Top 10 Worst Presents to Get

Presents are awesome! Especially if it's something you wanted. However, sometimes they're the worst presents. Which is the worst present of all?

The Top Ten

1 A pet rattlesnake

Yes snakes are pets, but who in the world would want a rattlesnake! - Koolness88

This would be pretty awesome... - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

2 A math packet

This present is often given to you by teachers. - Koolness88

As long as it's not something like 18ab/(ab)(11/98) x 768d - 94249abcde/efgh =? I'm fine with it - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

3 An actual shotgun
4 A Justin Bieber CD
5 A time bomb
6 A jar of poison

How I missed this to be number 1. I don't know why? - Koolness88

7 A century egg
8 An actual eyeball
9 A baby toy
10 A book that's in a different language you don't know

That is gonna be a lot of translation. - Koolness88

The Contenders

11 A Justin Bieber toothbrush

Well at least I won't run out of firewood on Christmas - TwilightKitsune

12 A lemon with a smiley face
13 A T-shirt with a Friendship is Magic character on it that is WAY too small for you to wear
14 The "Doggy Doo" board game
15 A potty training chart when you're over 3 years old
16 A Dora the Explorer plush
17 A Barney DVD
18 Somebody's dirty laundry
19 An Elmo DVD
20 A creepy plush doll that watches you in your sleep

I would throw it away in the dumpster or give it to an enemy.

21 A DVD of your least favorite show or movie
22 A Bratz doll
23 Everyone Poops Book
24 Swearing Parrot
25 Teen Titans Go DVD Set
26 In the Night Kitchen
27 Tickle Me Elmo
28 Dancing Dora Toy
29 I Love You Barney Singing Plush Doll
30 Socks Socks
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