Top Ten Worst Poptropica Islands

Do you hate where your favourite island is on the best poptropica island is? Well, now that can all change

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1 Virus Hunter

When I first started virus hunter, the game was actually quite good. The plot was engaging and mysterious which was why I had liked it so much. But when I reached the body, I gave up on the island. The game was just to hard to complete and kept on dying no matter how many times I regenerated.

Virus hunter as an island isn't bad. But because of the final boss in the bonus quest, I couldn't eat fish for a week. It grossed me out quite a bit. I'm not really a fan of games where you go inside someone's body, so I got my sister to complete it for me. But I watched a video walk-through, so that's how I know about it.

It had a great start! That is till you get into the stupid body.

I love this island :(

2 Galactic Hot Dogs

A lame ripoff of Astro Knights with all the fun sucked out of it.

Nothing Special. I'm sure it's no-one's favourite.

It's okay.


3 Mystery of the map

As easy as Early Poptropica, yet the difficulty rating was 2/3 stars. Cool plot, but so short! Dissapointing. And no one gives a crap about the poptropica comics, stop including Oliver and the others.

Poptropica islands are getting worse and worse. Jeff Kinney, we need you!

It is such an easy island does not have a proper story line

Boring! I miss Jeff KInney!

4 Mission Atlantis

That part with the shark chasing you always scared me, and also that giant eel that eats you whole.

Worst island ever

It is so weird how the plot twisted. I almost didn't like how the whole alien thing got put into play. and some of the mini quests were lowkey hard

Taking Pictures of sea creatures. Yay...

5 Mocktropica


This is my personal favourite island - I have no idea how this could be on the worst Poptropica island list!

Interesting idea, but the path to completing it didn't make much sense... plus the ads were annoying

Back and forth the whole time!

6 SkullDuggery

A pain in the neck having to travel back and forth to save up enough doubloons to get a bigger boat. Jaws- "We're gonna need a bigger boat"

I actually enjoyed this though it was time-consuming, it was really unique in my opinion.

Literally the best island in the whole game, I adore it

Too long and boring

7 Steam Works


It was just plain boring.

So boring! Nothings there! I like the Islands that take place in a cute town like Poptropicon, Virus Hunter, and Counterfit.

Yeah but virus hunter is then lame, as is poptropicon as there isn't a cute town! U wanna cute town? Then try Great Pumpkin, Big Nate, or even super hero!

8 Wimpy Wonderland

The paper whiteness that dominated the island's color scheme is so drab. I get that they were making it a Wimpy Diary, but unless you love those books, I don't think you'll appreciate this island.

I hated this one to long

This island doesn’t need to exist

9 Twisted Thicket

It only took me two days to finish this island even though this is hard

Just when I thought I was done with these tedious and puzzles, there was more.

The nokken was the worst. I didn't know where it was coming from!

10 Poptropolis Games


Reality T.V. ripoff but fun taken out

really fun

The Contenders

11 Survival

Honestly, it was just boring. I didn't enjoy the whole searching for the materials to make a fire.

This is my favorite island how could you Survival is an amazing island

This upset me because I realised how rubbish the game is getting without Jeff Kinney

This should be in the top ten!

12 Mythology

EXCUSE ME, this island is really fun just a little annoying, and the fight with Zeus isn't too hard if you kknow what to do. It's actually a really fun island if you know how to play it. At first glance, it's kind of hard but once you get to know it only SOME parts are hard. P.S. this may only be because I watched walkthroughs and did it but thanks Thinknoodles. You helped me on this...

13 Supervillian

I would become a superhero instead

So long and boring. It is not even that interesting, all of it is just simpler and more boring versions of the other islands! So slow and there is barely any action.

I hated having to do Binary Bard's dream! Mind you though...He wasn't easy to defeat in Astro-Knight.

14 Night Watch

I liked this island but I still think the villain is dumb. It was supposed to be a twist but I was predicting it the whole time.

It's honestly boring. Zooming around the mall is a pain, and the plot isn't that exciting. I think it's the fact that it's a mall.

Nothing interesting to do.

Agreed. Back-and-forth, back-and-forth. boring.

15 Poptropicon

I hated the outfit change. It just was the fact that I used to have membership and got this cool hairpiece that I lost.

Having to change my beloved outfit into a hideous one that didn't suit me. WA

16 Monster Carnival

It was really my type of island, and the setting and story just took me to another place!

It's not bad but I expected it to be abit more spooky like Zomberry

That’s my favorite Island. :(

17 Astro Knights

Climbing across the ice and lava, fighting that dragon, and solving the door puzzle were the worst parts of the island

Whats hard here?

18 Great Pumpkin

This was a great island until poptropica literally made it for members only. Dissapointed.

19 Realms

This rips off Minecraft...

A reaallly boring version of Minecraft

Not technically an island, but... really boring.

20 Wimpy Boardwalk

That's cause it was for members only. But who cares? It's a horrible island.

IT doesn't LET U FINISH IT!? ITS LIKE what!?

21 Reality TV Island

Poptropolis Games is so much better than this.

Freak this island

Reality T.V. island SAYS it's easy, but it took me 2 months to finish it! Can you believe that!

Your almost at the end! your in the last few! ohno, you didn't win a stupid challenge and got voted off. that sucks. also there's also this one guy who's 10 times better than the rest.

22 Lunar Coloney

I didn't like always driving in a buggy

23 Red Dragon

This is literally the best island I have ever played because you get to be a ninja! love this so much.

This island is trash I can’t believe people picked this over Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, when they became members-only islands. 😡

By the way these are islands u HATE not like what r u dumb

24 Early Poptropica

Yeah, so this was the first island. That does not mean that it's good. It's way too easy, and there not being a villain makes it boring.

25 Shrink Ray
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