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1 Paige McCullers

I think Paige is so thirsty for information from Emily and is so jealous

She is an idiot! She tried to drown Emily and she said mean, homophobic things to her, but Emily still dates her! She is a waste of time on the show. When Toby was a loser, Marlene found a way to make him cool by making him date one of the liars and cutting his hair - then she tried to do it with Paige by making her date Emily and changing her ugly bangs! It seriously didn't work. Why did Maya have to get killed off the show when it could've been Paige instead! Maya had to be in rehab for so long, so we didn't get to see her and then SHE gets killed off, it should've been pigskin! How come Pam hated Maya, BUT NOT PAIGE? I hate Paige, I hope she dies.

How can anyone like Paige? She gets jealous of Emily because SHE KNOWS Emily is a better swimmer than her, tries to drown her, tries to kiss her while Emily is grieving over the fact that she lost Maya, and she won't stop getting into Emily's business, so she tells the police Ali is alive. For what? Because she hates her? Paige put that on herself because now she has multiple people mad at her. I'm glad Emily dumped her because Paige doesn't deserve to be with someone as great with Emily. I just don't understand how Emily loved her. There is nothing about Paige to love her! She's selfish, not to mention RUDE TOO! Remember Samara? She completely flipped out on her for no type of reason! Emily got mad at Paige so she decided to keep their "relationship" as friends. I'm actually happy Emily did that, maybe now Paige can back off now. But of course, I thought wrong. They end up being a couple, and Paige just gets way too comfortable. Even the other girls don't like her. Good ...more - girlygirl12

I do NOT like this character!

2 Aria Montgomery Aria Montgomery Aria Marie Montgomery is a fictional character and a central protagonist in the Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard.

Honestly, Aria is my least favorite liar in PLL. She's always so selfish, fake, child-like and makes EVERYTHING about her. The thing that bothered me the most was the fact that in season 4, episode 21 when Aria found out the Ezra was writing a book about her, she completely shut her friends out, and yells at them while they're just trying to comfort her. If it were me, I would have slapped Aria in the face, and told her to get a grip. Plus, remember when Zack was hitting on Hanna? Hanna decided to do the right thing and tell Aria, so she could tell her mom. But of course, Aria the fake one blamed Hanna for Zack's actions. "You're always the problem" That was way low, Aria. I think the actress is good, but the character is trash. I never understood why Aria hated Mona so much. In that bathroom scene when Mona was crying at the movies, Aria decides to act all nice and sweet to her, but she tries to break Mike and Mona up because her selfish self-thinks Mona doesn't deserve to ...more - girlygirl12

I think the worst thing about Aria is how she makes everything about her. Lucy Hale is an excellent actress and beautiful in my opinion, and she portrays Aria on how she was written. Thus being said, Aria is just a poor character, it is not Lucy Hale's fault.

(Although I don't particularly like Lucy- she insists the other cast members leave her out and bully her, which is very odd considering the rest of the cast get along just fine...).

Anyways, Aria makes literally everything about her. "A" doesn't even have to create problems for her, she does this on her own by dating her teacher! Not to say the other girls don't create their own problems, but Aria continues to get upset over two problems. 1) her parents and 2) her boyfriend! She could easily eliminate this second problem by dumping Ezra- especially after he used and stalked her!

At one point Emily says, "Aria, you're spiraling again." Again?! Are you serious? Everything is always about ...more

Aria's a whiny, irrelevant brat who I could care less about. She has served almost no purpose this entire show and while all the other characters are busy actually taking action to solve their problems Aria never seems to have any other issues except those regarding Ezra. Ezria makes me nauseous and if Ezra wasn't there, Aria would have literally no storylines because she does nothing else but obsess over him. I don't care about their relationship at all and I think Aria needs to go away because she serves no purpose to the plot whatsoever.

Arias so stupid. Everyone thinks her dad is a hypocrite - even though I hate him - but the hypocrite is actually her! She gets so mad that he's dating that Meredith lady but then she goes and dates her teacher! Everyone also thinks that she and Ezra are perfect together and that she's such an inspiration to people to not fight for who you love, but really their relationship is dysfunctional and the only things Aria is inspiring us is by saying "Date your teachers, kids and you'll get straight A's on all your essays! " she thinks she has had the worse with A but A is barely doing anything to her, if she didn't stop the relationship with Ezra when she found out he was her teacher she wouldn't have a problem! Aria is a hypocritical idiot and she is a bad influence on everyone.

