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1 Samurai

Turbo may have been pretty stupid, but Samurai reaches a new low. The acting in this show is absolutely awful, and I know PR isn't exactly known for its top tier acting, but the actors in this season are just painful to watch. The actual concept is not that bad, but they don't really go anywhere with it. Spike and Bulk are the worst comic reliefs I've ever seen. It's essentially the three stooges with two people... Except neither of them are funny (especially Spike, I hate his laugh). The special effects are pretty good, and the fighting is average. I'm also not a fan of how they attempt to shoehorn in a moral about friendship and teamwork into every episode. I can deal with that in a few episodes, but every episode has a forced moral like this, and it gets irritating really fast.

There are a few aspects of the show that are pretty cool, like the swordsman Deker (who is played by the red ranger from wild force) and the impressive powers of the main villains, but no matter how ...more

What samurai is number one I love samurai







And you should win for worlds invalid criticism in the world of internet,

In power ranger the weapon look plastic toys and the villians look unrealtics dump stuipd and the show is dump and rubbish

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2 MegaForce

Power rangers is just becoming unoriginal, samurai was bad and used everything shinkenger had but when you adapt a show everything it had and air it and finish it for 2 years and you waste money on badass battleizers just to use it on megazord is just uninteresting, saban is back but they just come with unoriginal ideas. The nighloks have got to be the worst villains power rangers had ever had most nighloks just want to flood the earth, master xandred doesn't do anything until the last few episodes, why did deker and dayu even die? They just kill them off just to use shinkenger footage, octoroo is just there and serrator is just ok, just ok at least he didn't sit on his ass doing nothing but be active and nearly succeeded using deker as a tool to destroy the world(until deker backstabs him), the rangers were terrible acting, and we didn't care for any of them when they die, bulk and spike didn't do anything or have any interaction with the rangers well except spike with mia but not ...more

Is worse than Samurai! - Deathcoristul

Without a doubt, the very worst season of Power Rangers in history. Turbo, Operation Overdrive and Samurai at least had some redeeming qualities whereas MegaForce has absolutely none. The acting was horrific, the storyline was unoriginal, the supposed ''epic'' battle featuring all the cameos was a major let down and the entire series was horrific. Hands down, anyone who says Turbo, Operation Overdrive or Samurai is the worst has not seen the disgrace that is MegaForce.


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3 Operation Overdrive


How to take an amazing Sentai series and butcher it thoroughly in 32 episodes.

The Red Ranger went from a weary veteran adventurer to a kid dreaming of being one; the Blue Ranger went from a reformed super spy to an under-appreciated stuntman; the Black Ranger went from a conflicted, self-serving treasure hunter with the ability to channel dark energy to a shallow cat burglar and the Pink Ranger went from a repressed ex-special forces former heiress who turned her back on a life of privilege, to a geeky bookworm.

However these pale in comparison to the Mercury and Yellow Rangers. The Yellow Ranger went from a girl who was placed in a hibernation chamber by her parents, has lost her memory and is the last survivor of an ancient race to a racing car driver who acts like a complete bimbo to make her fit into reused footage of Natsuki (Bouken Yellow) in her combat suit. The Mercury (Silver) Ranger went from the ...more

Growing up watching power rangers, I was surprised to see operation overdrive work very well, people hate it not because of the characters, villains or plot, quit making excuses people, they hate it because it strays away from what the original power rangers established and became one of the most diverse and unique series to date. The idea of "treasure hunting", giving the rangers superpowers, and adding extra villains was outrageous, but surprise, surprise, it worked very well.

The series was so bad! Probably one of the major reasons I started losing my love for the season. After the high that was Mystic Force, this was a huge low! Bad storytelling (even a 10 year old figured that one out), underwhelming villains and a horrible theme song. Thank god they got back with Jungle Fury before the disaster that was RPM.

its lame

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4 Turbo

Blake foster has gone too far this time!

Hey Turbo haters, I know you guys loathe Turbo and I agree that Turbo wasn't really as good as the two previous series. However even if Turbo was not the greatest, it definitely is not the worst series, because we have Power Rangers Samurai as a loathe target now. So if you guys want to say that Turbo is the worst, I dare you all to try watching and withstand a few episodes of Samurai. - Gehenna

Even though turbo was the fourth season of power rangers, coming right after Zeo, I would still have to say this is my least favorite season. All the episodes were predictable. The evil villain would send a monster and then the power rangers would defeat the monster and save the day. I know this happened a lot in other power ranger seasons but this one was the least surprising and the most boring. There was no real exciting story. The fighting scenes were alright but not as good as the other seasons. What made turbo so stupid was the blue ranger. Since when could a little boy become a power ranger. In his blue ranger costume he changed to a full grown man so you would see a 5 foot 8 power ranger fighting crime with the voice of a 4 foot 3 kid. Thank God they got rid of the kid for the next season "in Space". I'm sorry, as much as I love Saban and the old retro 90's power ranger seasons, I still think turbo is the worst.

Justin Bieber was probably watching Power Rangers he was very young to be the most overhated pop star on the planet. The Blue Ranger Justin was a coincidence it was the 90s. Its not a rare name.

