Worst Queen Songs

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1 Body Language

This is worser than Who Needs You

Should be in 1st

2 Who Needs You

Why is there a list for this - Ajkloth

This list has to be terminated

3 Tear It Up
4 Don't Try Suicide
5 Sheer Heart Attack

I don't know why Queen fans hate it. It's good hard rock song - PanMixer

V 1 Comment
6 Bicycle Race

He don't like Star Wars, lol. - malamJONES

7 Sleeping On the Sidewalk

I did not vote on this since there is a new option to only comment, but what I do want to say is: GET THIS SONGS OF FROM HERE - BMAVIDS

8 Rain Must Fall
9 Las Palabras de Amor
10 Get Down, Make Love

I don't care if it is good or bad song. I really love it - PanMixer

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11 Fat Bottomed Girls

This song is a mess. One of the earliest songs about booties(and one of the worst booty songs). The vocal performance is not bad, but the terrible lyrics and irritating instrumentation make this the worst song Queen has ever made, hands down. - TheMusicNerd

12 Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody is the greatest Queen song! - ranchotexicali

If you want to listen to a song by Queen with a lot of different sounds, then The Millionaire Waltz is better. - jrodz

You are the devil

Oops! Wrong list - PanMixer


13 Yeah
14 Man On the Prowl V 2 Comments
15 Dancer

It's like a cheap disco song.

16 Mustapha

Why the hell is it this high up? This thing is a hidden gem.

17 My Baby Does Me
18 My Life Has Been Saved
19 Under Pressure V 1 Comment
20 A Winter's Tale
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