Worst Questions to ask a User in a Questions and Answers Post

Many users including me have made posts offering to answer questions any users may have about you. While these are a good way for users to learn about you there are some questions that you might not be keen on getting asked. Please don't ask these kinds of questions.
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What is your password?

Have you seriously never being taught about the importance of not leaking private information ever since you were a little child?

Unfortunately, I know a specific someone from this website who hasn't learned this lesson. Shame.

Seeing as I actually don't know the answer to this one, I actually could answer it. Just no truth at all.

Another thing that you can't really have good intentions in wanting to know.

I wouldn't give out my password if someone asked me

What is your address?

That Place Looks Like a Brick House, earth, Texas. (There is actually a city called earth down here.)

I wouldn't give my address if someone asked me

Hmm why do you need to know this?

Can you send me a naked picture?

No. The idea that I'd actually have a nude picture to offer...no wonder I'm a senior citizen, mentally.

This is not remotely a creepy thing to ask right.

I would never sent a naked photo to anyone

This isn't Instagram pal

Can I have some money?

Define 'some.' I am unemployed. And I can't tell you this unless I give my address.

Um who can afford to give money to strangers online.

I wouldn't give money to anyone online

Get a job you bum.

Can you help me with a job it might not technically be legal?

This isn't black market talk pal. Please do your business elsewhere.

Lost interest in "might not be legal."

Sure would could go wrong.

Can you describe your first sexual experience?

I bet some quack doctor might want to know about this type of personal information

If this isn't a little too personal a thing to ask...

Yes I can describe it, but I'm not going to.

Are you interested in a way of making serious money?

No because I'm not that desperate nor gullible of wanting to do something with advertisements that begs us to make money all the time.

This is totally not a illegal a scam or both.

Would you like to know about a secret government scheme?

I swear this is not just some crazy conspiracy theory I have conclusive proof of it!

No I'm not some conspiracy nut, thank you very much.

Why are you such a jerk?

You can ask about why someone did something specific wrong but if you think they are just generally a bad person it's probably best just to ignore them

Boy, what a straightforward reply you've made.

Can you check out my YouTube channel I am a really good undiscovered singer?

It's their post it's not for you to self promote.

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Are you single?
Do you smoke weed?
Can you date me?
Can you follow me on instagram?
Who are you rooting for, Trump or Biden?

I'm done with the whole two sides, where the one side hates the other, and Visa versa. Chill out everyone.

Fair enough also many users are not American or are too young to vote anyway.

When is your birthday?

Eh I don’t know if this is that bad.

Do you want some kitties or candy from a certain "truck"?

I promise promise it isn't bad!

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