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21 Ian Thomas V 3 Comments
22 Garrett Reynolds

Makes m cringe

I hate hate hate him, I laughed when he died

23 Ella Montgomery

Why doesn't Aria's auntie Phoebe and auntie Paige never pay her a visit? The Power of Three could eliminate all the many -A's in Rosewood

She is such a headache! Annoyingly feeble, her and Byron are made for each other because he is equally pathetic! No wonder Aria turned out to be such a brat! Ella can't make a decision to save her life, always has to outsource decision making to her kids and can't set boundaries at all!

She annoys me so much and I cringe in every single scene she's in. I don't know why I just hate her.

I hate this girl and the show. The reason why I hate her is because what she says and does is the stupidest stuff known to mankind and it never makes any sense, I hate the T.V.-show "people" (how people like to call it)...it ruined my life, because my annoying little sister loves this stupid ass show and that's the only damn thing she talks about. Also the relationship between a weird teacher, such as Ezra and a 16 year olf chick is dangerous for society, because it makes people think that that's normal and causes many problems of pedophilia and rape. But back to the point of the worst characters in the worst T.V.-show known to mankind, Ella Montgomery. She just is stupid and dumb and annoying, which always makes we wanna punch and kick her in the face, when I have too watch this stupid ass and ridiculous with my sister.

V 2 Comments
24 Jason DiLaurentis

I used to love him but he was so mean to spencer last episode.

He's sooo hot. Words can't even explain it like WOW!

25 Liam

His constantly pursed lips. His faced legitimately pisses me off. Sorry.

26 Linda Tanner

I hate this lady, she is so mean to the liars and she looks terrible in heels. Put her after Paige!

This woman is annoying and shady as hell

V 2 Comments
27 Sara Harvey

Under study Jenna Marshall, who was a brilliant character. What is it with these new characters being feeble and lame!

She was so boring and nothing interesting happened with her around

I'm so glad shes dead, it was supposed to be "tragic" but I was so happy I started laughing.

RIP Shower Harvey

V 2 Comments
28 Yvonne Phillips V 1 Comment
29 Darren Wilden

I hate every scene he is in. He's so annoying and his role in the plot seems insignificant

Poorly constructed character, so far removed from reality that no one gave a hoot when his character got bumped off

I mean him he is so creepy and I bet he is beach hottie

I hate him

30 Wren Kingston

To the comment before me: unless wren is A!

To be honest I thought Spencer and wren made a perfect cute couple. He challenges her more than toby and fits her style better. They seem really compatible

How can anybody hate Wren? He is adorable, ridiculously good looking and his accent is to die for. His chemistry with Spencer is sizzling. He brings a smile on my face whenever he is on the screen.

''How can anyone like him? He is annoying, boring and never stays long enough to matter. Seriously the writer could just have skipped that character and show would be no different.''

Wrencer makes me sick

31 Jenna Marshall

Jenna has a beautiful face..those glasses make her character intriguing. But damn they are so dramatic when it comes to Jenna! Every time she walks in a room they start playing that damn suspense music and it's annoying and stupid.

AND of course all the suspense music leads you to look at Jenna as a bad person, but in reality if you look at the facts Jenna never does anything bad, aside from what she did to toby years ago. She seems like a genuinely sweet person who made a bad mistake when she was younger, and of course makes snide comments once in a white to the girls who destroyed her life. But in her private life, in her personal friendships and relationships, Jenna seems like a good person. I haven't seen any evidence that she is not.

I have a grudge against Jenna because she raped Toby

32 Charlotte DiLaurentis

How can anyone stand Ali #2?

RIP Charlotte "Plothole" DiLaurentis

33 Tom Marin V 1 Comment
34 Detective Holbrook V 2 Comments
35 Connor V 1 Comment
36 Maggie V 1 Comment
37 Alex Santiago
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