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21 Dino Super Charge

Worst Power Rangers season ever. I don't get the love for Dino Charge, highly overrated piece of crap.

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22 Super Dino Charge

This one and Dino Charge both suck what went wrong, I will tell you... EVERYTHING

23 Super Samurai
24 Mighty Max Mighty Max Mighty Max is an American animated action/sci-fi television series that aired from 1993 to 1994 to promote the British Mighty Max toys, an outgrowth of the Polly Pocket line, created by Bluebird Toys in 1992. It ran for two seasons, with a total of 40 episodes airing during the show's run.

Why is Mighty Max doing in this list? That's not Power Rangers at all!

25 Mythos


This isn't even an actual Power Rangers season. It's just some cheap "show", if you can even call it that to stroke the ego of a real-life PR-obsessed wannabe that's got plenty of time in his hands.

Why is this garbage even on this list?

26 Alien Rangers

This series is so bad they didn't even take the time to write a the pie song for it, they just took the mighty morphin theme song and inserted the word alien into it

My god, the alien voices for the Rangers were so terrible, half the time you can't even understand what they're saying

The theme song is just the Mighty Morphin theme song just with the word alien inserted into it

You can definitely tell that they were human and that alien thing was a mask - princepretty

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27 Elastic

They are over cool men

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