The Only Posers Here are the Ones Calling Other People Posers

I don't even like Bring Me the Horizon, but you elitists are more than likely just bagging on all of these bands just because they're either

A). Mainstream
B). Are metal bands that you don't consider metal
C). Bands that you used to listen to but then you decided they got too popular and declared them "sellouts" or "posers"

And that's another thing. You don't have a valid definition of "poser." For you, ANY metal band who is doing well off, playing lots of shows, and selling lots of albums (like A7X and Metallica) are posers. In reality, a "poser" in reality Is someone who tries too hard to impress others or stand out. That's you guys. You're trying too hard to make yourselves seem like "real metalheads" when in reality, you're just posers.

You also like judging bands simply based on their mainstream vs underground status. Take this for example: if you hear Bring Me the Horizon doing a certain type of song. You know that it's them, and you don't like hem because they're mainstream, so the song automatically sucks even if you've never actually taken he time to hear it. However, if an underground band like Darkthrone or Burzum or Deicide performs the exact same song, it's suddenly a masterpiece and the best song in the world to you guys. Double standard, much?

The bottom line here is that the only posers here are the ones that are calling other people posers. You're trying too hard to denounce people and make yourself seem like the superior being, thereby becoming a poser. I'll forever remember the day tag Mikael Åkerfeldt even said that metal fans are very closed minded, and I'll remember it because I'm shown every day how right he is. A perfect example - this list.


What a stupid, long winded, poorly thought out diatribe. You are what is wrong with the youth of today. - visitor

Spot on mate - visitor