Top Ten Worst Pop-Ups On Computers

How many times have you been working on your computer and always get an annoying Pop-Up. If you hate Pop-ups then this list may be something that you may like, this list gives away information about annoying and of course horrible pop-ups.

The Top Ten

1 Advertisements

AdChoices is actually not a virus nor anything harmful. It's normal on your web browsers. SupraSavings and other adware are not normal. DO NOT USE ADWCLEANER TO FIX. YOU'LL BSOD AFTERWARDS. To fix this, go to the Control Panel and look for programs that can be behind this like suspicious programs. After deleting them, go to Computer, Primary Hard Drive (Windows C:) and go to Program Files and Program Files x86. Delete all files that are possibly harmful and you're done. Instead of doing all of that, download a trial version on Malaware Bytes. DO NOT USE SpyHunter 4. It's fake. - Nutria

2 Internet Page Pop-ups

Note to whoever does that Verizon survey page that literally redirects me from my music page saying I've been selected to take part in your survey: GET OFF OF MY INTERNET AND NEVER ATTACK ME EVER AGAIN. - Nonpointed

No, I don't want to see any cute girls in my area, I want to download a file. - ItsPisces

3 Videos
4 Messages
5 Updates for Software
6 Sudden Loud Noises

Embarrassing and scares the #$#$ out of me

Scares the &%#$ out of me

It scares me 0_0

7 Spamming Messages
8 Error Screens
9 Flashing Images
10 Porn

I accidentally clicked on a pop-up for a porn game thankfully I was able to exit out before the download was complete. - XxembermasterxX

The Contenders

11 Download Offers
12 Windows Update Needs Your Help

I hate this.

13 Sticky Keys
14 Script Errors
15 I LOVE YOU virus
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