3 Emily Fields

I thought she was okay but in season 3 everything she did irritated me when she found out Toby was A and kept obsessing over it or when she decided to date Paige even though she almost drowned her whenever I re watch the series I always end up skipping the scenes shes in

Her character is a blind follower

Always irritated. Always avoiding friends when she gets offended. So sensitive and immature.

She’s annoyingly

4 Meredith Sorenson

Worst. Possibly second to only Hanna's father cause he takes the trophy for the worst person ever!

Meredith is an awful human being

Meredith is a character designed to be hated. I'm not surprised she is here

Meredith can gtfo

5 Ezra Fitz

Ezra met Aria outside of school so it was technically not his fault but the fact that he didn't end their relationship when he found out she was in his class makes him immoral and frankly, selfish. I mean, even if he didn't care about his own reputation and career, he should not have let Aria risk her education and future. Aria was just a teenager and he was the mature one; he should have ended things.

Ezra is legit the worst character in this whole show. Pursuing a relationship with a minor in the first place was completely gross and unacceptable, but you could almost forgive him because they met outside the school setting. Then we find out that he knew all along who Aria was and that she was a high school girl, which makes the whole thing even more disgusting cause he basically stalked an underage girl. He used her and her friends to write an expose on Alison which is unacceptable, also are we forgetting that he snuck into Hannah's bedroom, monitored all their security systems, messed with their cars, and tried to ruin Spencer's credibility when she was on to him. He only hangs out with teenagers which for some reason no one seems to think is weird. He's a vile human being and in my eyes he's one of the real villains of this show.

I hate Ezra so much he's so annoying and frankly a disgusting creep who serves no purpose but to drag along Aria's storyline. Nothing has changed over the entire show with him except that we learn that he's an even creepier, more useless character than we originally thought. He's bland and boring and I'm so sick of him being around.

Ezra is the absolute WORST. He faked meeting Aria, knowing she was a minor, probably faked falling in love with her, etc. He literally used her to his advantage and it's disgusting. All he wanted, to start, was information about Ali for his stupid book. Creep shouldn't be writing a book if it requires STALKING YOUNG GIRLS. People go after Aria for destroying his apartment when she finds out, but you can't blame her. I would have done way worse, and I DEFINITELY wouldn't have let Ezra back in my life after that. Really? Marrying him? I'm so done with Ezra and this Ezria garbage. Not even a hot teacher! He's so gross and I cringe in all of his scenes. OH, I FORGOT. After proposing to Aria he has a dramatic-ass reunion with Nicole on live T.V.. He wouldn't have ran back to Aria if he didn't think his ex was dead.

6 Alison DiLaurentis Alison DiLaurentis

She manipulated and lied to her "friends".

She was mean to Mona for no reason.

She manipulated Emily into thinking she cares about her only to dump her later.

She made Hannah bulimic.

She made Jenna blind and never apologized.

She burned Toby's barn and blamed it on him.

She faked her own death after being stalked and left her "friends" alone with the stalker.

She dated a person who was filming underage girls getting undressed in their bedrooms without their knowledge and never did anything to stop it.

While she was faking her death she was still stalking the girls and made them think they were crazy just to mess with them.

She was fat-shaming other people but when she gained weight no one said anything.

She's so stupid and irritating! In the past she was such a bad character is don't understand why the girls forgave her at all. And after she came back she always dresses like a grandma and isn't trusting her friends anymore. I just hate her. She's such a superficial and egoistic character.

I don't like Ali. At all. I don't trust her and she was a terrible person. And I don't get why people like her with Emily. She doesn't love Emily, she just uses her for her personal gain

I really like Ali because of her sense of humor and the way she talks, but how she always bullies the girls and Mona and Lucas is really painful to see. - girlygirl12

7 Shana

So boring I don't even know her surnames.

Didn't have a proper story line until the writers got bored and needed something to drag the season out a bit longer. So blah, next!

They gave her the worst story line. Geez. But I must say she's beautiful in person and we'll take anyone over Paige!

She's so blah. Her character does nothing for me or the show.

