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1 Paige McCullers

She is an idiot! She tried to drown Emily and she said mean, homophobic things to her, but Emily still dates her! She is a waste of time on the show. When Toby was a loser, Marlene found a way to make him cool by making him date one of the liars and cutting his hair - then she tried to do it with Paige by making her date Emily and changing her ugly bangs! It seriously didn't work. Why did Maya have to get killed off the show when it could've been Paige instead! Maya had to be in rehab for so long, so we didn't get to see her and then SHE gets killed off, it should've been pigskin! How come Pam hated Maya, BUT NOT PAIGE? I hate Paige, I hope she dies.

Paige is by far the worst character! She is so annoying every time she opens her mouth. She's always whining and complaining and blaming others for her problems and dragging Emily into her drama. Emily is loyal and sweet and ambitious...she deserves so much better than paige and I literally cringe every time Emily looks like she's falling for paige. Every one else has something intriguing about them on pll except for paige. She's just an annoying ass crybaby who acts entitled and has a stupid face. Em and maya were so cute...it broke my heart to see Em falling for paige's weird ass

Worst character ever! She said homophobic things to Emily and tried to drown her! If I were lesbian, and some girl said something homophobic to me, and then tried to date me, I'd slap her. How on Earth did Emily see anything in her? Also, her season one haircut makes it even worse

I hate her so much oml

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2 Aria Montgomery Aria Montgomery Aria Marie Montgomery is a fictional character and a central protagonist in the Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard.

I think the worst thing about Aria is how she makes everything about her. Lucy Hale is an excellent actress and beautiful in my opinion, and she portrays Aria on how she was written. Thus being said, Aria is just a poor character, it is not Lucy Hale's fault.

(Although I don't particularly like Lucy- she insists the other cast members leave her out and bully her, which is very odd considering the rest of the cast get along just fine...).

Anyways, Aria makes literally everything about her. "A" doesn't even have to create problems for her, she does this on her own by dating her teacher! Not to say the other girls don't create their own problems, but Aria continues to get upset over two problems. 1) her parents and 2) her boyfriend! She could easily eliminate this second problem by dumping Ezra- especially after he used and stalked her!

At one point Emily says, "Aria, you're spiraling again." Again?! Are you serious? Everything is always about ...more

Arias so stupid. Everyone thinks her dad is a hypocrite - even though I hate him - but the hypocrite is actually her! She gets so mad that he's dating that Meredith lady but then she goes and dates her teacher! Everyone also thinks that she and Ezra are perfect together and that she's such an inspiration to people to not fight for who you love, but really their relationship is dysfunctional and the only things Aria is inspiring us is by saying "Date your teachers, kids and you'll get straight A's on all your essays! " she thinks she has had the worse with A but A is barely doing anything to her, if she didn't stop the relationship with Ezra when she found out he was her teacher she wouldn't have a problem! Aria is a hypocritical idiot and she is a bad influence on everyone.

She's just stupid and annoying! So hypocritical and the worst liar out of all of them. She's an idiot. As soon as she realized that Ezra was her teacher she should've said F it. But instead she keeps on with the stupid secret charade. She can't be a normal teenager with him. She's way too immature for a relationship like that anyway! Why or how could they ever think that it would work? So stupid. Also her scared act when trapped in the box was so boring and unbelievable. She barely reacted. Bad acting.

Aria is full of self entitlement and I find her unbearable to watch. Just started watching PLL season 3, and I'm not sure if I can stick around much longer!

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3 Emily Fields

Emily is just so stupid I hate the way she does everything and that innocent grin of hers is not so innocent I mean like at one part she is dating Paige and she decides to kiss Nate and then the next time she saw mate she let him down pretty harsh it's Emily's fault not nates for him being harsh on Emily I mean like you can't date someone and kiss someone else then tell them I'm sorry we have to be in the friend zone NO that's just mean like he had feelings for her YOU can't JUST PLAY WITH FEELINGS

I don't know if it is the character or the actress but she is just so pathetic. Her facial expressions are ridiculous and she is always so quick to jump down the others' throats. She needs to get a grip!

As soon as we see her scene coming on its like oh god the episode is ruined by more of the soppy girlfriend relationship crap.. The fact that one of the worst characters is a main character is rather upsetting

I hate her obsession with Alison

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4 Alison DiLaurentis Alison DiLaurentis

She's so stupid and irritating! In the past she was such a bad character is don't understand why the girls forgave her at all. And after she came back she always dresses like a grandma and isn't trusting her friends anymore. I just hate her. She's such a superficial and egoistic character.

