Thaksin Shinawatra

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What kind of a politician he is. He is a dictator and he tried to control everything to be under control. He bribed the government workers to bring the convenience for his business. And the taxes were avoided for his business. He is now ousted outside Thailand because he was sentenced to jail for a couple of years, he denied the court and flew away since the last Olympic games at China.. and never return home till now... but his power still remains. He sent his younger sister to be the PM as well as his brother in law and relatives. The government of the family?! Everything is done for his own business. SELFISH and CORRUPT!

He was born from the hell. He kills 2000 innocents acclaimed to sell drugs by a kangaroo court (police's state). He brakes Thai harmony so that there are a great division in north, northeast and south. He rejects the law and lives in abroad to escape from a jell. He is a traitor. He is the great model of corruptionist (who destroy his own country to take a benefit, to get so much money without looking to the poor). He is the worst politician having an evil and an animal heart

He did everything for himself, not care with others and his country, just money, power, benefits from Thailand.

- Biggest corrupter in Asia's history.
- Kill people in deep south who protest against him. And this had led to widespread terrorism in Thailand's deep south - which has been going on for almost a decade.
- During a war against drug, thousands got killed without trial. And many of them are just "small time" smugglers. For those thousand dead people, none of them are major drug smuggler.

He is the worst politician in the world ever. He has done a lot of corruption, killed good and innocent people, made Thai people hate each other, destroy justice system, damage government system.

He's very cruel, cold blood and greedy people. He cares only himself never think about people when he was PM even nowadays he uses his sister to run country under his power.

All bad many many things that happen in Thailand for 12 years was done by him. He lied to the world in opposite way when he did bad.

He's too obsessed with the power and money he corrupted from the country. People have been left poor and uneducated for over a decade. The king who's been working hard his whole life to give his people better conditions of living became his target. He bought people with money and brought them against our beloved king. There's no more ethics in running the country but self benefits. Such a shame that his whole family supports the evils in him. This is the worst one could do to their own people in their mother land.

The most corruption happen during his administration and also his puppet government (Yingluck government his younger sister) Shinawatra family is a crook. - ninasureerat

The most ugly dirty political with no respect to anything

An evil who could sell all the country's assets for his own benefit. He has killed and threatened everyone, even by guns or bombs, who have been against him. He issued the policies to benefit his businesses and sold his shares after that without paying taxes. He bought MPs, high-ranking government and police officers to support him. He was behind his sister's puppet government who passed the amnesty bill to whitewash all his crimes and return seized assets to him. His sister also illegally passed the bill to amend the constitution to benefit them all.

If there were any galactic parliament or government, he will be the one who needs to be on rank number 1 for Top Ten Worst Politicians In the Universe.

He is the Hitler reborn. He order to kill 2000 more people without any trial in court.

SELFISH! Don't come beck to Thailand again.

He is the worst Thai President in history. He can do any bad things to make himself have a power and richer.

He killed and still killing the Thai children's moral and respect for person in the education dimension for economic interest only.

Just only money power in his mind doesn't matter what happen to another just me me and me...

Hypocrite, back stabber, cheater liar and murderer! He destroyed Thailand and now sending off his sister doing the same thing. If he is now in your country, please be aware!

Corruption and distortion the meaning of Democracy.

Thaksin, is very greedy person. He stealth a lot of Tax money via many of the government project. He is a cold blood person, he killed a lot of innocent people on his drugs protection scheme during his PM term. He try to take over the country and get rid off our beloved best king by created a red group shirt to destroy the King reputation via social media and YouTube. He brain washed many poor local people and buy their vote for the election. He also cheated on the election to win the leader seat. He still control the present government who the PM is his sister. He is really make the country divided 2 side and fight each other. He is real evil.

He think of his own family more than Thai's peoples
He works only for his family

One of the bad guy I've ever seen in my life.

He the most corruption in the world and kill 3000 innocent people.

He is the most dictator and terrorist. Whatever brings benefits to him, he accepts but will absolutely deny whatever does not earn any benefits to him. He did not accept Thai court judgement of his false
Right not he can tcontrol everything to be under his control. He bribed the government workers to bring the convenience for his business.
We, all Thai people hate him and wish him die now and go to hell too.

Thaksin is the most corrupt priminister that Thailand have had. He try to occupy everything in Thailand such as business both in private secter and political secter. He bribe everybody that can help him for everything he want.