5 Seconds of Summer

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5 Seconds of Summer are an Australian pop-rock band from Sydney that formed in 2011. The group were originally YouTube celebrities, posting videos of themselves covering songs from various artists during 2011 and early 2012. They rose to international fame while touring with One Direction on the Take ...read more.


They sound like a watered down version of pop punk, which itself is a watered down version of punk rock. They are just like the average boy band; their music quality is that of a boy band but they play instruments. The band sucks. Many girls at my school obsess over this band and one direction and it's extremely annoying. I've heard them having an argument with each other on whether they are a rock band or not. Well, a boy band is a pop group that usually has attractive members and appeals to teenage girls. That being said, five seconds of summer is just another lame boy band like one direction.

They copy as many bands as they possibly can and the worst thing about this is that they have a lot of success with it and a fanbase which doesn't even know the bands which influenced them. While REAL Bands like Tonight Alive or We are the in Crowd are pretty unknown in the mainstream fanbase of pop-punk 5SOS gets promoted so that girls from 12-17 who don't have a clue what punk really is call themselves punk.

5SOS ain't a boy band. They started from the bottom, doing covers on YouTube and catching the attention of people who gave them the chance to tour and become famous. They are all very young (18-20) but write most of their songs by themselves and play their own songs, unlike many other bands. They deserve a lot of respect for all these things they've accomplished and shouldn't be judged because of all the hysterical groupies and fake fans; I'm not talking about the 5sos family, because these ones are the real fans, and the best ones.

The bans itself isn't that bad it's the fans that sucks. 5sos aren't PUNK ROCK, not like bands like the Ramones or Sex Pistols, but those retarded fans who call themselves "5sos family" claim they and the band are punk rock. If Joey or Johnny Ramone saw them they'd probably laugh their asses off. No offense to 5sos though, they're actually pretty talented dudes, but just not punk rock or even pop punk.

Even if they say there pop rock there fans say they're pop punk and they are quite the opposite they are a bit band with instruments and for some reason they are compared to the beetles that is the most irrelevant comparison ever These guys can't sing u mean if you look them up live and they are the poster children for auto tune and there Fans are ignorant I don't mine little kids liking them but seeing some of them thinking they are so "emo" and "part of the alternative lifestyle" are so wrong I mean what's worse are the people around my age who know what real metal and pop punk is liking these guys and agreeing with them not being it that. It's just so sad. They have always been a disgrace to what u listen to in my opinion. They should definitely be at the top of the list

They are just a terrible band overall. Decent musicians but they would've been better off by not forming this band. 1st mistake was deciding on "5 Seconds of Summer" as a band name. 2nd mistake was writing the song She Looks So Perfect. 3rd mistake was touring with 1 Direction. 4th mistake was not breaking up after 1 jam session.

What is wrong with people? 5SOS don't try to be pop punk, they are pop rock. Even jack or alex from all time low said "5SOS ARE POP ROCK" You should let your eyes and ears get tested. And a day to remember, Green Day, my chemical romance, Ramones, sex pistols and blink-182 are neither worse nor pop punk.

You don't have to be so mean to them if you don't like them, just nicely say you don't and move on. As a huge fan, they are obviously not punk or rock. They're a BAND, not boy band, and they are POP ROCK, not punk. They said they are influenced by punk/rock, not that that's what they are.

What? They say we talk about 5sos well someone needs to tell them that their not a rock band.

they can't even sing like who would like to listen to a song that talks about underwear like seriously people learn what rock is than talk.

This isn't pop punk. No, It's Disney bubblegum pop "disguised" as pop punk so it can be "edgier" and so it can appeal to the new hip crowd. The saddest part is that it can't even accomplish either of those things. - ArmorAbbsKrabs

They're just another rubbish boy band that girls cry over!

I'm sick of people being overly rude about them. If you think they're horrible, just say something like "oh, I don't like their music" instead of writing long paragraphs about why you hate them.

I feel bad for thinking "i knew 5sos would be in here! " I thought that because I knew everyone hates them ugh. I don't get it, whats so wrong about them. but anyway I think this list kind of sucks

They like a punk band (Green Day) and now they're pop punk? First of all, pop punk isn't great, all they have is Fall Out Boy, Blink, and Sum 41 (Green Day, The Offspring, and The Ramones aren't pop punk in my opinion.), and then this boy band makes it worse?

Crappy boy band who's only fans are twelve year old girls. They think that dressing punk makes them punk when it just makes me cringe.

Perfect choices, I like how all the bad bands are up here. But I don't think Blink-182 should be this high. - AnimeDrawer

They'll never be punk no matter how many band shirts they wear, I don't even think its possible to be punk if you mention "American apparel" in the chorus of a song...they honestly just look like they crawled out of tumblr

Here is one of their lyrics: "She looks so perfect standing there in her American Apparel Underwear". Enough said.

They are worse than Simple Plan and Good Charlotte combined (Paramore isn't that bad)

I can't believe they're even considered a pop punk band, they're just a boy band trying to be a real rock band and they fail horribly

Well they ARE still pretty young, they'll get better when they're older. They've accomplished a lot at a young age so no need to hate

They only consist 4 good-looking guys and their songs really suck and have no deep meaning what why do some people like them

They are the most generic radio friendly "punk" band I've seen and heard

They are not even punk! Pure pop trash that calls itself punk. Horrible attitudes as well!

More pop than punk. Most bands started from the bottom as well, so that reason is ouf of the question (and completely irrelevant). Just because they play instruments doesn't mean they aren't a boy band.