8 Kate Randall

Kate is very annoying. Girls like her get punched in the face. She already "has it all" with the beauty, brains, money, just overall miss perfect. But for some reason she still feels the need to go out of her way to torment and hate on Hannah, whose life is much more complex and Hannah is dealing with enough bs without perfect Kate fluckin things up for no reason other than being a beach

I really hate her she took Hannas dad from her! She is a spoiled brat and I wish Hanna would punch her in the face.

Shes so ugly I can't even deal

Kate logic: oh my step sister loses my horses? lets screw up her life!

9 Spencer Hastings

Most annoying pll character, whenever there's a victory for her it's always by stabbing someone else in the back. Think about it, the first big secrets we find out about all the other girls are centred around them being victims: Aria is the victim of her parents looming divorce because she's being forced to keep a secret, Hanna is the victim of her own low self-esteem and Emily is the victim of insecurities about her sexuality. All of these are problems that they did nothing to deserve them, but Spencer's secret was that in the summer that Alison went missing she was getting her sisters boyfriend/fiance to cheat on her sister with her, and then does exactly the same thing one year later with Wren! Ian may have been a creep, but she allowed him to be a creep, and to her sister as well. There are so many examples of this, but none so fresh as her betrayal of Hanna in the latest season, by hooking up with Caleb! The liars all went through so much together, but now she's throwing all of ...more

Spencer is such an annoying character. She takes everyone's man and is just so selfish. I especially hate in Season 7 when Hanna Marin went missing and while everyone was trying to save Hanna, including Caleb, Spencer kept on getting jealous! She got upset because Caleb spent more time on finding Hanna than hanging out with Spencer! Worse, what kind of friend dates their best friend's ex-boyfriend. That's a total no-go. That's like, an abomination, one of the many unspoken rules of the 'girl code'. Never. Date. Your. Best. Friend's. Ex. Not that I'm saying that's all on Spencer, as it takes two to tango, so SHAME on Caleb for doing that too, but that doesn't change the fact that Spencer is just as big a roach as Caleb. And she was almost ALWAYS there whenever Toby was upset, even when he got engaged. Even when his fiance DIED. She's always there. I get that he needed support and whatever, but why from Spencer? Why not from Emily, or anybody else? /and she slept with Wren, her sister's ...more

The least interesting to look at and has a penchant for victimising herself. She is always running around playing Nancy Drew while leaving the rest of the girls out of it because she's "smarter" than the rest. TBFH, I'm tired of her antics. BYE FELICIA

She was first one of my favourites, but she's starting to get annoying. She always is jumping to conclusions about everyone. Back in season 1, everyone has their secrets- Aria's family is falling apart, Hanna is harming herself, and Emily is secretly lesbian, all things that can happen to anyone and something they didn't choose. But then Spencer is over there, out because SHE was off kissing guys and ruining her sister's relationships- no one forced her to, and when Ian kissed her, she didn't stop it, she didn't tell him it was wrong. She is always thinking for herself and if it affects anyone, she doesn't care. Also girl code rule #1: don't date your best friend's ex, especially if they have been in a serious relationship since high school and he's still hung up on her. And then when she thought Ezra was A, she lost it and flipped out with only a bit of evidence, but when Toby was CONFIRMED to be A, she still tried to reason with him.

10 Byron Montgomery

He has some sweet moments.. that being said, he can be extremely obnoxious. He has a huge ego, and constantly makes things about himself. Also, he cheated on Ella Montgomery then asked his daughter to lie to her. THEN, after getting a divorce with Ella, the first thing he does is date the woman he cheated on her with.

He is so obnoxious and makes everything about him and his ego, he also doesn't see a problem with him cheating and instead makes it about everyone else when he is in the wrong. Overall I think he is just an ass, I hate his character and particularly when he gave Ezra the new job opportunity and stops aria from doing things because he is so controlling

It makes me clench my fists every time he mentions scotch or coffee, which he does in every single episode.

Byron is one of the worst dads on the show!


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11 Darren Wilden

An absolute creep, can't believe he isn't number 1 on this list!

he sucks

I hate every scene he is in. He's so annoying and his role in the plot seems insignificant

Poorly constructed character, so far removed from reality that no one gave a hoot when his character got bumped off

12 Peter Hastings

He just gets in the way of the plot all the time, getting in the way of antics and creating drama that is not needed TIME AND TIME AGAIN

The only good thing he's done is bring Jason into the world

He treats Spencer like crap.

