Worst Pokemon Theme Songs

Maybe I should say "Least Good", because none of them were too bad, to be honest...

The Top Ten

1 We Will Be Heroes - Battle Dimension

The woman singing this sounded like she was dying

The season is cool but I hate the opening

It sounds like crap. WE WILL BE HEROES...

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2 Battle Cry (Stand Up!) - Galactic Battles

WHY THE HELL are battle cry, we will be heroes and we will carry on at the top? These theme songs are AMAZING!

Why are the Sinnoh theme songs on here? The Unova theme songs should be numbers 1, 2 and 3 - N64Dude

Waht this one is good but it is better in Arceus and the Jewel of Life

3 We Will Carry On! - Sinnoh League Victors
4 Its Always You and Me - Adventures In Unova

WAY too over the top, too much emphasis on Friendship and all the stuff we already know about. Nothing about enjoying the adventure like the other songs.

This song is pure crap, make it higher

5 Diamond and Pearl - Diamond and Pearl

Why is this song at number 7?

It should be HIGHER! I can't stand the rap intro! And anyone who utters a compliment to this song, keep your opinions to yourself!

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6 Rival Destinies- Rival Destinies

Who the hell put this on here? Probably someone who just can't accept misty may and brock have gone. the original series is never coming back, so just get over it and focus on the new episodes! The unova series is really really good if you just give it a chance!

The unova series was awful, this should be higher

7 Black and White - Black & White

This song is just so boring, and too much emphasis on friendship. No adventure, no sense of rivalry.

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8 Born to Be a Winner - Johto League Champions

My only beef with this song is that a huge part of it has been taken from "Gotta catch'em all" - jimmy12lee

9 P-O-K-E-M-O-N

"Gotta catch'em, Gotta catch'em, Gotta catch'em All, Pokemon! "
A god-awful song (more like a childish rap); luckily this one was not an opening theme. - jimmy12lee

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10 I Wanna Be the Very Best - Pokemon Indigo V 2 Comments

The Contenders

11 Double Trouble - Team Rocket Theme
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Top Remixes

1. Battle Cry (Stand Up!) - Galactic Battles
2. We Will Be Heroes - Battle Dimension
3. We Will Carry On! - Sinnoh League Victors



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