Top 10 Worst Pokemon Theories and Speculations Ever Created

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1 Pokemon Sun and Moon is the end of Pokemon / Beginning of a Reboot

I got to applaud Lockstin for putting so much effort into one theory but Jesus Christ it was so CRINGY and over analyzed. I'm sorry. - Rue

2 Ash is in a Coma

COME ON! Not "Every" Show has a dark story behind it all! Stop making these theories! - cassiabez

LOL, what?

3 Burst Evolution

What the heck is this?

Explanation for this one in case you are lost on why this was submitted here: Before we learned more about Sun and Moon and had only vague stuff to go by, people noticed that the Japanese logos had diamond crystals on them. People looked at them and realized they looked like something from a spin off manga called Pokemon Reburst. Based off that, people believed that Burst Evolution will be a thing and it would be fusing with your Pokemon.

It turned out that the crystals were linked to Z-moves instead. - Rue

4 Nearly every theory trying to figure out who Ash Ketchum's father is

It is curious to know his father is out on a Pokemon journey of his own (as the writers said so). But some fans think Professor Oak is his father and other garbage.

5 This character is secretly related to this character because they have the same hair color

Brilliant logic. /sarcasm

Maybe that means Orlando Bloom and Vivienne are related - TwilightKitsune

The only characters who ended up being related because of this kind of speculation are Lillie, Gladion, Lusamine, and Mohn. - Rue

6 This Pokemon is related this Pokemon because they has some vague similarities that don't mean anything
7 Ash and Red are related
8 Amourshipping means the end of the Pokemon anime

Lol, debunked already! Woo!

9 N is Wally 10 years later

But in Pokemon, they can't age, so how does this theory hold up? - TwilightKitsune

10 Serena and Molly are related

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11 Ash consists of multiple clones made by Giovanni and this is why he doesn't age

If Ash was made by Giovanni, how come he is Giovanni's enemy? He would have been on TR's side if so. And also, Giovanni would have kept Ash near him. And Ash's mom and Professor Oak would have known.

Crackpot theory.

12 Fairy Types are Demons

I bet how believe on this theory are all Dragon types fans. - cassiabez

13 Norman is actually Gold/Ethan from Johto

ORAS took place at the same time as RBY, so that means Ethan had to age backwards in 3 years! - pokemonrater

14 Lysandre is Lillie's father

Yes...this actually happened when we first learned about Lillie and knew nothing about her relatives. (Lusamine and Gladion.) - marshadow

15 Ultra Beasts being human characters such as Lillie, Gladion, Lusamine, etc

I mean it made sense with Lillie at first and then things just started to go all over the place when people tried to make Gladion being UB-02 Absorption (Buzzwole) seem logical - marshadow

16 Split Evolutions for the Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters

This originally happened because people were displeased with the leaked final evolution starter designs (That we didn't know where 100% confirmed) and tried to make this seem legit so it would seem like we wouldn't be stuck with the bipedal final evolution to Litten.

Yeah, as that is cool, they wouldn't do that. Like ever. - marshadow

17 Serena will still be Ash's companion and Mallow only replaces Clemont
18 The Pokemon Sun and Moon heroine is not in the anime because she looks like Serena

Moon looks nothing like Serena. Just because they both have short hair doesn't mean crap. - Rue

19 Lillie is evil

Yeah because being called "mysterious" and having an stern look on your face makes you evil. Especially as an 11 year old girl who couldn't form a evil team even if she tried. - marshadow

20 Pokemon Sun and Moon will take place in the Orange Islands and Ho-Oh and Lugia are the legendaries
21 Mohn is actually Gladion from the future

Even though the games made it clear that Mohn was the husband of Lusamine and the father of Gladion and Lillie, people made this theory. - Rue

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