Worst Puffles On Club Penguin


The Top Ten

1 Red

Its such a show off and people don't really pay much attention to it anymore - LEOTHELION8

Blue Puffle's are Awesome, they shouldn't be near the top of this list! Red Puffle's are probs the worst because they don't really look cute. :/

2 Blue
3 Pink

The un most popular puffle was the pink one. It killed over 10,000 penguins and almost thinkmiranda.

4 Green
5 Yellow
6 Purple

Purple puffles are awesome. Pink puffles are fat because there not cute.

Club penguins top puffle

Purple is the most popular puffle in club penguin history. It was a new gift from thinkmiranda and cadence.

Aunt Artic:Purple puffles are my favorite!

7 Brown
8 Rainbow

Wow... This should be first. This was a bad idea. (Plus how are the other puffles not cute? They're exactly the same just different colors! )

Since this was the start of the downfall of puffles, I'm voting for this one.

9 Orange

Orange puffles are very annoying and girly

10 White

Why is the white puffle on here? I love this puffle! I like
it because it's Shy and gentle. I like the shy ones! Put it off the list!

The Contenders

11 Black

Black puffle are so cute.Like when you buy a black puffle and your comb it's hair the black puffle looks so hot

I love blackpuffles

12 Gold
13 Unicorn Puffle

Unicorns are my least favorite animal (the only ones I can tolerate are Charlie from Charlie the Unicorn, and his two companions, Pink and Blue) - mayamanga

14 Deer Puffle
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