Top Ten Worst Queen Albums


The Top Ten

1 Hot Space

Everything that has to do with queen is amazing

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2 Flash Gordon
3 Queen I
4 The Works
5 A Kind of Magic
6 The Miracle

Not a bad album, but definitely worse than Queen I and The Works. Needs to be higher. - Gg2000

7 The Game
8 Jazz
9 News of the World
10 Made in Heaven

The Contenders

11 A Day at the Races

While not an awful album, this is Queen's weakest by a long shot and where their strong 70's streak that they previously held came to blatant stop. After the excellent (if rather misleading) Tie Your Mother Down, the album descends into a boring combination of piano ballads and progressive rock, with the former being dull and repetitive throughout and the latter being utterly weak and phoned in particularly in the riffs department. This leads me to another problem: the musicianship is not as strong here as it is on their other albums, and it gives off a feeling that the band didn't care at this point. Only Somebody To Love (not a fantastic song in its own right) spices things up a bit and alleviates the monotony. Thankfully, News Of The World came shortly afterwards and put Queen back on fine form by being one of their best albums, but that doesn't excuse this album's stain on the band's otherwise flawless legacy. Their other albums at least were memorable and had some impact, for ...more - Mrveteran

12 A Night at the Opera

This deserves it's praise. - Metarock

It's a great album!

13 Queen II
14 Sheer Heart Attack

I think this is their best. - Metarock

15 Innuendo
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