Top 10 Worst Problem Solverz Characters

Here are all of the characters from the Problem Solverz that we cannot stand.

The Top Ten

1 Tux Dog

John DiMaggio, I'm ashamed of you for voicing this guy. Why would you do this?!

Tux Dog shouldn't be on there. Like Emily, Nina, Candace and her mom and Lidget, he's the only likeable character on the show compared to everyone else.

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2 Katrina Rad

I can't stand her! She just gets on my damn nerves.

Katrina Rad is awesome, and her and Roba should've got married. However, she was quite demanding and I didn't like that.

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3 Lidget

Why is Lidget on this list?! He's the only likeable character in the Problem Solverz, and that's just it.

4 Badcat

He's a rip-off of Mojo Jojo from the Powerpuff Girls

5 Alfe

What the hell is HE supposed to be?! A giant turd?!

I just realized this guy is almost an exact duplicate of gazpacho from chowder...

I hate this stupid version of Domo

Alfe, why you no shut up?

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6 K-999

He's just way too annoying! MAKE HIM SHUT UP!

7 The Mayor
8 Choco Fez
9 Roba

He has a very stupid-ass voice.

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10 Mr. Konishi V 2 Comments

The Contenders

11 Sergeant D.O.G
12 Horace

He also is one of the most disgusting characters ever!

Horace isn't that bad, I mean he's the calm leader of the group.

13 Ralphe

Alfe isn't the only giant turd. For you see, RALPHE is a giant turd as well!

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14 Dork Face

He's just a dumb gangsta parody.

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