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Charizard, known in Japan as Lizardon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Charizard first appeared in the video games Pokémon Red and Blue and subsequent sequels. They have later appeared in various merchandise, spinoff titles and animated more.


I used to hate Charizard. But I've learned not to hate things because of popular opinion. Sure, it was one of the worst starters competitively until Gen 6, but at least its shiny looked cool. I was never a fan of the color scheme, but it could be worse. It's good to know that Bulbasaur is getting more love, and Charizard is getting more hate that it doesn't exactly deserve. Now I can talk negatively about Charizard. It gets too much attention, and TWO mega evolutions. I think that's a little overboard. Those are the only real negatives I have about Charizard. - Charmedyeti

Charizard is terrible and overrated. There is no even good reason to like him. He's in NU for a good reason. Throw a rock at him, he dies. If he steps on a couple of rocks (stealth rock) more than once he's dead. Pointless waste of your time to train. Ninetales and Arcanine, and typhlosion are better, and so is Volcarona.

I like Charizard, but he's SO OVERRATED! Everyone says he can't be beaten by any Pokemon even though with his fire/flying type combo he can easily be beaten by rock types.

This list says "Worst", not "Weakest" so completely opinionated. And Charizard is pretty bad... - Serperior77

Guys, why don't you just choose blastoise or venusaur? Charizard is overrated everyone thinks he is the main Pokemon and always choose Charmander. What if you could only choose Bulbasaur or squirtle? Wouldn't that be better? I like Charizard, but like, there ARE better Pokemon too

This Pokemon gets WAY too much attention. They say Arceus is overrated but at least Arceus is decent in strength. Charizard will get destroyed with a rock. Stick with Arcanine or Ninetales for your fire Pokemon instead of this lame excuse for a Pokemon.

Battling Lucario vs Charizard

(Lucario has Been taught stone edge)

Charizard's trainer: "You'll never beat my charizard with a fighting/steel type! "

Me: "Lucario, use stone edge..."

Announcer: "It's super effective! "

Announcer (again): "Charizard fainted! "


Lucario: (Uses stone edge on charizard trainer as well) - FennikenFan9

Any other fire type is better, and every other fire type isn't massively overrated. Charizard gets too much attention when really he just sucks. He is predictable and not strong enough in actual competition. Also he is in NU where he is still barely a passable choice for your team. Overall he is pretty much the worst. Heck, unown could probably beat one with hidden power rock laugh out loud.

Well, yes, it's true Charizard is overrated, and I LOVE CHARIZARD. No, it's not the best thing in the world, and no, it's not the best in battle, but just because other people love it doesn't mean you have to hate it. Although it is unfair that it got TWO megas.

Flamethrower is a move that almost any fire type starter Pokemon can move, plus


and I don't care if the mega charizard x loses the weakness. They should stop following the charizard cult, aka fat orange lizard cult

Gen 1: Overpowered
Gen 2: Here comes along Typhlosion, which has better typing and the same stats
Gen 3: Refer to Gen 2
Gen 4: Stealth Rock anyone?
Gen 5: Refer to Gen 4
Gen 6: Yay! Mega Evolution! And it's finally Dragon type! Oh Wait, it's still destroyed by stealth rock, and it's also destroyed by fairies...

Who put Him here?! By far he has one of the best personality and WAY better than Feebas and Surskit AT LEAST. And actually yes it may be over used but that is because it is a DRAGON and also it happens to be able to learn flamethrower which is a bad-ass move. It is actually a very good pokemon and I mean really?! Apparently this pokemon is worst than Muk, seriously people? Are you like... Newbies or just trolls?

I agree with whoever put this here. DOWN WITH CHARIZARD! Also, it shouldn't get a second Mega Evolution just because it is a fan favorite.

This list is for the WORST Pokemon, not weakest. So anyone can vote for Charizard if they hate the fat fire-breathing (not) dragon, who dies when it sees rocks.

How to deal with stealth rocks: get a Pokemon with rapid spin to remove them done problem solved besides who is dumb enough to use charizard against rock types I mean really just switch him out and your fine problem solved

It is not the worst, but HIGHLY overrated. We need more love for the Bulbasaur evolution line.

Without a doubt, the most overrated Pokemon there is. Everyone gives credit on how cool and strong he is, when in reality, he is NOT strong. He lies in the RU metagame, and even in that tier he struggles to stand out. Half his health is gone by Stealth Rock because of his bad typing. Next time you think Charizard is strong, take a closer look at him and you'll agree with me.

Imagine you are in a wifi battle you send out charizard and say oh you gonna DIE your opponent sends out magikarp, magikarp uses splash charizard is dead

Charizard is the best when his mega evolution comes up, Fire type and strong, but his skills are slow and really he or maybe she is not good at this Pokemon - World10s

I dislike charizard like many other over rated Pokemon, like mewtwo, Pikachu, and gyarados. Charizard is weak to stealth rock. That's really stupid. I dislike charizard. He sucks.

I choose venusaur so I can have an easier time against my rival's starter (charizard, obviously) it's that bad.

People have hated on it so much for being overrated that it's become overhated!

Okay, I don't like charizard whatsoever, but he doesn't deserve to be on this list. charizard is a good Pokemon, and even though I hate him, he remains the no. 1 spot in my fire red party.

Not a bad Pokemon, but overrated. I prefer magmortar

This is a terrible Pokemon, but if u talk about strength, it is weak but better than charmander at least. But doesn't change the fact it sucks. Gen1: arcanine laugh at charizard, Gen2: Typhlosion tells charizard they have the same stats while typhlosion has better typing and can learn eruption Gen3: blaziken says I am uber Gen4: infernape says it knows how to throw rocks and people stealth rock Gen5: volcarona says it has 550 stats and quiver fiery dances Gen6:charizard says "I can mega", rock says u still lost half of the health stepping on me before u do that. Delphox: I have better speed, special attacker, about equal bulk and better typing than normal charizard. Poor charizard, some people don't care about a Pokemon's design.