Worst Pro Skaters

The Top Ten Worst Pro Skaters

1 PJ Ladd

Pj Ladd is a flat ground God and smokes ledges for fun, he is a sick technical skater and is one of the best around today

If a skater isn't on a top greatest list, how can they be on a top ten overrated list? PJ is a great ledge skater but no one talks about him like he's the greatest.

This is the worst skate. I know 7 year olds that skate better then him

This guy should be at the top of the list

2 Stephen Browne

This guy should be number 1

3 Jerry Hsu

Hsu? Am I the only one who is confused at this one? His sections are consistently good, but no one talks about him being the best. If anything Hsu is underrated.

His whole baker part was switch... No way he's bad

Jerry is amazing I don't get why he's on here

Jerry hsu is an amazing skateboarder. I won't judge him on personality as I've never met him. He has an interesting biography about him in an epicly later'd episode. I really think his style is one of the best. His dedication to skateboarding is admirable as well... Hello Stay Gold B-Sides.

4 Tom Penny

This is blasphemy. You obviously know nothing about skating. Penny doesn't have do do anything after the way he murdered Cali 94-97

Mid 90's Penny shredded. He got older and lost skill. How does this make him overrated?

Nope. Tom penny is a legend. Do you even know what skateboarding is?

I, too, don't understand how he is so popular. Sure, he was one of the best back in the days but even his flip sorry part was kinda weak compared to the rest.

5 P-Rod

P rod is the best technical street skater there is that's all there is to it

Prod is the best what you talking he's a complete skateboarder

Prods production outside of street league has dropped significantly and is most certainly overrated as a street skater.

He's the worst Ollie back to the border please

6 Rob Dyrdek Robert Stanley Dyrdek is an American professional skateboarder, actor, entrepreneur, producer, and reality TV star. He is best known for his roles in the reality shows Rob & Big, Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness.

Whoever put Tom penny and mike valley on here don't understand skateboarding

I've been around skaters all my life ( I suck at skating) But I know who deserves to be a pro & Rob isn't bad but I never heard about him until he was brought into the mainstream for being a funny guy so I'm sure he can't be that great if he was practically unknown until he was on T.V..

he never shuts up, and he's just a total d-bag -

He just seems like a tool and I've never seen him do anything impressive on a skateboard

7 Mike Vallely

Mike V is bad ass, check your history, he has the best balance of old school with a little bit of new school, you can keep your tee flips, laser bull and all that other stuff, the man is a tank and will still go out and rep skateboarding which a lot of pros don't do!

Mike v doesn't like burger king

Mike v is famous for fighting. Not his skate tricks, can't even think of five gnarly tricks this guys done

he's so bad even chris cole beat him at BATB -

8 Bam Margera Brandon Cole "Bam" Margera is an American professional skateboarder, stunt performer, filmmaker, musician and television personality.

This guy is terrible he's a bad influence to skaters and kids he also doesn't skate anymore plus he never went to any competitions bam listen if you were here I would say this to your face, your a disgrace to skateboarding period, end of complaint

All I used to watch is Bam and he's the whole I even skateboard. He's a huge character in the world of skateboarding and he's a gnarly dude.

He's an amazing skater! He's influencing me to actually start. He's nuts and maybe a bit of a bad influence but that's why I love him.

He used to be great and he could be taken seriously if he slows down his drinking habit he seems nice when people don't pump him up I feel sorry for him he let so much talent go to waste.

He is an amazing skate boarder

9 Ryan Sheckler

He's a good skater big tricks very high scoring, but I don't like is attitude very much.

he was good as a kid... he shudnt of let it go to his head -

He has made a great score as a kid but didn't get a better score as he grew up and kept a 10% better score but is getting better

The Justine beiber of skateboarding

10 Aaron Kyro

Aaron is the best. He's just trying to help, and push skateboarding. He helped me a lot. Aaron is epic!

He has no variety and consistently gets showed up by am skaters and skaters who aren't even sponsored. He's still awesome though

He shouldn't be considered pro he's a goof

I think Aaron is a good skater, and I respect him for helping skaters. I support Aaron and revive.

The Contenders

11 Terry Kennedy

Same video parts over and over same hand rails tricks over and over.. board slide, fakie board slide, salad, repeat again and again

Was amazing when He came out but has done little since the early 2000's

The best black skater when they come out with skate 4 they better put that dude on

He's ghetto fab

12 Tony Hawk Anthony Frank "Tony" Hawk, is an American professional skateboarder, actor and owner of skateboard company Birdhouse. Hawk is well known for completing the first documented 900 and for his licensed video game titles, published by Activision.

People may not like tony. But he invented many tricks and was key in growing skateboarding. Also was in the bones brigade.

Tony is a great vert skater. This needs some serious justification.

He is the best In the world

You seriously need some counseling or a vacation if you think The birdman stinks I'd kick someones ass for Tony.

