Top Ten Worst Professions to Do Naked

I'm not going to tell you how the idea of this list came about but needless to say, it sparked a lot of interest and humorous conversation. So...if you have any of your own to add, feel free to do so or vote for an existing item
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1 Teacher

That would be pretty bad and messed up, especially if minors were in the classroom

Good luck learning anything in that class. Lol

You mean being naked in front of childrens lol!

Expose yourself to kids?!

2 Firefighter
3 Athlete

There is a magazine called ESPN Body Issue where athletes are photographed naked

In the original Olympic Games in Greece, all of the athletes competed naked.

4 Chef

If it's in a public restaurant or in a building whenever there is a kitchen, then yeah, that's the worst nude profession you can do. Because let me tell you... No much people can do professions on gone wild (wearing no clothes) because the law forbids people to do jobs nakedly for the case of the privacy and not to be shameful for the other people who are disgusted by that. So no, being a chef nakedly in public food stores or restaurants is not wise at all.

However, if you are a chef but who is willing to practice on your cooking skills at home, it's not much of a problem cause homes are the source of your freedom and privacy. You can be naked on that if you want.

Why does this list make me pervy?! :()

5 Cop

Lol pulling someone over and giving them a ticket would definitely be an awkward experience.

The cops would be breaking the law if they did that. Ironic.

6 Lion Tamer
7 Pro Wrestler

Fitting song titles:
U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer
and its parody version
I Can't Watch This - Weird Al Yankovic

8 Gynaecologist

The patients are naked, too, so what's the problem? ;-)

9 Jockey
10 Yoga Instructor

At first, I could've sworn that this said "Yoda Instructor." Can I just point out that no profession is good to do naked? I mean, this is a funny list, and I get the humor, but I can't name one profession that is good to do without clothes.

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? Politician
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11 Priest

This could make more sense as long as you’re holding your sharpest dagger while your new visitor is laying down tied to a pentagram painted in blood...

In due time, I know exactly what jokes will litter this entry.

12 Lawyer

Just imagine a lawyer walking into a courtroom naked. If a lawyer worked naked, they probably wouldn’t have any clients.

13 Newsreader

To be honest, a lot of people will have ultimate dirty minds if a naked newsreader is talking about news in the camera. Brit, I don't think this is wiser for the profession though... I don't want to be dirty by seeing a newscaster naked on T.V. LOL

14 Beekeeper

This definitely wouldn’t be fun. You’d get a bunch of bee stings all over your body

Not a great idea to do beekeeping naked, or bees will sting you everywhere especially in the privates areas

THAT'S the worst profession to do nakedly.

15 Window Cleaner

Haha, just imagined a naked professional behind my window ;-)

16 Doctor
17 Judge
18 Gardener

That might not be too bad... Because you just plant flowers outside and cultivate them.

Could cause Planter's Nuts.

19 Clothes Store Employee

Haha, the irony

20 Soldier
21 Model
22 Band Member
23 Singer

Not very unusual, haha - GG Allin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jim Morrison, and some female pop singers were naked or almost naked at live shows.

Miley Cyrus was naked at every one of her concerts for almost two years.

24 Taxi Driver

Watch out for perverts though. That would be a ''gone wild'' profession experience lol

25 Motorcycle Racer

It will be TOTALLY drafty to the rides though. But they have to be careful to the corners.

Plus, no helmet (which counts as clothing), or any protection really.

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