I don't like Ali. At all. I don't trust her and she was a terrible person. And I don't get why people like her with Emily. She doesn't love Emily, she just uses her for her personal gain

I think Alison is not bad at all I like her the beast because she is mysterious and she has a nice style of cloths

So annoying.

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5 Meredith Sorenson

Meredith is a character designed to be hated. I'm not surprised she is here

Meredith can gtfo



6 Ezra Fitz

I hate Ezra so much he's so annoying and frankly a disgusting creep who serves no purpose but to drag along Aria's storyline. Nothing has changed over the entire show with him except that we learn that he's an even creepier, more useless character than we originally thought. He's bland and boring and I'm so sick of him being around.

Ugh please. He's pathetic. An idiot to get involved with a 16 year old. Hello?! Totally irresponsible and risky and just all around stupid! It's disgusting that he was so into her. He does play a good scary guy though. I always thought there was something shady about him. It's his face. He's got a resting unsettled/nervous face.

Ezra is a manipulative psychopath who dates his sixteen year old student! Even after he wasn't her teacher it was still disgusting and I honestly see no love in this relationship no matter how hard the show pushes it. I love Aria she is my favorite character and deserves more. And don't get me started on how he is just leaving Aria alone for Nicole.

Hate his weakness

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7 Shana

So boring I don't even know her surnames.

They gave her the worst story line. Geez. But I must say she's beautiful in person and we'll take anyone over Paige!

Didn't have a proper story line until the writers got bored and needed something to drag the season out a bit longer. So blah, next!

She's just so annoying

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8 Kate Randall

Kate is very annoying. Girls like her get punched in the face. She already "has it all" with the beauty, brains, money, just overall miss perfect. But for some reason she still feels the need to go out of her way to torment and hate on Hannah, whose life is much more complex and Hannah is dealing with enough bs without perfect Kate fluckin things up for no reason other than being a beach

Shes so ugly I can't even deal

I really hate her she took Hannas dad from her! She is a spoiled brat and I wish Hanna would punch her in the face.

Kate logic: oh my step sister loses my horses? lets screw up her life!

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9 Spencer Hastings

Most annoying pll character, whenever there's a victory for her it's always by stabbing someone else in the back. Think about it, the first big secrets we find out about all the other girls are centred around them being victims: Aria is the victim of her parents looming divorce because she's being forced to keep a secret, Hanna is the victim of her own low self-esteem and Emily is the victim of insecurities about her sexuality. All of these are problems that they did nothing to deserve them, but Spencer's secret was that in the summer that Alison went missing she was getting her sisters boyfriend/fiance to cheat on her sister with her, and then does exactly the same thing one year later with Wren! Ian may have been a creep, but she allowed him to be a creep, and to her sister as well. There are so many examples of this, but none so fresh as her betrayal of Hanna in the latest season, by hooking up with Caleb! The liars all went through so much together, but now she's throwing all of ...more

Most annoying character. She always jumps to conclusions without thinking about the consequences. She accuses people without having factual evidence. She thinks she's a hero but she always ruins situations, like with Ezra and Aria & Emily and Alison. Also, when she thought Toby was A she tried to support him still and cry for him but when she accused Ezra of being A she hated him right away.

Spencer is selfish at times, and probably the least loyal of all the main characters ( several times she goes behind her friends backs and even her sister). She kissed wren right after breaking up with toby. She kissed her sisters boyfriends...twice... But she's also complex, smart, and ultimately very relatable. She seems the most determined to uncover truths about ally and other things. I actually really like Spencer's character.

The only thing I find really annoying is that ' serious' face she makes for every little stupid thing that happens. She's sooo so dramatic, which is entertaining at times but for the most part it's just annoying

Worst PLL character I've ever seen. She's a backstabbing, lying, stupid, hypocritical bitch. She hooks up with her sister's boyfriend Ian, then her sister's fiancee Wren because she's a hopeless romantic. She sold her sister's engagement ring to buy Toby a truck, she stole her sister's essay, she hooked up with Wren the SECOND her and Toby broke up, and she BACKSTABS Hanna and hooks up with her ex-boyfriend Caleb. Spencer acts as if she's "smart" and that she's a "hero", but really, she's pathetic. Also, people always say that her actress, is "a goddess", but really, she's just an average person, nothing special.

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10 Byron Montgomery

He is so obnoxious and makes everything about him and his ego, he also doesn't see a problem with him cheating and instead makes it about everyone else when he is in the wrong. Overall I think he is just an ass, I hate his character and particularly when he gave Ezra the new job opportunity and stops aria from doing things because he is so controlling

It makes me clench my fists every time he mentions scotch or coffee, which he does in every single episode.