He always lies to Spencer and then makes her feel like she did something!

1 Comment
13 Toby Cavanaugh

Remember when he got so mad that Spencer and Caleb were trying to find Mona's body or something in season 5? He yelled in her face and ordered her to never conspire with Caleb again. And how he was A? I get that all these fans are all "Oh he was just doing it to protect Spencer! " If he was, I don't think he would've disappeared right after she found out. What's even worse is that he didn't come back until the season 3 finale. I also feel like they made Spencer incredibly clueless in this relationship. They made her go crazy and in my opinion it just made Toby look even worse. Does anyone remember how jerky he was when he became a cop? He arrested Jonny even though Spencer was trying to talk to him? Words cannot describe how much I hate this guy

I guess we all don't share the same opinion but I love Keegan Allen and the character a lot, I definitely wouldn't put his character on this list

I couldn't stand Toby. He used to be shy and unpopular and the second he started talking to the Liars, he possessed a certain amount of cockiness that irritated me. He started walking, talking and dressing differently as the seasons went on but I liked the old Toby. He was not a big help to Spencer and whenever she was trying to do something he'd just be there and try to rub her shoulders or kiss her. If it was anyone else I'd think it was cute but I always shouted at the T.V. " JUST LEAVE HER ALONE" And when he got all hurt because Spencer told her friends about his mom he was being selfish and putting her in a position she shouldn't be in, expecting her to choose her boyfriend over best friend.
I Loved when he thought Spencer was with Wren - plllover

He is adorable the way he treats spencer. But to be honest... I always thought he had better connection/conversations with Emily. I know she's gay, but spencer and toby just seem like an odd match, like they wouldn't be compatible people in real life. I don't know if wren is good or bad, but he seems like a way better match for spencer. Like they speak similarly, care about the same things, etc. And he actually challenges spencer, which toby does not. Just my opinion.

I do agree that toby is not a great actor.it really bothered me at first, but once I got into the show I was able to look past it

14 Jackie Molina

hate her

Jackie is sweet, trying to make sure Aria is safe. She doesn't deserve to be here

i hate her

15 Dianne Fitzgerald

She is a blitch, that's all that needs to be said about her

16 Noel Kahn

I hate him so much, he and Jenna are like the most annoying and nosy couple in the whole series! He acts like he can find out everything...jeez what a smart mouth!

He is so manipulative and selfish! I was so surprised he wasn't a!

Noel Kahn is a very monster!

Well.. at least he's hot...

1 Comment
17 Jessica DiLaurentis

She is annoying at times but I believe that as the story unfolds it will reveal that Jessica was actually a very good person with good motives and intentions, who probably has a tragic back story. I think all the ' evil' things she has done will eventually have good explanations.

Jessica is the worst mother on the show and all the universe!

Bye Felicia

18 Pam Fields

She was annoying as hell in season 1 when she didn't accept Emily coming out of the closet. But after she came around, I began liking her. She's now one of my favorite parents

I can't believe her she is so rude and doesn't allow Emily to live her life

Constantly gritting her teeth and wrinkling her brow! It's like she doesn't have any other facial expressions. ALWAYS whining and second guessing everything, it's like Emily is the parent and Pam is the child.

I hate how Pam didn't accept Emily for who she is. How would Pam feel if she came out of the closet like that? I'm really disappointed in the way she reacted. She also completely blames Maya for who she is and sends her to juvie camp. Unbelievable! Maya didn't deserve that, Emily should live the way she wants to with the people she loves, and her mom ruined that for her. Nice going, Pam. - girlygirl12

19 Melissa Hastings

She always blamed EVERY LITTLE THING on Spencer, which is just plain on disrespectful. - girlygirl12

She is terribly annoying. I just hate her and her whole snobbish, stereotyped attitude!

Sometimes I just want to slap her.

Is she even a sister? She's so stuck up

20 Hanna Marin Hanna Marin Hanna Olivia Marin is a fictional character created by Sara Shepard for the Pretty Little Liars book series, and later developed for the Freeform television series adaptation by I.

She's not a very deep character, and the whole show seems to focus on her weight issues. We get it, she used to be fat. I hate that she doesn't really develop until later seasons. I used to forward through parts that focused on her.

Hanna is definitely NOT the worst character on this show, but... there are some moments in the earlier seasons where I really despise her.

