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21 Toast of The Town

This is where the mayor is at his most annoying point. smh - wariolady

22 Ploys R Us

This episode teaches kids how to rob stores and stuff

It is the same plot-Wake up,play,rob,(on and on)

23 Mime for a Change

Honestly, Rainbow became a friendly clown once again, but they beat him up and also throw him in JAIL!? They need to get they're timing better.

God! Bubbles cannot sing!

Lol man your right

Buttercup honestly sang the best out of the three. Bubbles and Blossom can't sing, but they are still cool. Buttercup is the only PPG that can sing, I wish they gave her more parts- AnimeDrawer85

24 Candy is Dandy

Man, I felt so sorry for Mojo Jojo in this episode. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

25 Dream Scheme

This episode didn't sit right with me. Not even as a child did it sit right with me. Out of all the sympathetic villains I've come across in cartoons, the Sand Man is easily one of the ones I sympathize with the most. All he wanted was to take a break from his job and get some sleep, but nope! The girls had to be selfish idiots by keeping him awake all night! I honestly don't blame him for putting the entire world to sleep, the poor guy was exhausted! And then when he finally gets his chance to recharge his batteries, what do our loveable heroes do? They torment and traumatize him with nightmares to the point where he never sleeps again! It's so sad that even the narrator feels sorry for him! Now I would be perfectly okay with them invading his dreams if they actually tried to reason with him first or tried to help him sleep. Then if the Sand Man still refused to wake everybody up, then the girls could scare him. Heck, the Sand Man himself tried to reason with them into going to ...more - regularponyfan09

26 The Rowdyruff Boys
27 Three Girls and A Monster

I actually don't have a problem with it. Blossom was trying way too hard in saying that carefully planning which takes a long time is the best thing to do in an urgent situation. Which she's wrong by the way. Giving Buttercup too hard of a time. And asking the monster nicely to leave suits Bubbles and it's so funny. Because the others were trying so hard and the real solution was so easy. I laughed so hard.

I don't like how they only give credit Bubbles. Its seems like the writers like Bubbles too much.

I like bubbles but why couldn't the writers give blossom and buttercup more focus

Why couldn't they give blossom and buttercup more focus

28 West in Pieces

I like every other episode in this series other than this episode that is so boring. Who thought it was a good idea to make the Powerpuff Girls in the wild west? - AnimeDrawer

Most boring PPG episode.

29 Fallen Arches

I'm sorry but I think you got the wrong episode. Not So Awesome Blossom airs in season 5. In the end of the first scene she looked embarrassed too and went right back to her old ridiculous logic. This is one of the several reasons why Blossom is my least favorite character, including the one time characters, of the entire series.

I hated the way bubbles and buttercup treated their sister here if I were there I'd give those two something to complain about
Unlike everyone else all I can do is to feel sorry for blossom seems like she's pretty embarrassed at the end however I did find the N OO! t hing funny

30 The Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever
31 Daylight Savings

Chris savino wrote this episode which is a very frustrating boring episode so I'm not sure what he's thinking with mrs Keane and the professor make them stupid as possible so I can say they are like modern Patrick from spongebob

You can see how annoying and the professor and Mrs keane were in this episode
Yes staying awake in class is more important for these little crime fighters

And yes I agree that the girls shouldn't have been falling asleep in class and education is important but it's not more important than saving townsville that's out of character for her and she should realize that if the girls don't save townsville there won't be any school for them to attend to

32 Cootie Gras

This episode isn't bad it teaches kids not to be afraid of imaginary rumors

33 I See a Funny Cartoon in Your Future

This episode deserves to be on the list. Why? Because it's an INSULTING PARODY of Rocky and Bullwinkle, not a TRIBUTE to it! Seriously, am I the only one who knows for a fact that this episode is an insulting Rocky and Bullwinkle parody?!


34 Bought and Scold
35 Tough Love

This episode is good - spodermanfan1000

36 Tiara Trouble
37 Power Up Puff
38 Horn Sweet Horn
39 The Stayover
40 Arachno-Romance
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