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5 Time Force

I like operation overdrive power rangers so there! (stick my tongue at you all operation overdrive haters! )

Stone Cold Steve Austin can beat up the Time Force Power rangers

Jen and Wes and Circuit love butt noises

I just don't like the time force rangers

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6 Lost Galaxy

Lost Galaxy wasn't that bad. I thought it was a strong sequel to space. I thought they did a nice job with the way they had several throw backs to the Zordon era such as having Alpha and the Astro Megaship.

When I was a child, I used to LOVE Lost Galaxy. But I dunno... The comeback of Kendrix was something to hard to digest. Karone as a Pink Ranger wasn't cool, the zords weren't as cool like before and Leo... Maybe it's because he was the first after Andros but... He sucks. Really awful Red Ranger and, when a Red Ranger suck to someone, you bet the entire season suck.

This is some sort of joke right? Why the hell is this doing on here!?!? This is hands down my favorite PR series of all eternity! Get this off the list!

One of the worst? Hardly. I liked Deviot as a villain. The first episode killed someone off right off the bat. They even brought back the Psycho Rangers! Not to mention the original Magna Defender, the most realistic-acting individual in PR history. "I was wondering when you'd show up to annoy me" How could anyone hate a season with that line?

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7 Super Megaforce

Such a big letdown... How is this so far down the list... Should be top... Power rangers that's a super mega win... What in the world... Please stop saying that cheesy corny line even for power rangers... I get that lost galaxy or turbo or space isn't the best but they at least wasn't a failure like mega force...

The biggest reason I found this season unbearable was because... they are clearly Rangers based off pirates... yet they keep insisting that this is some sort of "super mega" upgrade and completely ignore the pirate motif. It just looks ridiculous with so many blatantly obvious pirate references (swords, hats, blasters, pirate ship, steering wheel) and they just pretend it doesn't exist.. And the way they keep switching their weapons just seem so cheesy. It made sense in the Japanese counterpart, because each character excelled at either long range combat or close range melee. But watching the Mega Rangers do it... "Hey Gia! Let's switch! Yea this is way better! Double the blasters, double the fun! " I thought this was bad because I had grown up and that I lost interest in Power Rangers but I gave Dino Charge a try, and I loved it. But man Super Mega Force?...it's just terrible. I think Saban forgot that this isn't the 90s anymore and that whatever scripting or ...more

I'd. Rather watch porn

After watching the original, gokaiger, it made me hate power rangers. Especially this one. Horrible acting, lack of reason for new abilities, and the mix ups. The fighter is now the shooter? The shooter is now a fighter? And giving them new powers just cause. Why do they get new ones? Because reasons. And it hurts me cosplaying as the Japanese version because everyone associates with the American version

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8 Lightspeed Rescue

I'm like twelve years old and honestly this is one of the most worst things to ever happen in Power Rangers history. Sure having a American-exclusive ranger worked, but I hated having that dumb red ranger trying to be all that. "Look at me! I'm Carter Grayson! I am a firefighter so I deserve to be a badass! " No-one should take this the wrong way, this is a opinion coming from a kid. A kid whose learnt nostalgia and wishes to see what those days were like. Ever heard of a new-generation kid itching to see old tapes of Fox Kids? I'm the only guy here who does! This is my opinion. Don't take this the wrong way, please.

In Space was clearly the best season, lost galaxy could be fairly incoherent but Lightspeed rescue? What is this crap? Acting is bad, zords are rediculous, villans are more cute than scary and the premise is perposterous. The only thing this season has going for it is the theme song.

The worst in the series and most annoying theme songs in power ranger history.

This series was extreme guilty pleasure and the acting was horrible and the megazord was stupid looking and power rangers were like boyscout cops

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9 Ninja Storm

Because the ninja storms are cool and strong... and plus the last of the show was great.. and it shows the way of the ninjas.. for me is ninja storm all the way..

Last parts of the show were kinda good, and the theme song was awesome you gotta admit

The only thing I didn't like about ninja storm was how they used sound effects from windows movie maker. I just came off as lazy.

I actually liked this season. The Thunder Rangers were interesting. Unfortunately, no other villains were.

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10 in Space

Yes! In Space is one of the great ones after MMPR! Countdown to Destruction is my favorite!

One of the best seasons. It got the idea of power/mystics/legends off the planet and showed it was all over the galaxy. Opening new ideas everywhere. Zords? Top ten!

This serie is the best, come on!

In Space is what saved power rangers after the mess that was Turbo.

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11 Ninja Steel

Dad is an angry idiot

I feel that they need to step it up more with the new season of power rangers because when watching it, the epic action is there but not fully there and I don't feel that action thrill from ninja steel T.V. show and I see it but not much.

How it hasn't even come out yet


Why this show has to have farts!

12 Dino Charge

I love the rangers and their zords

WHAT!? Dino Charge is my favorite! There is so much zord builder with the toys now. I think I would buy them again in the future.

Dino's don't have anything to do with the plot

Dino Charge is just a remake of Dino Thunder and the show just sucks all the way

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13 RPM

RPM is the best season of power rangers!