She witnessed Mona being bullied and knows Mona is insecure about her popularity, yet when Mona tries to sit with her at lunch, she gets up, leaving her supposedly best friend alone.

I wouldn't leave the table because someone I don't like tried to sit with me. I can't imagine being that rude to my best friend. You don't treat friends like that.

I feel like that is a huge eff-you, especially to someone as unstable as Mona. What is even worse is that Hanna knows this about Mona, but I feel like she still doesn't even try to reassure her otherwise.

Even knowing she is -A, I still feel bad for Mona while rewatching the first two seasons.

She makes the worst desicions and doesn't even think them through not to mention she is very selfish. I honestly can't stand her! I constantly have to fast forward when her parts come on because some of the things she does and says are ricidulous.

Hanna can be really annoying how she always disrespects her mother and her friends. She said this to Spencer "You know, I was so worried about Kate backstabbing me, I didn't even realize you were holding a knife." *Angrily leaves* This got me super mad. Why was Spencer the only victim? It's Caleb fault because it was HIS idea! Also, remember when the parents told the girls that they couldn't see each other anymore? Did you see the way Hanna moved over when her mother gently patted her? That was just rude and disrespectful. Realize how she was always a trash friend to Mona. Leaving her on her worst moments, always abandoning her, and more! Remember what Mona said to her? "I always listen to every problem you have with Caleb, and you can't even listen to my problem! " I completely agree, Mona. Completely. - girlygirl12

21 Ian Thomas

Ian is just a bad guy. Period

He acts so nice in front of Melissa and pretty much anyone but is an ass in front of spencer. I despise him

Creepy McCreppy

One word: DIRTBAG

22 Garrett Reynolds

Makes m cringe

I hate hate hate him, I laughed when he died

23 Caleb Rivers

Caleb dated Spencer, enough said.

Caleb's an idiot cheater, he cheated on Spencer an he basically cheated on Hanna when he left her for Miranda. I don't care about him!

Caleb is perfect. He's the perfect friend and the perfect boyfriend. He's sweet and charming and always there for hannah. He's the underdog with a rough past, which makes us (the viewer) sympathize with him and love him. Caleb does no wrong. AND THAT'S WHY I THINK HE'S GOING TO BE A.

The only thing about Caleb is that he dated his ex's best friend and then he cheated on the friend with the ex

24 Ella Montgomery

She is such a headache! Annoyingly feeble, her and Byron are made for each other because he is equally pathetic! No wonder Aria turned out to be such a brat! Ella can't make a decision to save her life, always has to outsource decision making to her kids and can't set boundaries at all!

Why doesn't Aria's auntie Phoebe and auntie Paige never pay her a visit? The Power of Three could eliminate all the many -A's in Rosewood

She annoys me so much and I cringe in every single scene she's in. I don't know why I just hate her.

I liked her in Charmed but the whole "mother" role doesn't suit her

25 Linda Tanner

This list is unfair..This woman is the stupidest and the immature office/cop ever to be honest I don't agree Paige being at the top of this list Tanner had to be the worst character ever in PLL history

I hate this lady, she is so mean to the liars and she looks terrible in heels. Put her after Paige!

This woman is annoying and shady as hell

What is her voice?

26 Jason DiLaurentis

Jason is sooo hot, he is amazing in any kind of way!

I used to love him but he was so mean to spencer last episode.

He's sooo hot. Words can't even explain it like WOW!

He is sooo handsome it's ridiculous.

27 Jenna Marshall

Jenna has a beautiful face..those glasses make her character intriguing. But damn they are so dramatic when it comes to Jenna! Every time she walks in a room they start playing that damn suspense music and it's annoying and stupid.

AND of course all the suspense music leads you to look at Jenna as a bad person, but in reality if you look at the facts Jenna never does anything bad, aside from what she did to toby years ago. She seems like a genuinely sweet person who made a bad mistake when she was younger, and of course makes snide comments once in a white to the girls who destroyed her life. But in her private life, in her personal friendships and relationships, Jenna seems like a good person. I haven't seen any evidence that she is not.

Annoying and boring

I have a grudge against Jenna because she raped Toby

I hate Jenna, everyone’s just ignoring that she raped someone because she’s a girl

1 Comment
28 Ashley Marin

Remember when she straight up ran over that cop and drove away? And then didn't tell anyone and baggered hanna about asking her any questions about her supious behavior.

