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41 Belleshipping (Drew and Dawn)
42 Kiss shipping (Melody & Ash)

Why do people even this this like what all melody done is kissed him gosh

Literally, Melody's only purpose of being was her part in the prophecy and to get under Misty's skin about her feelings for Ash (the same way Miette does to Serena). It's nothing to be taken seriously. - waterpkmnmaster

Lol melody is so annoying... and random. - uoi

Yea I don't think melody truely liked ash, but liked picking on Misty. In the end (of the movie), she may of even liked the idea of Misty being with ash after she let Misty rescue him. Not saying I like pokeshipping (hate it mostly, movie! pokeshipping is alright though), but melody most likely is a secret pokeshipper.

43 Advanceshipping (Ash & May) Advanceshipping (Ash & May)

Umm contest shipping is way more better then advanced (no offense ) and its way more canon and umm yeah I don't want to say anything by the way

In my opinion, this is the dumbest of the main ships (that is, Ash shipped with the main girl companion). There is zero evidence of any romantic attraction between these two.

Ash and May acted more like siblings than anything else. I can see based on some tender moments in between, why this ship came to be. But after Drew came on the scene, there's no doubt that Contestshipping was meant to be. May followed him to Johto. - waterpkmnmaster

Honestly, I think May might have liked Ash when she first saw him (I am saying this as a contestshipper). Now before anyone gets angry with me, I said when she FIRST saw him. After Drew came, I think May's feelings changed and she started liking Drew instead.
Thus, contestshipping is way better than this...thing!

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44 Ironwillshipping (Dawn & Riley)

Why is this ship even is this list? they are awesome together, with a lot of potential and interesting dinamics in the games.. - uoi

45 Handymanshipping (Daisy & Tracey)

I don't see how they could be interested in each other. Misty's sisters like to make people do things so they don't have to do it, like they do with misty. And Tracey likes to help people out. Even if Tracey did it 'because he likes Daisy,' there's more than likely no proof she's even the slightest interested in her.

They barely know each other so I don't think It would be a very good ship.

Umm I don't see any romantic connection

I feel like abuseshippers (pokeshippers) try & make it seem like they like each other (even though there's nothing to prove that they do), just so they can dump Tracey away from Misty. Abuseshippers really like to do that their favorite keep-away ships;
-handymanshipping (0% connection & communication)
- contestshipping (only keep away that makes sense)
- ikarishipping (very stupid ship so many better people to dump dawn to, like Kenny would b better even though I don't ship them)
- wishfulshipping (very gross Cilan acts like Iris & ash's dad as he cooks for them, & mostly just talk to them to explain something or give advice)
- geekchicshipping (sucks they don't even talk & Serena is mostly a b***h to clemont).

Nope this ship sucks & even if orangeislandshipping is also a keepaway there's a lot more hints for it than this c**p.
-Misty is a lot more even tempered around Tracey than she ever was around ash
- Misty was really impressed with Tracey's knowledge ...more

46 Blondeleadershipping (Clemont & Korrina)

For no reason, I think this ship is pretty cute

It IS called laserbladeshipping on the official list, I don't know where people got the other name

What why did they change the name? laserbladeshipping Is a way better name than this stupid ship name!

Uhhh... "Blondeleadershipping" WHAT THE FRICK? Clemont And Korrina are cute together, but LaserBladeShipping was a MUCH bettername!

47 KunoeShipping (Ash & Valerie)

Why did this appear twice? - UselessName

Valerie's Mawile has an evolution that surpasses, Mega Evolution, similar to that of Ash's Greninja. Because, of this, Valerie, wants her love to be known, to Ash. Will Ash fall for Serena? Or, will the elusive Valerie, take Ash away?

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