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21 Luan Oliveira

Most stylish skater out there, very deep bag of technical and gnarly tricks, fan favorite, great in contests and the streets, came from bad childhood and still made a name for himself, however he needs to shave that mustache

22 Rodney Mullen
23 Colin McKay
24 Ali Boulala

It still bloss my mind that Flip, out of all companies, wanted him on their roster. Maybe he was good PR (until the crash) but the dude was not that good of a skater to be honest

25 Otis Jordan
26 David Gonzalez

Are you kidding me? His video part for possessed to skate is unreal. This guy shreds.

At Montréal demo, his skateboard hit a kid in the face, and he just don't care about it. He don't even look the kid. He's great, but thumb down for this poor kid at the demo.

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27 Antwuan Dixon

Antwaun Dixon is an amazing skateboarder. Unfortunately he had bigger problems in life that he has to deal with. His baker 3 part was one of the best video parts I've ever seen. It's a shame Antwaun has chosen to not utilize his full potential as a skater. He seems to have experienced a hard upbringing so I sympathize with his life choices. I say the things I do as a full supporter of Antwaun. I never had a a pro model of his as I never skated deathwish boards. I'd like to get one just to hang up on the wall as a memento because he meant that much to me as a skater growing up. When you think of Antwaun Dixon try to think of his baker 3 part and not what he has turned out to be. It's sad to think about but I'll still always think of Antwaun as a ripper forever.

He's fighting everything. He's look like an ass : drink, jabber, smoke. So that is skateboarding? He skates not to much too. He's good, but not too original. I mean Ed Templeton did impossible to frontside noseblunt, who did that today?

28 Jake Phelps

Phelps, what can I say... he's the owner of Trasher Magazine, but he's a crappy guy!

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29 Oscar Meza
30 Sewa Kroetkov V 1 Comment
31 Eric Koston
32 Chaz Ortiz
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