13 Chris Cole

These people obviously have not scene ride the sky or strange world. I don't even think he did a tre flip in those. But he switch tre a set larger then a 10. He lazer fliped a 9. Oh yeah he made history with a back 360 and a switch fs flip over wallengerg 4. I could go on forever. But if your to blind to see his large bag of tricks, then there's no way you could read this. So I best be going.

Are you serious chris cole is so good

Chris cole has a trick that no one can land but him

Chris Cole is one of the bests!

14 Nyjah Huston

This dude can do big tricks but he's boring to watch. It's so tech but boring. Id rather watch golf then street league

Aka a sellout the rap definition, get off that boy change your mission

Nyjah is the best he won so many street leauges and more money then any other skater in a competition

Nyjah won like 6 xgames he's inthe top ten best

15 Andy Schrock

First, Andy isn't even pro. Also, I think Revive is a decent company with great people. Their boards are really tough to snap and they have good pop, but the tail and nose wears down way too easily

He suck the company sucks

The whole revive team should be in the top 10. I don't understand how Jerry Hsu I's 3rd

16 Lizard King

Lizard king is rad. The gaps and flow of this guy is unreal, people easily over look because they aren't even real skaters and are only interested is who's making the most money

This dude is cool, but he stole jim morrison nickname

Lizard sucks... But neel williams, furby and moose suck? You're just plain stupid. Deathwish isn't the best but they are not all a joke

Lizard King is not respected by anyone who knows anything about skateboarding. In fact, real skaters know that the Deathwish team as a whole just plain sucks. Lizard King is the worst of the gimmicky named crew.

17 Keelan Dadd

He's a ghetto child molester and he's locked up in protective custody like a little bizznatch.

18 Rodney Mullen

Best skater ever

Overrated dancer.

19 Josh Katz


His style is aids and he sucks. has no pop too. trash

He sucks ass

20 Felipe Gustavo

He can improve. He isn't that bad.

He's still young give hime time!

21 Jake Phelps

He steals from the poor and gives to the rich... and it was all a plan to crush the industry for being a troll

Phelps, what can I say... he's the owner of Trasher Magazine, but he's a crappy guy!

Out of touch d bag.

22 Eric Koston

Should be #1 overrated

23 Colin McKay
24 Ansey Flores

Sucks bad I mean really bad

25 Alex Morrin

This guy is worse than any body

He's from Quebec City and works at the Exo shop skatepark. He's good, but he 's an ass! Every skaters in the city hate him. He always complain and he's the whore of Jay the owner of Exo shop.

26 Luan Oliveira

Most stylish skater out there, very deep bag of technical and gnarly tricks, fan favorite, great in contests and the streets, came from bad childhood and still made a name for himself, however he needs to shave that mustache

27 Ali Boulala

It still bloss my mind that Flip, out of all companies, wanted him on their roster. Maybe he was good PR (until the crash) but the dude was not that good of a skater to be honest

28 Shane O'Neill
29 Dylan Rieder

I don't know:

- He run away from the Mindfield premiere after he saw his own part (something else to say? )
- He was a kind of pop pilled addicted (= average part in Mindfield)
- okay - thump up for the biggest impossible tailgrab in Gravis!
- strange poser attitude (don't talk to me!, v neck t-shirt, cigarette...)
- strange influence (Dylan-Austyn-Olson-Nordberg-high-fashion-wave = copies guys of Dylan-Austyn-Olson-Norberg-high-fashion)
- I don't know: is the fashion world raped the skateboarding or Is Dylan raped the fashion world? ); in any case it seem awkward to me...

30 Otis Jordan
31 David Gonzalez

Are you kidding me? His video part for possessed to skate is unreal. This guy shreds.

At Montréal demo, his skateboard hit a kid in the face, and he just don't care about it. He don't even look the kid. He's great, but thumb down for this poor kid at the demo.

He's so hesh his blood type is kush positive

32 Antwuan Dixon

Antwaun Dixon is an amazing skateboarder. Unfortunately he had bigger problems in life that he has to deal with. His baker 3 part was one of the best video parts I've ever seen. It's a shame Antwaun has chosen to not utilize his full potential as a skater. He seems to have experienced a hard upbringing so I sympathize with his life choices. I say the things I do as a full supporter of Antwaun. I never had a a pro model of his as I never skated deathwish boards. I'd like to get one just to hang up on the wall as a memento because he meant that much to me as a skater growing up. When you think of Antwaun Dixon try to think of his baker 3 part and not what he has turned out to be. It's sad to think about but I'll still always think of Antwaun as a ripper forever.

He's fighting everything. He's look like an ass : drink, jabber, smoke. So that is skateboarding? He skates not to much too. He's good, but not too original. I mean Ed Templeton did impossible to frontside noseblunt, who did that today?

33 Oscar Meza
34 Sewa Kroetkov

Does one hardflip rewind, becomes pro..

35 Chaz Ortiz
36 Chris Chann

He just makes phone flip videos

37 Chris Roberts

Lack of actual skating, too much talking

38 Yonnie Cruz

Don't understand how he went pro for Chocolate. Chocolate produces big name and legendary skaters then there's yonnie, low grade material skates like a first year Am.

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