Byron is one of the worst dads on the show!

Ooh I hate him

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11 Darren Wilden

Poorly constructed character, so far removed from reality that no one gave a hoot when his character got bumped off

I hate every scene he is in. He's so annoying and his role in the plot seems insignificant

I mean him he is so creepy and I bet he is beach hottie

I hate him

12 Peter Hastings

He just gets in the way of the plot all the time, getting in the way of antics and creating drama that is not needed TIME AND TIME AGAIN

The only good thing he's done is bring Jason into the world

He always lies to Spencer and then makes her feel like she did something!

Stupid my-dad-may-have-killed-another-stupid-parent crap, no one cares about him. And he shouts at Toby. Get a life then just drinking scotch, Peter.

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13 Toby Cavanaugh

Remember when he got so mad that Spencer and Caleb were trying to find Mona's body or something in season 5? He yelled in her face and ordered her to never conspire with Caleb again. And how he was A? I get that all these fans are all "Oh he was just doing it to protect Spencer! " If he was, I don't think he would've disappeared right after she found out. What's even worse is that he didn't come back until the season 3 finale. I also feel like they made Spencer incredibly clueless in this relationship. They made her go crazy and in my opinion it just made Toby look even worse. Does anyone remember how jerky he was when he became a cop? He arrested Jonny even though Spencer was trying to talk to him? Words cannot describe how much I hate this guy

I guess we all don't share the same opinion but I love Keegan Allen and the character a lot, I definitely wouldn't put his character on this list

What the heck is Toby doing here! He is the best! He is so protective and truthful, I love him!

I really don't like him and I think Spoby turned into a really toxic relationship. I don't know why, but I don't like Caleb and Ezra as well. Would have loved to see more of Jason and Mike...

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14 Jackie Molina

Jackie is sweet, trying to make sure Aria is safe. She doesn't deserve to be here

i hate her

15 Dianne Fitzgerald

She is a blitch, that's all that needs to be said about her

16 Noel Kahn

I hate him so much, he and Jenna are like the most annoying and nosy couple in the whole series! He acts like he can find out everything...jeez what a smart mouth!

He is so manipulative and selfish! I was so surprised he wasn't a!

Noel Kahn is a very monster!

Noel Kahn is a bitch!

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17 Jessica DiLaurentis

She is annoying at times but I believe that as the story unfolds it will reveal that Jessica was actually a very good person with good motives and intentions, who probably has a tragic back story. I think all the ' evil' things she has done will eventually have good explanations.

Jessica is the worst mother on the show and all the universe!

Bye Felicia

18 Pam Fields

She was annoying as hell in season 1 when she didn't accept Emily coming out of the closet. But after she came around, I began liking her. She's now one of my favorite parents

I can't believe her she is so rude and doesn't allow Emily to live her life

Constantly gritting her teeth and wrinkling her brow! It's like she doesn't have any other facial expressions. ALWAYS whining and second guessing everything, it's like Emily is the parent and Pam is the child.

She is a homophobic racist (in the books) idiot! Why did Wayne have to die when it could've been her! I hate Pam. Poor Maya.

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19 Melissa Hastings

She is terribly annoying. I just hate her and her whole snobbish, stereotyped attitude!

Sometimes I just want to slap her.

Is she even a sister? She's so stuck up

Ew I hate her she's mean too!

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20 Caleb Rivers

Caleb's an idiot cheater, he cheated on Spencer an he basically cheated on Hanna when he left her for Miranda. I don't care about him!

The only thing about Caleb is that he dated his ex's best friend and then he cheated on the friend with the ex

Caleb is perfect. He's the perfect friend and the perfect boyfriend. He's sweet and charming and always there for hannah. He's the underdog with a rough past, which makes us (the viewer) sympathize with him and love him. Caleb does no wrong. AND THAT'S WHY I THINK HE'S GOING TO BE A.

Caleb has been such an idiot lately. And I'm not just talking about the Haleb/Spaleb thing (I hate both ships with a passion). Even at the beginning I didn't really like him and I never shipped Haleb but after he got back from Ravenswood he acted like a total jerk. I mean Hanna's alcohol problems were quite obvious and he still drank with her - literally the whole day! And don't even get me started on the way he treated both Spencer and Hanna. Hanna was one of my favorite characters but now I feel like the Haleb relationship kinda ruined her as a person. I really liked Travis for Hanna; he was so sweet and polite - unlike Caleb.
Please note that this is just my personal opinion and I don't mean to offend anyone.

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