Battle Of The Blands: "Fight Song", "Love Myself", "Just Like Fire", & "Rise"

You know there have always been really bland songs on the charts, but never has it been a trend. But come 2015 and 2016 and everything on the charts is some bland self-empowerment song. Today I'm going to talk about probably 4 of the most notable ones: "Fight Song", "Love Myself", "Just Like Fire", & "Rise".

Let's start off with "Fight Song", which was one of the first songs to start this trend. Rachel platten makes a song so generic and pointless that it makes Rick Ross' career look useful. Every line in this song is ripped from a different song. Even the so-called "personal lyrics" are plagiarized. "It's been 2 years I miss my home". Lines like this are trying to trick you into thinking this song actually means anything to the artist. This is a theme that is literally jacked from other songs and Rachel here is shamelessly using them to make them seem personal. I wish that I had a nickel for every time a song about leaving to California to be a singer and starting to miss home because of it came out. Other songs with this team make it work cuz there's actual descriptive lyrics beyond just "I left and now I'm sad". But this song literally takes it no further than that. The chorus is literally just her saying "This is my fight song" and then rhyming "song" with itself multiple times. The only plus about this song is that at least it sounds somewhat empowering with the loud instrumental, but even at that, the instrumental sounds like it was jacked from another song just like the lyrics. 1/5.

Now let's talk about "Love Myself". This is probably the most generic of the 4. Halie Stienfeld starts off her music career with a disappointment. Literally half of the song is just "I love myself/No I don't need anybody else". I understand what it's doing, it's trying to appeal to sad teenage girls that want a boyfriend but can't get one, and so in place of this hypothetical boyfriend they listen to crappy "motivational" songs with no actual meaning but are easy to listen to. Evidently, it worked because this song charted way higher than it should have for a past-her-peak actress turned singer. And unlike "Fight Song", the instrumental is total generic nothingness. 0/5.

"Just Like Fire" is definitely the best of these 4. While the lyrics are pretty generic, this song has a sort of vibe and uniqueness about it. Unlike the other 3, the mood actually changes in certain parts of the song. P!nk being a far better vocalist than these other women us also a perk. The instrumental on this song is also better than the other 3. It isn't as loud and booming as the instrumental of "Fight Song" but it isn't jacked from other songs like "Fight Song". While I did put this song in my top 10 songs of the year so far, I really don't "love" it. Even if it is better at being generic than the other 3, it is never the less, generic. The only reason why this is in my top 10 is because pop music so far this year has sucked. 2.5/5.

And finally we come to "Rise" which is by far the worst of the 4. This instrumental isn't jacked, but it is barely even there, which is definitely a problem when we're talking about a Katy Perry song. Katy Perry is a terrible vocalist, letting her do a song without distracting production is like letting do a song without Auto-Tune. At least in the other songs the vocals are semi-decent, Katy cannot hold this song together at all because she can't really hit any sort of notes in a song that has a lot of them. Plus, this song takes generic to a new level. Not only is it extremely boring and bland, it's literally a ripoff of "Roar", which I'd already a ripoff of "Firework". Katy keeps putting out the garbage "inspirational" songs and they just keep getting even freaking worse every time. -1/5

Winner: "Just Like Fire"
Loser: "Rise"

Which one of these is your favorite or least favorite? Feel free to tell me in the comments. Thanks for reading!


Meh: Winner:Just Like Fire
1st runner-up: Rise (what, I like it? )
loser. Love Myself - ArigatoKawaii

I like all these songs (except the former).
Also, Love Myself is about mastrubation - ProPanda

Trying to squeeze as much activity in my six hours left as possible.

Fight Song: 1.5/5
Love Myself: Half-star/5 (about masturbation...and rips off I by Kendrick Lamar to an extent)
Just Like Fire: 1/5
Rise: 4/5

Winner for me: Rise
Loser: Love Myself - WonkeyDude98

*Just Like Fire: 0/5
Rise: 1/5 - WonkeyDude98

Fight Song: 1/10
Love Myself: 7/10 (is clever to me)
Just Like Fire: 0/10
Rise: 4/10 - djpenquin999

Love Yourself is about f*sting... - Swellow

For actual opinion
Fight Song: 1/2/5
Love Myself: 4.5/5
Just Like Fire: 4/5
Rise: 2.5/5 - ProPanda

Fight Song: 0/5
Rise: -1/5
JLF: 1/5
Love Myself: 5/5 - ProPanda

Fight Song: 4/10
Love Myself: 5/10
Just Like Fire: 8/10
Rise: 4/10 - visitor