Top Ten Worst Pokemon Shippings

Shipping is paring two people in a media together. Got a favorite shipping why not a least favorite? What ships can't you stand? What shipping should not happen? Come here to put what shipping in Pokemon should not happen, don't think it would work out, or just don't like.

Here are some I just don't like or see happening.

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21 Geekchic Shipping (Clemont x Serena) Geekchic Shipping (Clemont x Serena)

The one true shipping with clemont is clemont x science

Geekchic may not be a reality, but they have more interaction together and more in common than Serena and Ash do/the moments where Serena has forced herself to go with Ash. It's cute, but needs more fire. Still better than Amour. - waterpkmnmaster

Bonnie hasn't asked Serena, so she doesn't approve, and she approves of RANDOM STRANGERS. Besides, Serena obviously likes Ash. Face it, this ship will never be canon no matter how much some people want it.

Clemont. I may not like you that much any more, but you don't deserve to be with Serena

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22 Palletshipping (Ash & Gary)

This one is popular too

Ewww ash ain't gay - SushigirlO6

Yes please. Number one OTP right here. Their relationship with each other gets better, so fudge off to anyone who says 'Oh, they hate each other's guts.' Yea, and the two halves of a Pokeball each have prove they 'hate' each other. Holy Arceus, people need to pay attention.

Really Ash doesn't like him(P. s I'm the one who said Ash and Gary hate each other)in the first episode in the first season Gary mocks him of being late, and says "that's right loser and it's right in this pokeball! " Gary called Ash a loser, so that means they ain't getting lovey dovey with each other. Like the 5th commenter said their relationship may get better as friends, but romantic? Holy Arceus no! Ash said"Grrr! I'll show him! ". I have 0% intentions to insult gay and fans of this ship, BUT I NEEDED THAT OFF OF MY CHEST

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23 SommelierShipping (Cilan & Burgundy) SommelierShipping (Cilan & Burgundy)

Ok, let's put a girl who harasses a guy's friends and exploit his fears on purpose just cause she didn't like what she said about her Pokemon. Sorry, as much as I don't like Cilan I don't think he deserves that. - Mariosprincessesfan

This is stupid!

If I were to choose, Wishful shipping is much better.

They hate eachother, DUH!

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24 Negaishipping (Ash and Iris) Negaishipping (Ash and Iris)

I'm not into this shipping at all but I find it more tolerable than Pokeshipping and Amourshipping in my opinion. Iris wasn't abusive, she just spoke her mind and criticized him, which pissed a lot of people off. (everyone in real life makes fun of Ash, but once Iris does it, it makes people mad and is annoying to them) Misty however, was very abusive to Ash. She would literally physically abuse him. Serena hardly speaks and interacts with Ash, she just crushes and fantasizes about him like a 5 year old would. And people want that canon? yuck

Nooo this one is the best

Huh? I don't see how this is bad. Yea a lot of people hate it, but I'm sure it's just because most hate the bw series in general. There was some pretty cute moments with them

"At least in amour Serena actually had a crush on him! "

A one sided crush means nothing in romance, my dude. - Rue

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25 Vorpalshipping (Trip & Paul)

Two opposites that are somehow quite similar. Not perfect but interesting

26 FerrisWheelShipping (Hilda/Touko X N)

The fanbase for this ship is insane, and N is like, 19-20. Hilda is about 13. N doesn't seem like the kind of person to seduce someone years younger than him. I thought the fans of May X Steven were insane. I will never understand this ship.

I heard about this ship in manga version. Wasn't n really abusive & controlling with her?

The manga is different from the games dude

"The manga is different from the games dude"
That's y I specifically mentioned the manga XP

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27 Steelfedorashipping (Riley & Steven)

What. Random ass ship

Didn't even know this ship existed. Do Steven and Riley know each other existence? it most be a fetish of people who like to see two hot guys together. - uoi

Makes no sense

28 ContestShipping (Drew & May)

Angry advanceshipper? This one is one of the most two-sided shipping in Pokemon. Drew gives may red roses, talks about her a lot, tries to protect her from Harley, & blushed when she teased him, while in spontaneous combustion, may blushed at drew. It's a very cute & healthy looking relationship.

