Worst Pro Stadiums / Arenas

In the era of new stadiums...there are some bad ones still in existence.

The Top Ten

1 Metrodome - Minneapolis

this place just sucks, last season the roof collapsed and then they played against the eagles in detroit and won, I think they should move to detriot cause they don't win in minnesota

Like playing in a giant tupperware bowl. - BurtReynoldsWig

2 McAfee Coliseum - Oakland

crappy arena
why is soldier field on there
lots of history there
it's probably a green bay fan
there lucky I don't write lambeau
also arco is old true but it's a nice place sacramento also has dedicated fans
i think they should change an arena but I don't think the citizens of sactown should have to pay taxes to get a new arena
if the maloofs are too poor (which there not) they should close the palms not punish the citizens of sacramento
#*! the maloofs - sagadiablo

Have any of you been to the Metrodome? Its honestly a great place to watch a baseball game. No I'm not a Twins fan either I saw them play the Sox and its a nice place. The black hole however...

Raiders and Athletics need to find a new stadium because the Coliseum is getting too old

A's are out of there in a few years. Raiders hate the place. So do I.

3 Monster Park - San Francisco

It was a dump!

Bad neighborhood and freezin cold. Classic dump.

4 RCA Dome - Indianapolis

At least Indy moves to Lucas Oil Stadium next year.

5 Continental Airlines Arena - New Jersey
6 Giants Stadium - New Jersey

The Giants shouldn't have to share their stadium with losers.

At least Jets and Giants get new place in a few years.

7 New Orleans Arena - New Orleans

Greenhouse is worst of new arenas.

8 Qualcomm Stadium - San Diego

And think the Super Bowl was played there in 03.

9 Soldier Field - Chicago

What the hey?! this one should at least be on the top ten! - walter34

10 Tropicana Field - Tampa

It's SO worn out and outdated by today's standards. At least it's home to my favorite baseball team

Crappy team playing in a warehouse

The Contenders

11 Arco Arena - Sacramento

Old place...not a great place for hoops.

12 Louisiana Superdome - New Orleans

Actually this is a BETTER place post Katrina.

13 Carter Finley Stadium - Raleigh
14 Shea Stadium - Mets

And jets too

Though it is gone and it had a lot of respectable history, the stadium was horribly designed, the panels were unnescessary and were removed, I was told it was very dirty and it looked like that. but the stadium still will be the mets true home though I am a yankees fan

15 Wrigley Field - Chicago

Crappy thorn bushes this is why the cubs haven't won a world series in 101 years

16 Brookvale Oval - Brookvale

A terrible rugby league stadium

17 RFK Stadium - Washington D.C.

It was a great stadium back when the Redskins and Nationals played there, but now it's falling apart and needs to go eventually.

18 Raymond James Stadium - Tampa

If you go to a game here that is during the day, you will be absolutely miserable. It’s so hot. - railfan99

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