Worst Power Rangers Actors & Actresses

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1 John Mark Loudermilk

Horrible as his name, he is terrible as a nerd and his acting is flat, what's with his serious face? Is he nervous or something?

Loudermilk? Seriously? Not gonna judge but he was not cool as Hyde or Joe from Goseiger and Gokaiger. What a waste for commenting on this dude

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2 Christina Masterson

SHE IS WORST AS MIA. Seriously even Ciara Hanna was the only good one, she has horrible acting and horrible taste on hardcoreness!

She's my favourite actress. Your list is the worst I had ever seen.
Remove Christina Masterson and Azim Rizk from list and add all samurai rangers to the list.

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3 Azim Rizk

Bad at acting like he's in love. He keeps flirting with Gia with the wrong tone, seriously, also he clumsiness is terrible.

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4 Alex Heartman

He is not that bad but he speaks weird with his acting!

I don't like his character!

I think he is pretty good besides Zane he is one of my favoites

5 Brittany Anne Pirtle

THE WORST OF ALL. Her voice is also squeaky and her romance acting is horrible. I can do better then this lady.

Yah... SHE IS AMAZING at acting and GREAT at acting the romantic scenes with Hector!

6 Erika Fong

She is the 2nd worst, what's with her squeaky voice? Is she also nervous? She is bad at socializing while acting and looks like she's gonna barf.

Her character is not my favorite, but she is a good actress!

She is a very nice actress. I love her.
She is the best actress in pink and ciara hanna is the best actress in yellow.

7 Jessica Rey

Sorry but, she is a little good, but not past her social acting.

8 Melody Perkins

She was good in "In Space" but in "Lost Galaxy" COME ON. Her voice is a little squeaky.

9 Jason Faunt

I hate time force

Middle finger to Jason Faunt

He ruined Resident Evil!

10 Erin Cahill

How are things bad and I don't like her and I hate her character Gen phone should fart on her face and say die

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11 Najee De-Tiege

He acts as he is a serious samurai but he does not looks like that

Unclue Ruckus: Can't believe these rangers hired a colored boy on their team.

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12 Brandon Jay McLaren

Glad he gets kill in horror movies

I hope he drops dead!

13 Chris Violette

He once did a show called queer eye folks

Jason David Frank can kill this cracker

14 Jason Chan
15 Kevin Kleinberg

I hate Power Rangers Time Force! So there :stickout tounge:

16 Deborah Estelle Phillips

She is a disgrace to all black girls and all the yellow Rangers

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17 Michael Copon

Time Force is the worst season ever!

Father sucks and a hot head!

The fans are dumb for liking this season!

To the actor who play Wes, go screw yourselves

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18 Daniel Southworth

Tommy can beat him up

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19 Matt Austin

He is number 1 ranger in my opinion.
His comedy nature is exceptional.

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20 Barnie Duncan
21 Paul Schrier

I admit. He was fantastic as Bulk earlier, but in Samurai, his acting was flat.

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22 Brianne Siddall
23 Edward Albert

He's dead, nothing to say about this guy. :()

24 Douglas Fisher
25 Ken Merckx
26 Roy Werner
27 Vernon Wells
28 Kate Sheldon
29 Eddie Frierson
30 Neil Kaplan
31 Monica May

Ok one. But my brother loves your performance

32 Alycia Purrott
33 Brett Stewart
34 John Tui
35 Michelle Langstone
36 Rene Naufahu

He's a worst actor

He's a bad actor

37 Olivia James-Baird
38 Josephine Davison
39 Jim McLarty
40 Paolo Rotondo
41 Aljin Abella

He's a bad blue ranger

42 Olivia Tennet

He was the worst actor ever.

43 Eka Darville

Her acting was too over the top.

She's not a girl, bro.

44 Grant McFarland
45 Hilary Shepard Turner
46 Carol Hoyt

Her acting was too over the top.

47 Derek Stephen Prince
48 Christopher Khayman Lee
49 Charles Gideon Davis
50 Ryan Goldstein

I hate Animus and Kite

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