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261 Nuzleaf V 1 Comment
262 Totodile Totodile

Relys on egg moves. Besides that sheer force life orb is complete bae

Not that bad but moves are a problem and a feraligatr lvl40 moves-water gun,crunch?! but stats are good definitely-328,att-337 a big problem of moves

263 Octillery Octillery

I haven't used an octillery in competitive play, but it has potential. Having a movepool of a god, and good mixed offenses, it looks good. Scarf is a good option to mess up 1-2 mons on a team for late game.

IT BAD my friend is obsessed with it because its an octopus and she plays splatoon Octillery I will get you back for this

It is a god damn octopus. Does anyone even remember this Pokemon. I feel bad for Remoraid

That movepool though

V 1 Comment
264 Zebstrika Zebstrika

I wasted my only Master Ball on this piece of crap in Pokemon Black 2 and immediately forgot. I also had no idea what happened to the Master Ball until I searched my PC Box for it. Sure enough, it was on a Zebstrika. - Goatworlds

265 Illumise

Illumise is SO ANNOYING! I was like in a dungeon with a Blastoise and a Leafeon with just ONE reviver seed (I only had one). When I went, on my way to a boss, an Illumise came. It knocked out my Leafeon so I had to revive her with my only reviver seed (cause in the game I play reviver seeds revive automatically). Then I didn't have any for the boss. Man, they are more stupid and pointless than Volbeat.

I hate illumise its ugly and useless

Illumise has the best support ability in thr game:prankster with charm and fake tears and can setup sun and rain. Beadt

V 2 Comments
266 Barboach

So ugly. Whishcash is kind of cool. But Barboach is a dried out noodle that got rained on.

V 1 Comment
267 Hoopa Hoopa V 1 Comment
268 Vivillon Vivillon V 1 Comment
269 Jellicent

I had a Jellicent at one point and it kicked ass! It was a really good defense Pokémon and got me passed the rest of the game up until the elite four. Then my progress somehow vanished. :'(

270 Glaceon Glaceon

This is suprisingly good. Assaut vest gives it 300+ defenses invested in definitely. Movepool isn't very good though


271 Makuhita Makuhita
272 Goldeen Goldeen

Lol no he's not. It's subpar at best.

Hate goldeen

One of yous must have been retarded to put goldeen in this list. He is one of the greater water pokemon!

It's derpy I named mine derpsicle

V 1 Comment
273 Torchic Torchic

The heck do you expect? He isn't fully evolved. When he is he kicks butt! Also whoever put him here is a idiot.

He's actually good, even for a baby starter. Speed boost baton pass is very strong

Torchic is rlly good at the beginning, but not later...

It's so dumb it just evolves from this [a chick] to a big fire breathing monster who can mega evolve

274 Tangrowth Tangrowth
275 Tangela Tangela
276 Vullaby
277 Marshtomp Marshtomp
278 Servine Servine
279 Ivysaur Ivysaur
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