Spencer Hastings


Spencer is selfish at times, and probably the least loyal of all the main characters ( several times she goes behind her friends backs and even her sister). She kissed wren right after breaking up with toby. She kissed her sisters boyfriends...twice... But she's also complex, smart, and ultimately very relatable. She seems the most determined to uncover truths about ally and other things. I actually really like Spencer's character.

The only thing I find really annoying is that ' serious' face she makes for every little stupid thing that happens. She's sooo so dramatic, which is entertaining at times but for the most part it's just annoying

Most annoying character. She always jumps to conclusions without thinking about the consequences. She accuses people without having factual evidence. She thinks she's a hero but she always ruins situations, like with Ezra and Aria & Emily and Alison. Also, when she thought Toby was A she tried to support him still and cry for him but when she accused Ezra of being A she hated him right away.

Spencer can be really annoying sometimes. The fact that she kissed Ian while he was seeing Melissa, and was seeing him while Melissa and he broke was really low. And what really got me mad was the fact that Spence and Caleb had a moment and started dating each other. I'm not saying anything is wrong with that, but Spencer really likes dating ex-boyfriends, and I hate that. Just like what Aria did, when Spencer found out that Toby was A, she started getting really aggressive and rude towards her friends. Like seriously how do people do that? - girlygirl12

Spencer is the most annoying out of all the girls. In season 3, she couldn't tell the girls that Toby was A. Sometimes, she is incredibly stupid, and she keeps hooking up with people who are already taken. Like, there are plenty of other men and she has to choose men who are taken. She pisses me so much.

She acts like she's smarter then everyone and she's selfish. She goes into things not thinking how it will effect other people. And she acts like she's gets to do everything she doesn't listen to other people or let them do anything else. I thinks she's is the worst character out of them all.

I can't stand this character! She steals everyone's boyfriends/fiance (Ian, Wren, and Caleb), is hypocritical (like the time she judged Aria for forgiving Ezra, hello she forgave Toby), and thinks she's the smartest person ever (let's be real: Mona's the smartest).

She is the most dynamic character. Think about it. She is firm and smart but loving and kind. She caries a terrible burden and deals with drugs. She has family issues and feels like she has to shut them out and can't really let her friends in except in times of real need. She is stubborn but it's with information that's needed to be shared.

She always plays the victim even though she makes the most mistakes. She always complains about Melissa and says Melissa is so mean to her and this and that but she is the one who stole all of Melissa's and everyone else's boyfriends

She steals both if her sister's boyfriends and then shows Melissa the attitude. And then she starts dating Caleb. I hate her, she's like the worst character in the show.

How can Spencer be on here. She is the best character on the show (in my opinion). She always has such dramatic stuff going on around her and she always ends the seasons with a huge ending.

Her face is so annoying and she seems to be very selfish and stupid at all...just a hate character, nothing positive to say about her

I cannot stand spencer! She is so selfish and annoying. Everything always has to be about her and Toby. When her and Emily went to college, she had the nerve to get mad bcus Emily was actually there to get into college and was not concerned about A

Stealing her sister's two boyfriends, and then Hanna her supposed best friend's boyfriend is making me explode!

I hate her, she is such a selfish know it all! I mean always cheating on Toby! Kissing other lads. And to be honest never looking out for her friends. I'm just on season 6 now but I hope she dies. Such a shocking character.

She is so annoying always accusing people always wanting to do some investigation. This girl doesn't chill. Ian should have killed her and I hate the way she talks to the other girls as if she is superior. She is so irritating.

She is Always Taken her Friends Ex boyfriend And Is always Heating on them.

Liar and unfaithful. She thinks it's okay to get with her sister and friend's lovers.

Ugh I can't stand Spencer! She's annoying hypocritical unapologetic and she's also the biggest Mary Sue I've seen in all of T.V.

Spencer is smart she is always willing to do anything even put her own life at risk for her mates

She just has to interfere in everything. So difficult for her to mind her own business.

She is the worst. Annoying personality and chooses boys over her friends. She has a whacked view of relationships and is pretty skanky in most seasons. Snobby and presumptuous on top of all of it makes her so irritating.

She's kissed more of other people's boyfriend's than her own.

Definitely the most annoying and selfish. She kissed her sister's boyfriend, then fiancé. She stole her sister's essay. She stole her sister's engagement ring to pawn so she could buy her boyfriend a truck. In the meantime the worst that Melissa did to Spencer is...make some snide comments? Make some very misguided attempts to protect her? And Spencer is condescending to her friends. She throws out wild accusations that are always wrong and then acts like other people are stupid when they show any doubt. Horrible character!

Every time she speaks or talks I wanna die

Even though I love spencer she always cheats on her boyfriend