Oh my lord, where do I begin? She is a giant slut. She slept with Darren so she can get out of Hanna's shoplifting charge, and has a one night stand with Jason; ALI'S BROTHER, yes, ALI'S BROTHER, and that is enough to hate her! She's incredibly pathetic, tries so hard to act like a teenager when really she should accept the fact that she's a mother. In the first season, she didn't even accept Caleb, yet she accepted annoying Sean! Why? Because Caleb didn't look good enough for her. Also, in the first season she stole money from a woman because she's "broke". She's such a goody goody who only cares for money, looks, and guys, yet she doesn't even care for Hanna! I hope that old, ugly woman can open her eyes and care for her daughter for a change!

29 Spencer Hasting

She thinks she is so cute and she can get any man she wants an everybody likes her and then tries to act like the victim trying to make people feel bad for her.

She snoops into everyone space no matter what. And if she finds something she either uses it or her self and gets mad at the person or as dirt until the moment. I also hate how she's a bitch sometimes

Did nobody else find it weird that in order for her to have a boyfriend, they have to be someone elses.
Toby( technically by Emily) - plllover

30 Mona Vanderwaal

SO ANNOYING she is so rude to everyone

Ever since Hanna gave her a makeover, she acted like she was higher than everyone else. Like she was popular. It’s like she used Hanna to become popular because if Hanna got dragged down, she was like You’re not dragging me down with you. Like what the hell?!

31 Sara Harvey

Under study Jenna Marshall, who was a brilliant character. What is it with these new characters being feeble and lame!

She was so boring and nothing interesting happened with her around

I'm so glad shes dead, it was supposed to be "tragic" but I was so happy I started laughing.

The most boring character in 6 seasons. Yawn.

32 Maggie

She is a horrible person

I mean...

33 Liam

His constantly pursed lips. His faced legitimately pisses me off. Sorry.

The typical boring boyfriend. Just no!

34 Tom Marin

Definitely one of the biggest dirtbags of the show. Overall a terrible father to Hanna and honestly a terrible husband. Left Ashely, essentially got a new family but then comes back messing with Ashley again when you’re getting MARRIED in like a week. Honestly never accepted blame or fault and a really a terrible guy. And don’t get me started on the not paying for Hanna’s college because he’s paying for Kate. What kind of father does that.

He is one of the most selfish and ruthless person ever! all he cares is about his new family. how can a dad treat his own daughter so badly for someone else that's so stupid. he could have honestly told his wife to pay for that bitch. he said no to Hanna when there was a father daughter dance just because he was angry. he never even tried to help her I m glad that Ashley left him and found someone better.

35 Mike Montgomery Mike Montgomery

He's so irritating, and thinks that he can do whatever he wants just because his parents and Aria are messed up. He blames everyone for the tension in their house when it's actually his fault half of the time

He’s so selfish in the first season, and he thinks that he’s the only person suffering from the affair.

36 Yvonne Phillips

Ugh I hate the way she looks, I mean I don't know if it's her chin,mouth, teeth or all the above. I can't handle it though. And she always makes a weird annoying face and stretches her neck out and lifts her chin way up! I hate her. Well really I hate the actress that plays her!

Man stealer!

37 Alex Santiago
38 Charlotte DiLaurentis

How can anyone stand Ali #2?

RIP Charlotte "Plothole" DiLaurentis

39 Detective Holbrook

Another pervert on this show


40 Connor

Hated him and Johhny, they were just Spoby distractions

41 Wren Kingston

Wren was okay at the beginning but when I found out that he was the unknown father of Ali's kids... that changed my opinion of him pretty quickly. - PadfootWave16

To the comment before me: unless wren is A!

To be honest I thought Spencer and wren made a perfect cute couple. He challenges her more than toby and fits her style better. They seem really compatible

How can anybody hate Wren? He is adorable, ridiculously good looking and his accent is to die for. His chemistry with Spencer is sizzling. He brings a smile on my face whenever he is on the screen.

Wrencer makes me sick

1 Comment
42 Talia Sandoval

I don't like how she behaves with Emily

43 Maya St. Germain

She is literally so irritating. Everything from the way she talks to the way she dresses. She's so cringey and stupid. She was annoying before True North, and annoying after. Not going to lie, I wasn't sad when she died, I was quite happy.

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