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21 Edgy

Edgy is by far the worst type. It's weak to many common attacking types, such as fairy, fire, water, fighting, electric, ground, ice, dark, ghost and bird. All of the edgy types aren't even the slightest bit defensive and most have lackluster speed, making the choice scarf a must. But sadly, despite the cool designs, edgy type moves such as grope, mud barf, warp lock, eject fist, glitter shot, laser force, optical goo and sheer fear all have lots of base power, but terrible coverage, only being super effective on psychic, normal and rock. all of them tend to have crap abilities too, like truant, slow start and illuminate. It's such a terrible thing game freak did!

Whoever made this is an idiot... Edgy is not a type

HOW DARE YOU! INSOLENT PEASANTS! Edgy Pokemon like gothitelle and cubone could wipe the floor with your mainstream trash team. Moves like Tumblr-smash, self-harm, attention posts, troll comment, victimize, and angst are staples for ANY competitive player. Plus, the ability lgbtqrpi pride grants full immunity against intelligent disagreement, humor, and factual consideration type attacks.

Edgy has no effect on any type and is immune to all types

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22 Robot

This type is so bad that they didn't even include it in the games.

Robots are awesome and I love a lot of the Pokemon with this typing. Most Steel-type Pokemon are also Robot-type now. It is weak to Ghost, Water and Robot

Gaga, edgy, shadow, and robot are not types and whoever added this was wrong

More like a steel ripoff.

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23 Water

Lots of nice mono-types and good defensively, take ludicolo and politoed maybe even vaporeon or blastoise will make good type coverages and walls!

I love water Pokemon don't worry about it. Keep this off the list.

Water is a good type, even though they're common, they are good even though they have a few weaknesses

NU! Bo plipup sucks

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