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Unown is a Psychic type Pokémon from the Johto region, taking on the form of letters and punctuation. It is often considered the weakest Pokémon, with low stats and access to only one move, Hidden Power (which can be learnt by nearly every Pokémon anyway)


Unown is seriously terrible. It can only learn ONE MOVE, Hidden Power, which is itself bad. The move's type can never change, which means only certain types will ever even take super-effective hits from Unown. The power of this move varies, but it can never be that high; coupled with Unown's bad stats, there's little it can really take down. Unown is really nothing more than a gimmick Pokemon, and admittedly the gimmick of letter Pokemon is actually pretty cool, but the Pokemon itself is bad. At least Magikarp can learn more than one move.

Honestly, when a Magikarp evolves, it is AWESOME. But Unown can't evolve, and it has one move. Hidden Power. If this move was exclusive only to Unown, it would be cooler, BUT HIDDEN POWER CAN BE TAUGHT TO ANYBODY! Also it is the most overrated Pokemon ever cause it uses so much cards. There are even TWENTY-EIGHT different forms of Unown, so it wastes even more Pokemon cards. That is Why nobody likes Unown.

Want to know why it's called Unown? Because as soon as you get one you want to un own it

Unown. The anime and games treat this thing like it's so special. If it's so amazing, WHY DID YOU MAKE IT SUCK?!?! All it can learn is Hidden Power, you know, that move that ALMOST EVERY Pokemon CAN LEARN!?! When I first saw Unown, I thought, "Hm... This could be pretty cool, well, how is it in battle? " Well past self, IT SUCKS! Come on? This thing had potential. WHY!?!

Do you like alphabet soup? Well, GAME-FREAK made an alphabet soup Pokemon! It wastes a whole room and it's a big waste of time to catch them all. And the shiny Unown doesn't even change. What's worst? It can only learn one move- Hidden Power. It sounds like a badass move but really it is just a move that any Pokemon can learn. I hate this Pokemon.

Unown is worst than Magikarp. Magikarp learning only Splash isn't true, but Unown learning only Hidden Power is true. It would be fantastic if it were a 1-Hit KO move, but almost EVERY other Pokemon can learn that. Once you catch Unown, you might wanna, UN-OWN it. Seriously, it's a Pokemon that can be every letter in the alphabet. No one that's 10 Years old learns the alphabet then. (Unless they're STUPID) No other Pokemon is worse than this mother fudger. Don't agree with me, then, let's battle. You can use Unown and if I use a Magikarp, I can win.

Can't learn TM, Just know the Hidden power, and it's hard to know what typo of HP that your unown use until there's NPC at Pokemon B/W who can tell your unown HP.

If you believe in letters. Stop believing. It's a living letter, but in the movie they were all LEGENDS. When the game came out? Regretting watching that movie? Because it was a lie. Its only move is Hidden Power and has low stat total. You would be better off using that Bibarrel you hate oh-so much. Good job Nintendo. The worst Pokemon has been discovered.

My overall MOST HATED Pokemon I mean what can you even do with it? At least Luvdisc can do something but THIS it only knows one move even magikarp knows more attacking moves than this! Although unown is better than magikarp in battle magikarp can become gyrados this however has no future. Why this was put in the games is UNOWN! That's the only thing it is good for bad puns.

Unlike magikarp it doesn't evolve into anything stronger. Unlike magikarp it only learns one move doing next to nothing. But! You have the joy of searching for all 28 different kinds, even though they're all the same, but that's fun right? No? Just me?

Without a doubt. These things are so useless. Other weak Pokemon either evolve into something really cool, (Magikarp for example) or have some sort of use. (Luvdisc for farming heart scales) But this, THIS has no use, is too cruddy in the battlefield when it comes to stats, KNOWS ONLY HIDDEN POWER, and are pains in the butt in caves. If only they would disapear!

At least Magikarp can learn Tackle and Flail (also, I read somewhere he learns Bounce, but I don't know if that's true). Also, Gyarados is super powerful. Unown doesn't evolve and only learns Hidden Power, a move that literally every Pokemon can learn.

Why isn't this at number 1? This thing can learn hidden power and psychic... NOPE JUST HIDDEN POWER. I admit, trying to catch all of them is cool and all what with the alphabet, but come on, and least Magikarp can become a beastly mega-evolving powerhouse of a Pokemon. Jesus.

Unown's a joke. Sure, Magikarp and Unown are both weak, but Magikarp can evolve into the tank Gyarados and even can Mega Evolve! Unown? It only knows hidden power and can't get better than that.

Unown is something I'd love to un-own (see what I did there? ). It's just wasted space, 28 unoriginal Pokemon just made for some stupid movie, when other cool Pokemon could be put in instead. Unown cannot learn any move but Hidden Power and - kid you not - every single Pokemon can learn through TM. Plus, the designs are ugly and unoriginal, probably made to poke fun at. - Pokesmilez


He only has two moves he can learn hidden power and psychic, oh wait never mind he can only learn hidden power, the move that every other Pokemon can learn. And don't get me started with his stats.

All it knows is hidden power, which isn't the best move. It never learns any other moves at all!

You know why it's called unown? Because it's UNOWN why you would ever want one! Seriously, though, this guy is bad. At only 336, and as a standalone pokemon, it's got a lot that makes it bad. It has 28 different variations to catch, which is just annoying, and it can only learn one move, hidden power. The move that almost every other Pokemon can learn. And it's also got a really bad design. It's the alphabet. Yay. Such an intriguing concept, right? I truly applaud gamefreak on this one.

Seriously, who WANTS this Pokemon? IT only have ONE attack! That attack is HORRIBLE. If anybody has an Unown please, just UNOWN this thing!

Unown is useless. Only learns hidden power which almost every pokemon can learn. And there is 28 of them so if you wanna catch em all, you really need to catch em all. - spodermanfan1000

Come on! Unown sucks!
1. learns the grand total of ONE move witch isn't even good!
2. has bad stats
3. hidden power would be cool if only unown could learn it but no all Pokemon learn it!
4. there is like 26 of these Pokemon! Like what!

THE worst Pokemon ever. The only move it can learn is hidden power. Magikarp evolves into a badass. The only thing Unown does is spell words. We can do that well enough already, thank you very much.

Why is this not #1? It's literally the letter Pokemon! It's useless in battle only learning Hidden Power, a move almost every Pokemon can learn! At least Magikarp can evolve into Gyarados!

How is something that can learn one move suppose to be better than something that can learn more that 1 move that's like saying I think the car and the bike is worst than just the bike