Well I quest rpm are just great but the theme is hard for the rangers

I just can't describe how painful it was to even watch an episode

RPM was nothing more than a disaster, being the last season Disney produced. - IanDLBZF

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14 Jungle Fury

Jungle fury is the best season ever I have seen it should never be in this list and It should come in top 10 and all rangers are great especially Casey and the blue ranger, purple and white and ever the man with the lion spirit is good. You all are awesome guys you all should keep going

Jungle fury was a great season, in my opinion. The acting was actually pretty good by power rangers standards, the villains were creative and cool. The story was well written and developed, the concept was really neat, the mythos with the beast-human war was fantastic. RJ is one of the coolest Rangers yet, he's super chill, but then he becomes a ranger and beats everyone down; he made being the purple ranger look cool!

All in all, a very good series, and my personal favorite.

Jungle Fury was pretty decent. The characters were pretty good and so were the action scenes. It may not be the best, but it certainly is not the worst.

This series was probably one of the worst ever made. It was stupid in so many ways, (recap special being a T.V. game show, how changing the host of the villain's past would make the main villain stronger, the sudden 'masters turning into animal forms that are just the masters from Gekiranger' thing at the end, mediocre acting).

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15 Wild Force


Despite the lame villains, this season was strong. I liked how the characters seemed interesting without having villains to play off of.

Wild Force was awesome.

Wild force is cool

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16 Zeo


I really liked this season. I liked how seed and Rita were always trying to go after mondo

I like the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3 better

Power rangers zeo is really good and they are the best

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17 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Only liked because muh nostalgia - Murphdog405

THE BEST series period. It can't get any better! The weapons are amazing and not so stupid looking like most of the newer seasons weapons

Simply because people keep on saying it was the best just because it was the first, we all know that already but just because it was original doesn't mean it was the best, even you should understand that

Dude your so dumb just because the actor who played black was African-American isn't the reason why they chose him the actor was the one who auditioned for the role they picked him probably his acting was great for the part

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18 Dino Thunder

This to me was the best series along side MM. They have good acting, hell, WAY better than that stupid Dino charge and Samurai, they have a nice, refreshed, but more touched on idea of dinosaurs, the zords were pretty awesome I mean come on, being able to detach one of the arms and putting on another zord, leading to double scissors and double drill attacks! That is cool! By far my favorite mega zord is the Dino stegazord. OH MY GOD! It is incredibly amazing.
But anyways, the characters were interesting. Connor was well, a kinda common jock, Ethan was a cool videogame nerd, and Kira was a very good singer. Trent was also my favorite character as well ranger in this season. His suit had an awesome design, his previous, uncontrollable form was pretty cool, and the relation of him to the main villain of this season was interesting.

Everyone can agree with me that they liked seeing Tommy coming back for one more season. Like, he was awesome in Dino Thunder. Also, they had really ...more

I looked for worst to best power rangers shows and THIS show made #1 in best.

If you don't like power rangers then why are you on here?

The acting on the show wasn't what most of the series had but still ran rather well

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19 S.P.D.

Operation Overdrive team up was better than SPD and it ends with their memories still intact

SPD's evil plans to erase memories failed in operation overdrive

The reason SPD became popular because they tamed the white people with cheese!

To the cast, characters, and the fans of power rangers SPD

Eat Cat Poop!

Operation Overdrive is better than SPD

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20 Mighty Max Mighty Max Mighty Max is an American animated action/sci-fi television series that aired from 1993 to 1994 to promote the British Mighty Max toys, an outgrowth of the Polly Pocket line, created by Bluebird Toys in 1992. It ran for two seasons, with a total of 40 episodes airing during the show's run.

Why is Mighty Max doing in this list? That's not Power Rangers at all!

21 Alien Rangers

There are literally 10. YES. 10 episodes

Watch kakuranger, its much better

This series is so bad they didn't even take the time to write a the pie song for it, they just took the mighty morphin theme song and inserted the word alien into it

My god, the alien voices for the Rangers were so terrible, half the time you can't even understand what they're saying

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22 Elastic

They are over cool men

23 Mystic Force

It is awesome season and good theme

Although it has a good theme it is still in my opinion the worst PR season list. They had capes and I do not like that. The character Chip was pretty bad. Xander always talked before fighting. It wa funny for a few times but he kept on going and going. Getting blasted every time! Morph wet long and were boring and the fights (well normal length) worst season EVER barely beating samurai though. I couldn't even watch the rest of the season

Mystic force is amazing because it includes magic rather than dinosaurs or ninjas

At least for once the red ranger is actually my favorite. Other seasons, it's usually another color.

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24 Super Samurai
25 Dino Super Charge

Worst Power Rangers season ever. I don't get the love for Dino Charge, highly overrated piece of crap.

They are super cool try them

26 Mythos


This isn't even an actual Power Rangers season. It's just some cheap "show", if you can even call it that to stroke the ego of a real-life PR-obsessed wannabe that's got plenty of time in his hands.

Why is this garbage even on this list?

27 Super Dino Charge

Why is it not in the top 10 at least? - Murphdog405

This one and Dino Charge both suck what went wrong, I will tell you... EVERYTHING

28 Mech-X4
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