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21 Ian Thomas

Ian is just a bad guy. Period

He acts so nice in front of Melissa and pretty much anyone but is an ass in front of spencer. I despise him

One word: DIRTBAG

Creepy McCreppy

22 Hanna Marin Hanna Marin Hanna Olivia Marin is a fictional character created by Sara Shepard for the Pretty Little Liars book series, and later developed for the Freeform television series adaptation by I.

SO ANNOYING! I really don't understand why she is so popular. She is the dumbest out of all the liars. She thinks she is the queen b since Alison was gone but she completely copied everything about her. She wants to be alison and its really sickening. She wears heels to school all the time, like what the hell who does she think she is. SHE STEALS! She is a theif! she doesn't even need too, they are not that poor they live in a huge house. She also forgave Mona for being A and torturing all of them like its all fine, what an idiot as if she wont betray you again. Sometimes she treats Kaleb like crap and doesn't want him around for practically no reason. She also lies to her friends a lot like when she went behind their back to bury that gun and got caught, that's so dumb I can't even. She is more popular then she deserves to be probably because people like the actress even though the character is a total idiot and a mess

Why she isn't on top of this list is beyond me. Of all the annoying characters I have seen she is by far the worst. She is a stereotypical blonde shell of a person who is so selfish and stupid that that is all that fills her.

I really hate Hanna because she only thinks about herself and her family like when she gave Arias mom tickets so she would find out Aria was dating Ezra or when she tried hiding the gun that was in her moms closet and got her mom in more trouble

She's a bitch.

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23 Garrett Reynolds

Makes m cringe

I hate hate hate him, I laughed when he died

24 Ella Montgomery

She is such a headache! Annoyingly feeble, her and Byron are made for each other because he is equally pathetic! No wonder Aria turned out to be such a brat! Ella can't make a decision to save her life, always has to outsource decision making to her kids and can't set boundaries at all!

Why doesn't Aria's auntie Phoebe and auntie Paige never pay her a visit? The Power of Three could eliminate all the many -A's in Rosewood

She annoys me so much and I cringe in every single scene she's in. I don't know why I just hate her.

I liked her in Charmed but the whole "mother" role doesn't suit her

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25 Jason DiLaurentis

I used to love him but he was so mean to spencer last episode.

He's sooo hot. Words can't even explain it like WOW!

He is sooo handsome it's ridiculous.

26 Jenna Marshall

Jenna has a beautiful face..those glasses make her character intriguing. But damn they are so dramatic when it comes to Jenna! Every time she walks in a room they start playing that damn suspense music and it's annoying and stupid.

AND of course all the suspense music leads you to look at Jenna as a bad person, but in reality if you look at the facts Jenna never does anything bad, aside from what she did to toby years ago. She seems like a genuinely sweet person who made a bad mistake when she was younger, and of course makes snide comments once in a white to the girls who destroyed her life. But in her private life, in her personal friendships and relationships, Jenna seems like a good person. I haven't seen any evidence that she is not.

Annoying and boring

I have a grudge against Jenna because she raped Toby

I really love Jenna, but I get why she is on this list. Her crimes: sexual assault(at 15), attempted murder(at 24), and all the things she did to keep her ass out of jail. These things aren’t good. So I get why people take a disliking for her. But I am certainly not one of those people. I like her overall personality. She may not be ‘sweet’ or ‘kind’ but she’s complex and interesting And I truely believe she has been through a lot.
Here’s what:

As soon as she moves into this new town, Alison walks over and pretends she’s the boss of her. So she wears the same costume as her. Naturally, Alison throws a stink bomb at her face and acts surprised when she goes blind. Then instead of apologizing, like a human with human emotion would, she blackmailed Jenna. Alison had evidence that Jenna had committed a crime. She had the right to turn her in. Blackmail/extortion is illegal. Ali had no right to do that. Jenna kept her side of the bargain about keeping quiet, but ...more

27 Sara Harvey

Under study Jenna Marshall, who was a brilliant character. What is it with these new characters being feeble and lame!

She was so boring and nothing interesting happened with her around

I'm so glad shes dead, it was supposed to be "tragic" but I was so happy I started laughing.

RIP Shower Harvey

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28 Liam

His constantly pursed lips. His faced legitimately pisses me off. Sorry.

The typical boring boyfriend. Just no!

29 Tom Marin

He is one of the most selfish and ruthless person ever! all he cares is about his new family. how can a dad treat his own daughter so badly for someone else that's so stupid. he could have honestly told his wife to pay for that bitch. he said no to Hanna when there was a father daughter dance just because he was angry. he never even tried to help her I m glad that Ashley left him and found someone better.

30 Yvonne Phillips

Ugh I hate the way she looks, I mean I don't know if it's her chin,mouth, teeth or all the above. I can't handle it though. And she always makes a weird annoying face and stretches her neck out and lifts her chin way up! I hate her. Well really I hate the actress that plays her!

Man stealer!

31 Linda Tanner

I hate this lady, she is so mean to the liars and she looks terrible in heels. Put her after Paige!

This woman is annoying and shady as hell

What is her voice?


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32 Maggie

I mean...

33 Charlotte DiLaurentis

How can anyone stand Ali #2?

RIP Charlotte "Plothole" DiLaurentis

34 Alex Santiago
35 Ashley Marin

Oh my lord, where do I begin? She is a giant slut. She slept with Darren so she can get out of Hanna's shoplifting charge, and has a one night stand with Jason; ALI'S BROTHER, yes, ALI'S BROTHER, and that is enough to hate her! She's incredibly pathetic, tries so hard to act like a teenager when really she should accept the fact that she's a mother. In the first season, she didn't even accept Caleb, yet she accepted annoying Sean! Why? Because Caleb didn't look good enough for her. Also, in the first season she stole money from a woman because she's "broke". She's such a goody goody who only cares for money, looks, and guys, yet she doesn't even care for Hanna! I hope that old, ugly woman can open her eyes and care for her daughter for a change!

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37 Connor V 1 Comment
38 Wren Kingston

To the comment before me: unless wren is A!

To be honest I thought Spencer and wren made a perfect cute couple. He challenges her more than toby and fits her style better. They seem really compatible

How can anybody hate Wren? He is adorable, ridiculously good looking and his accent is to die for. His chemistry with Spencer is sizzling. He brings a smile on my face whenever he is on the screen.

''How can anyone like him? He is annoying, boring and never stays long enough to matter. Seriously the writer could just have skipped that character and show would be no different.''

Wrencer makes me sick

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