Top 10 Worst Politicians in the Philippines

The Philippines has been ranked as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Who are the top picks?

The Top Ten

1 Ferdinand E. Marcos, Sr.

The father of corruption in the Philippines. All those Marcos apologists think that Martial Law was a "golden age" in history, not noticing how he put the whole country in debt, violated freedom of expression, stealing at least $5 billion and started the decline of the country.

He brought one of the darkest ages in the Philippine History. Sadly, few people has remembered that because presently millenials has wrongfully recognized him as the best president. - joshsanz

His Propaganda machine and influence is rooted in the Country at a horrifying degree

He and his wife, Imelda, ordered the assassination of Ninoy Aquino.

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2 Jinggoy Estrada
3 Corazon Aquino Corazon Aquino Maria Corazon "Cory" Sumulong Aquino, popularly known as Cory Aquino, was a Filipina politician who was the 11th President of the Philippines, the first woman to hold that office and the first female president in Asia.
4 Rodrigo Duterte Rodrigo Duterte Rodrigo "Rody" Roa Duterte, also known by the nickname Digong, is a Filipino lawyer and politician of Visayan descent who is the President-elect of the Philippines after topping the official Congressional canvass for the 2016 election.

No respect for women, foul-mouthed president, anti-American, murderous dictator, comparing himself to Marcos and befriending with China and Russia.

Always cussing on the public. This man should be in top 5. Never vote a man like this. He keeps the economy going down.

How the hell elected this foul-mouthed politician? Duterte is not battling drugs, he's killing the poor people.

He Killed 5,000 people. He called the Pope a son of prostitute, he Joked About raping a woman. He called the former U.S. Ambassador a Gay son of a prostitute. His son has been suspected to be a syndicate. He curses the U.N. and E.U.. He si praising Marcos, Russia and, China

5 Jejomar C. Binay, Sr.

Vice President Jejomar Binay has run a 30-year political dynasty in Makati City. He has multiple corruption charges in both the locality and on the national level, and has a lot of ill-gotten wealth.

6 Joseph Estrada Joseph Estrada Joseph "Erap" Ejercito Estrada is a Filipino politician who served as the 13th President of the Philippines from 1998 to 2001 and as the 9th Vice President of the Philippines from 1992 to 1998. He has currently been Mayor of the City of Manila, the country's capital, since 2013.

Also known as ERAP, and also stole money from the people with plunder cases. He is the second Ferdinand Marcos, and was ousted through a people power revolution, just like what happened to Marcos.

7 Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is a politician who served as the 14th President of the Philippines from 2001 until 2010, as the 10th Vice President of the Philippines from 1998 to 2001, and as member of the House of Representatives representing the 2nd District of Pampanga since 2010. She was the country's more.

She may have initiated infrastructure projects, but there is no doubt that she is one of the most corrupt presidents of the Philippines, with the most corrupt government officials being involved with multiple scams.

One of the most controversial "Hello Garci" scandal involved her, being million votes ahead of FPJ in the 2004 Presidential Elections, there are many protests against her, manier than Noynoy and Digong. And I think that neck brace worn by her isn't true.

8 Benigno Aquino III Benigno Aquino III

Put 800 plus thousand children's lives in life long peril, that is MASS GENOCIDE!

9 Ramon "Bong" Revilla, Jr.

He is the most prominent senator involved in the Pork Barrel Scam.

10 Jejomar Erwin Binay, Jr.

The son of Vice President Jejomar Binay, and the mayor of Makati City who has been suspended from office due to plunder and anomalous projects.

The Contenders

11 Andal Ampatuan, Jr.

HE must be on the top list due to Maguindanao massacre... Next is Estrada for the plunder case stealing the Filipino moneys. - userkosatoptens

He initiated the Maguindanao Massacre.

12 Imelda Marcos

Used public funds to pay for her travels. Hid wealth along with children after the death of their patriarch Ferdinand. Still pretending to not know anything about what happened during her husband's reign. Also, believes that aliens talk to her.

13 Emilio Aguinaldo Emilio Aguinaldo Emilio F. Aguinaldo (March 22, 1869 – February 6, 1964) was a Filipino revolutionary, politician, and a military leader who is officially recognized as the first and the youngest President of the Philippines and first president of a constitutional republic in Asia. He led Philippine forces first against more.

Should be on top 10. He was considered as one of the traitors of the history. He was responsible for the deaths of Andres Bonifacio and Gen. Antonio Luna.

14 Juan Ponce Enrile Juan Ponce Enrile Juan Ponce Enrile Sr. is a Filipino politician and lawyer. He was a protégé of President Ferdinand Marcos, and served as Justice Secretary and then Defense Minister under the Marcos regime.
15 Aldrin San Pedro

Now here it goes. The Ferdinand Marcos of Muntinlupa City. I believe I placed him too high on the list, but he needs to get attention. The only reason why his ghost projects and plunder cases don't get into much media attention is because of him lying in public or paying the media to not put his cases on the news. The only difference between him and Marcos is that he hasn't murdered anyone. It's a shame that he still has supporters, knowing how he stole taxpayers' money and put the whole city in debt by an equivalent of at least $43 billion (2 billion Philippine Pesos).

16 Jose "Peping" Cojuangco

One of the worst politicians in the Philippines. He is attempting to overthrow his nephew, Noynoy Aquino during his nephew's term.

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