Worst Product Ideas

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1 Cocaine Energy Drink

Okay, first of all, ILLEGAL. Second of all, you'd get addicted and that would be a high you'd never come down from. Really, people. Common sense.

*laughs hysterically* Did the marketers for this product really think they could make a profit from something that uses the name of a notorious drug? If you said yes, then you are clearly high!

I think you know why this was a bad idea.

2 Solar Flashlight

A solar powered flashlight is not a bad idea. You don't have to use it in the day. The solar panels store electricity. So you are capable of using it at night. I have a solar powered flashlight - HarCher

And who came up with this? Seriously, we need common sense, or this world... Oh, God...

3 New Coke

I heard people took one sip and then threw it away.

Some things are not meant to be changed!

One of the biggest marketing fails ever - DogeFan132

4 Kellogg's Breakfast Mates

Cereals you could take anywhere, but there was warm milk and not child friendly.

5 Cosmopolitan Yogurt

It's yogurt from a magazine! That's just completley odd!

6 Bic Underwear

Disposable underwear is just weird!

7 Colgate Kitchen Entrees

People don't like the toothpaste, and they lose their appetites.

8 Clairol's Touch of Yogurt Shampoo

This just sounds ridiculous!

9 Coors Rocky Mountain Spring Water

Usually Coors products have alcohol, so their usual

Oh... was there a difference between their beer and their water? I couldn't tell. - mgenet

10 McDonald's Arch Deluxe

These sandwiches tried to be different, but people never seem to try something different at McDonald's.

The Contenders

11 Life Savers Soda

People thought it was liquid candy!

12 Diet Water
13 Philips CD-i

Nearly ruined the Zelda franchise.

14 Flying Scooter
15 Arm Underwear
16 9/11: The Video Game
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