It is too overrated it should be number 2. People overlook its flaws. The pissed off Nintendo nerd disapproves.

This ship is too complicated Brendan for the win!

Worst shipping ever, their children would be so ugly (just think about it)

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29 Marissonshipping (Alain & Mairin)

I could've agree more with you guys this is ship inappropriate this no hate what so ever I do like Mairin but to be honest she is way younger than Alain she is like the same age as Ash and Alain in the other hand is like sixteen he should be putting up with annoying little girl like Mairin besides I ship Alain with a Goddess because who would love to see Alain in a relationship with a Goddess it will be the most beautiful thing will ever happen to him it will make him more man then boy who hangs with a little girl if I offended anyone I am sorry but this my opinion and everyone has an opinion

I HATE this one! It's just so wrong! Alain is twice her age. Why can't people understand that a close, platonic friendship can be just as special, if not more special, than a romantic one?

Agreed girl Alain really is older than maron if they made that into a thing Alain will end up being known as a pedophile.

I totally agree. I mean, hellooo! Alain should be dating someone around his age, like my OC, Ashleigh Ketchum, who is practically the same age as he is and would be interesting. And she's a maroon-head like Mairin, so she would practically be perfect. Even though he would be on my dA list of eligible bachelors to date Ashleigh. Even though I'm not quite sure how Ash would react when his older sister starts dating.
I'm not even sure how Serena, Clemont and Bonnie would also react to the news.

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30 Sinnohshipping ( ProffesorRowan and Dawn)
31 Originalshipping (Red & Blue)

Yess. Like, have you even WATCHED Pokemon Origins. Pokemon Tower scene people!

32 Romanticshipping (Serena & Drew)

Like Drew would date a pathetic girl like Serena. - Rue

DrewXMay instead. Serena doesn't deserve any boyfriend at all(Except for Flash Sentry. They are both mary sues)

Really!? REALLY!? First: They've never met and how would they meat? seriously! That's Like saying "doop be doo be do, Serena's going to Hoenn and May lives in Hoenn So they must meet" (by the way Most likely they won't meat its more likely she'll meet Dawn) second: Drew obviously likes May... (let's face it its simple to see)

HOW IS THIS EVEN A THING! There is no chance of this shipping actually happening, they haven't even met each other. So XYZ did prove that Serena was going to Hoenn. SO THAT STILL DOESN'T MEAN IT WILL HAPPEN! Also, the only reason this shipping exists is 'cause Advanceshippers made this to keep Amourshippers happy. This works because the Advanceshippers' logic goes like this:

Amourshipping + Contestshipping ---> Romanticshipping + Advanceshipping.

And that leaves Romanticshipping with the shallowest reason for a ship ever!
So dream on Romanticshippers! Just face it: this is the worst reason for a ship ever!

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33 ThirdWheelShipping (Brock and Tracey)

Brock and Tracey don't show any romantic connection and one traveled with each other about one or two seasons and they didn't show any romantic connections

I'm not a homophobe, but this ship makes no sense. AT ALL.

Okie I agree with the ew part and stuff but is there a problem with being gay? I mean there are people too you know

Nope nope nope
I'm not a homophobe or anything, but this is screwed up. Did they even MEET? And they would never put bisexual content into a kids show (their ok with different gender romance though. watch episode 47 of xyz).

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34 FourthWheelShipping (Max & Bonnie)

Please don't ship 7 year olds. - Rue

Married?! That escalated quickly

They are adorable


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35 Hardenshipping (Archie and Maxie)

They literally hate eachother... What the actual heck? - WingedOracle

They used 2 h8 each other but I'm sure after 1 stopped them from destroying the world & having the other get a new goal 4 him I at least think that is enough proof they don't hate each other.

Also I don't know about the original but in ORAS some NPC said they used to work with each other.

Looks & manor of speaking r different but they have a lot of similarities as well. Both pretty ambiguous & wanted to help the world more (I don't get Archie though he said he wanted to help pkmn but he'd only help WATER pkmn :/) and both seem highly respected & have good speaking skills.

