a older brother/younger sister relationship instead? - Rue

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23 Heattagshipping (Conway & Dawn)

This shipping is actually kinda cute lol but! BUT! It's also heavily one sided on Conway's side.
There is evidence that Conway likes Dawn, but I don't think Dawn likes him back, at least not romantically.

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24 Pearlshipping (Ash & Dawn)

What idiot put this? This ship is AWESOME. - DerpyPolarBear

It's a pretty good ship very popular too

There's a reason why this ship is so low and its because many people agree that Ash and Dawn had the best friendship between Ash and pokegirl in the show. Not fake like amourshipping

"This ship sucks no efidence at all amour for the win"
Besides "Serena has a crush on ash & blushes at him in every episode" there is no evidence for amourshipping. Fail.

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25 ContestShipping (Drew & May)

Angry advanceshipper? This one is one of the most two-sided shipping in Pokemon. Drew gives may red roses, talks about her a lot, tries to protect her from Harley, & blushed when she teased him, while in spontaneous combustion, may blushed at drew. It's a very cute & healthy looking relationship.

No visitor who replied to my old account, Amourshipping is NOT canon. - marshadow

This ship is too complicated Brendan for the win!

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26 Originalshipping (Red & Blue)

Yess. Like, have you even WATCHED Pokemon Origins. Pokemon Tower scene people!

27 ThirdWheelShipping (Brock and Tracey)

Brock and Tracey don't show any romantic connection and one traveled with each other about one or two seasons and they didn't show any romantic connections

I'm not a homophobe, but this ship makes no sense. AT ALL.

Okie I agree with the ew part and stuff but is there a problem with being gay? I mean there are people too you know

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28 FourthWheelShipping (Max & Bonnie) V 2 Comments
29 Romanticshipping (Serena & Drew)

Like Drew would date a pathetic girl like Serena. - Rue

Really!? REALLY!? First: They've never met and how would they meat? seriously! That's Like saying "doop be doo be do, Serena's going to Hoenn and May lives in Hoenn So they must meet" (by the way Most likely they won't meat its more likely she'll meet Dawn) second: Drew obviously likes May... (let's face it its simple to see)

Why? just Why?
First of all they never met, and for those people who say that Serena is going to Hoenn, and since Drew lives there they will meet. Technically you would be right except for the fact that last we heard from Drew, he was in Johto. So technically they wouldn't meet since we have no idea if Drew is even in Hoenn right now.

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30 AnnemaeShipping (Dawn & Iris)

WHY AND WHAT!?! I'm not against gay, it's fine but how did people come up with this ship?

I like them both as characters but disliked them together. Honestly Dawn shouldn't have gotten along so well with Iris in my opinion. - Mariosprincessesfan

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31 BrightTomorrowShipping (Shauna & Calem)

Oh this only has the 'fireworks scene' that is not romantic? And tell me lila, how was kalosshipping romantic at all? Oh wait, you can't, cause there never was a time it was ether. YOU only like kalosshipping & like Nate/rosa & hilbert/Hilda because they are all the same: protagonist shippings. And the only one that makes a lick of sense from protagonist shippings IS HOENNSHIPPING. So, burningleafshipping makes no sense, same with mangaquest, chessshipping, visorshipping, and kalosshipping is in the same boat as brighttomorrow! So go and cry a river about that. I hope they make it so the protagonist are twins so I can laugh at morons like you who just ship the protagonist because they are the protagonist & watch you whine about that!

Doesn't makes senses at all Cause the firework Scene was just depending on the Character you use not just for Calem and shauna its sucks its overrated its just to show Shauna is a close Friend and you are the moron - lilia

Oh damn that Shipping gives me cancer Its sucks Its makes no sense Calem Should end with serena (that's if he needs a Girlfriend its Surely Should be serena) Anyway Also its not popular at all KalosShipping is Million times Better than this Shipping And kalosShipping is quite Popular and its Cute and make more senses Shipping Calem with shauna is just like Shipping Bianca and hilbert Or High With Mei/Rosa Not cute at all They say Its canon just Because of a firework scene? Its not romantic at all Also its depends of the Character Calem/Serena its make no senses Shauna Should end with trevor If she will end with Someone Also The Mother How the heck Said the mother in the alola region is shauna? Are you Kidding me? Just Because she looks like her? Also its Impossible for shauna to Become like that its all - lilia

To the person who commented about the protagonist x protagonist ships: preach it!

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32 IconShipping (Alain & Serena)

Serena finds out her true love, is actually, Alain, seeing as how he protected her during, the tournament. He is also more alpha, than Ash, which is a plus.

This is all in my head, okay? Just a fan fiction idea I had.

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33 KunoeShipping (Ash & Valerie)

While there wasn't much to it, Valerie became the alpha in Ash's eyes. Nevertheless, Ash keeps getting violated by the one, and only Fairy-Type Gym Leader, as excruciating as it is, Ash still pushes through, however, Valerie's Mawile, has an evolution that may surpass even Mega Evolution. Will Ash fall for Serena? Or will Valerie, make her love known to Ash?

34 Ironwillshipping (Dawn & Riley)

Why is this ship even is this list? they are awesome together, with a lot of potential and interesting dinamics in the games.. - uoi

35 Handymanshipping (Daisy & Tracey)

I don't see how they could be interested in each other. Misty's sisters like to make people do things so they don't have to do it, like they do with misty. And Tracey likes to help people out. Even if Tracey did it 'because he likes Daisy,' there's more than likely no proof she's even the slightest interested in her.

They barely know each other so I don't think It would be a very good ship.

Umm I don't see any romantic connection

36 Blondeleadershipping (Clemont & Korrina)

For no reason, I think this ship is pretty cute

It IS called laserbladeshipping on the official list, I don't know where people got the other name

What why did they change the name? laserbladeshipping Is a way better name than this stupid ship name!

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37 KunoeShipping (Ash & Valerie)

Valerie's Mawile has an evolution that surpasses, Mega Evolution, similar to that of Ash's Greninja. Because, of this, Valerie, wants her love to be known, to Ash. Will Ash fall for Serena? Or, will the elusive Valerie, take Ash away?

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38 ImaginaionShipping (Bianca & Ash)

I doubt that will ever happen. Especially when Bianca seems to be annoying for those who don't like her. Ash and Bianca don't seem to be a match. - ClassicGaminer

39 Hardenshipping (Archie and Maxie) V 2 Comments
40 Advanceshipping (Ash & May) Advanceshipping (Ash & May)

Umm contest shipping is way more better then advanced (no offense ) and its way more canon and umm yeah I don't want to say anything by the way

In my opinion, this is the dumbest of the main ships (that is, Ash shipped with the main girl companion). There is zero evidence of any romantic attraction between these two.

Ash and May acted more like siblings than anything else. I can see based on some tender moments in between, why this ship came to be. But after Drew came on the scene, there's no doubt that Contestshipping was meant to be. May followed him to Johto. - waterpkmnmaster

Honestly, I think May might have liked Ash when she first saw him (I am saying this as a contestshipper). Now before anyone gets angry with me, I said when she FIRST saw him. After Drew came, I think May's feelings changed and she started liking Drew instead.
Thus, contestshipping is way better than this...thing!

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