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You know, even good cartoons can have bad episodes.

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21 Not So Awesome Blossom

I'll tell you why it's on here because this episode does not do what it wants to do. It wanted to show that Blossom is imperfect but it once again fails miserably (the first time being A Very Special Blossom). She's upset because she's been messing up. First of all as the "smartest" and "most mature" of the three she should know that everyone makes mistakes even her the "Little Miss Perfect"(yeah right). It's just annoying and the first scene oh my goodness the first scene is just too obvious! They're about to intersect! But no! She just tells her sisters to wait far away so she could steal the spotlight from them. "It's just you and me"? I don't think so! That's the best she could come up with?! Come on! And is it not obvious on why everything is getting destroyed, not that that's a big deal in a situation like this, because you kept dodging them like the scaredy cat you are and not stopping them like the "brave leader" that you are. And why did you look upset when Buttercup saved ...more

I like this is episode

Why is this there?!
I thought this episode is okay

22 Toast of The Town

So Blossom. What you're trying to say is that spoiling people, especially someone who is a grown man that just acts like a kid, is the best answer. Let Buttercup kick his butt and stop manipulating Bubbles! As the "smartest" one I'm surprised that you don't know that there's a thing called discipline. The mayor isn't my biggest problem with this episode because Little Miss Perfect Blossom is! Yet another one of the many reasons why Blossom is my least favorite character of all time. Yes more than Eddy from Ed Edd And Eddy. Yes more than Bloo from Fosters. Yes even more than DW from Arthur. I cannot believe that she makes me have the gall to say that we would've been perfectly fine with just Bubbles and Buttercup.

This is where the mayor is at his most annoying point. smh - wariolady

23 Dance Pantsed

This was a special and was not made from craig mckraken so it should not count

24 Mime for a Change

Honestly, Rainbow became a friendly clown once again, but they beat him up and also throw him in JAIL!? They need to get they're timing better.

Bubbles can but Blossom can't. Also I was enjoying the episode until they beat the clown up. That's really the only thing that ruins it for me.

God! Bubbles cannot sing!

Lol man your right

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25 Three Girls and A Monster

I actually don't have a problem with it. Blossom was trying way too hard in saying that carefully planning which takes a long time is the best thing to do in an urgent situation. Which she's wrong by the way. Giving Buttercup too hard of a time. And asking the monster nicely to leave suits Bubbles and it's so funny. Because the others were trying so hard and the real solution was so easy. I laughed so hard.

I don't like how they only give credit Bubbles. Its seems like the writers like Bubbles too much.

I like bubbles but why couldn't the writers give blossom and buttercup more focus

People it's a Bubbles episode. What did you expect

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26 All Chalked Up

Okay what the heck is wrong with you guys?! This episode is amazing! Even though Buttercup was a little mean I love the moments that Bubbles had with her magical chalk because it was so nostalgic to me. Whenever Bubbles takes on a moment especially ones where she's alone or like looking down at the big loud party in Octi Gone I get so much nostalgia. That was me the whole time. The fight scene was amazing and we got a one time power which I love seeing those. The defeat of him was so badass. And with the end Buttercup wanted to express she was sorry but just couldn't get it out. And do you think it's easy to hug with those big heads (no offense)? It was awesome in my opinion

They made Buttercup too mean in this episode, she usually isn't this mean. Why couldn't the writers fix buttercup in this episode.

I didn't like buttercup at the beginning at least she forgiven bubbles at the end

This episode does not stay with the chapter book of the same name
I don't think buttercup feels remorse in the T.V. version she just forced to forgive bubbles and did not feel guilty for it in the chapter book she explained it was her fault and feels guilty for it and she hugged bubbles but in the T.V. version we don't get anything like it and it looks like bubbles is just touching buttercup's shoulders instead of wrapping her arms around her chest

This is very disappointing I have to say

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27 Ploys R Us

This episode teaches kids how to rob stores and stuff

It is the same plot-Wake up,play,rob,(on and on)

28 The Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever

I just don’t like this episode I understand people like this episode that’s fine but I honestly don’t like it mainly because of the girls arguing

29 The Rowdyruff Boys
30 West in Pieces

I like every other episode in this series other than this episode that is so boring. Who thought it was a good idea to make the Powerpuff Girls in the wild west? - AnimeDrawer

Most boring PPG episode.

31 Daylight Savings

Chris savino wrote this episode which is a very frustrating boring episode so I'm not sure what he's thinking with mrs Keane and the professor make them stupid as possible so I can say they are like modern Patrick from spongebob

You can see how annoying and the professor and Mrs keane were in this episode
Yes staying awake in class is more important for these little crime fighters

And yes I agree that the girls shouldn't have been falling asleep in class and education is important but it's not more important than saving townsville that's out of character for her and she should realize that if the girls don't save townsville there won't be any school for them to attend to

32 Cootie Gras

This episode isn't bad it teaches kids not to be afraid of imaginary rumors

33 I See a Funny Cartoon in Your Future

This episode deserves to be on the list. Why? Because it's an INSULTING PARODY of Rocky and Bullwinkle, not a TRIBUTE to it! Seriously, am I the only one who knows for a fact that this episode is an insulting Rocky and Bullwinkle parody?!


34 Bought and Scold
35 Tough Love

This episode is good - spodermanfan1000

36 Tiara Trouble
37 Power Up Puff
38 Horn Sweet Horn
39 The Stayover
40 Arachno-Romance
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