36 AnnemaeShipping (Dawn & Iris)

WHY AND WHAT!?! I'm not against gay, it's fine but how did people come up with this ship?

I like them both as characters but disliked them together. Honestly Dawn shouldn't have gotten along so well with Iris in my opinion. - Mariosprincessesfan

That would never happen

First Yaoi, now Yuri

37 BrightTomorrowShipping (Shauna & Calem)

Oh this only has the 'fireworks scene' that is not romantic? And tell me lila, how was kalosshipping romantic at all? Oh wait, you can't, cause there never was a time it was ether. YOU only like kalosshipping & like Nate/rosa & hilbert/Hilda because they are all the same: protagonist shippings. And the only one that makes a lick of sense from protagonist shippings IS HOENNSHIPPING. So, burningleafshipping makes no sense, same with mangaquest, chessshipping, visorshipping, and kalosshipping is in the same boat as brighttomorrow! So go and cry a river about that. I hope they make it so the protagonist are twins so I can laugh at morons like you who just ship the protagonist because they are the protagonist & watch you whine about that!

Oh damn that Shipping gives me cancer Its sucks Its makes no sense Calem Should end with serena (that's if he needs a Girlfriend its Surely Should be serena) Anyway Also its not popular at all KalosShipping is Million times Better than this Shipping And kalosShipping is quite Popular and its Cute and make more senses Shipping Calem with shauna is just like Shipping Bianca and hilbert Or High With Mei/Rosa Not cute at all They say Its canon just Because of a firework scene? Its not romantic at all Also its depends of the Character Calem/Serena its make no senses Shauna Should end with trevor If she will end with Someone Also The Mother How the heck Said the mother in the alola region is shauna? Are you Kidding me? Just Because she looks like her? Also its Impossible for shauna to Become like that its all - lilia

To the person who commented about the protagonist x protagonist ships: preach it!

"Doesn't makes senses at all Cause the firework Scene was just depending on the Character you use not just for Calem and shauna its sucks its overrated its just to show Shauna is a close Friend and you are the moron - lilia"
U r the moron. Do u even understand the term overrated? Doesn't look like u do because brighttomorrowshipping isn't that well liked, especially compaired to cr@py protag shippings aka kalosshipping. The protags in XY where only shown to be friends too. There's nothing romantic with calem and Serena's interactions. So u can stop acting like an elitist because u have no reason to at all.

TL:DR? kalosshipping = overrated + no romantic interactions
Brightomorrowshipping = underrated + no romantic interactions
Kalosshipping = brighttomorrowshipping

38 IconShipping (Alain & Serena)

Serena finds out her true love, is actually, Alain, seeing as how he protected her during, the tournament. He is also more alpha, than Ash, which is a plus.

This is all in my head, okay? Just a fan fiction idea I had.

What... Alain doesn't really KNOW Serena, he never really talked to her, spend time with her and has NO relationship with her! How can they fall in love if they pass each other as stranger's.. In my Pokemon AU(Alternate Universe)Alain meets this girl name Avalyn, they gotten to know each other, spended time with each other and care for both, they both fall in love, but Avalyn's big sis, Asley(Az - lee)doesn 't agree, she thinks Alain is "un suited"for her lil sis... The point is that they bonded as friends, now have feelings.. They introduced each other, talked with each other and bonded with each other

This item reminds me of an image on knowyourmeme where Serena was making out with Alain in bed and Ash walked in on them...Yuuuck

Also it's the same with Mairin. Alain is too old for Serena. - Rue

39 KunoeShipping (Ash & Valerie)

While there wasn't much to it, Valerie became the alpha in Ash's eyes. Nevertheless, Ash keeps getting violated by the one, and only Fairy-Type Gym Leader, as excruciating as it is, Ash still pushes through, however, Valerie's Mawile, has an evolution that may surpass even Mega Evolution. Will Ash fall for Serena? Or will Valerie, make her love known to Ash?

40 ImaginaionShipping (Bianca & Ash)

I doubt that will ever happen. Especially when Bianca seems to be annoying for those who don't like her. Ash and Bianca don't seem to be a match. - ClassicGaminer

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